Go ogle 2013 round one

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Round One

Round One

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  • 1. Go Ogle 2013Round One
  • 2. RulesTen questions, 20-odd pointsCryptic sometimes.One point for key-words. One point forclear explanations.
  • 3. 1.A set of 96 was made lighter by ninein 1968. The original arrangementwas restored in the 1970s, butbecame available en Anglaise onlythree years ago. Improve veg murkwith a beating. Three words inEnglish, and (1,5,6) in the original.
  • 4. 2.A Bangalore centre-piece is themost famous example Iknow of something with a namemeaning spark but not singes inGerman. What? (6)
  • 5. 3.This 3600 sq km location is split 45:55between Estonia and its neighbour andwas the site of an event that inspired afamous cinematic reconstruction in the1930s.(4,6)
  • 6. 4.Originally indicated a sense of moralexhaustion, and thus its associationswith lack of courage or moral fibre.Star dad may not be illegitimate but isnevertheless a despicable chap. (7)
  • 7. 5.Walk, dont run, musically. or enlist an Italianpoet. (8)
  • 8. 6.Once it meant not so much a period ofdietary virtue as time when you weregreen in judgment, and cold in blood.Now step very carefully, and add adash of Hindi to meet a dashing Kurdwith many statues to his name. (7)
  • 9. 7.Its that code word for toningdown, for evaporating linesor borders, for atoms fusing butbreaking up for a desirablesmokiness. (7)
  • 10. 8.Literally coated foil, all it takes is starchfrom coarse rice, sugar and an insanedegree of precision, and skill withupturned pots. What?(11/12)
  • 11. 9.When a species found in Kenya andTanzania was called a yellow horsebecause it was a shrew, there was nothingappropriate about that name, not evenperhaps the allusion. Explain everything.(8/9)
  • 12. 10.Take a nursery rhyme about afortune-telling game and mess with itswords till you have begun cashing inon a dance-craze. (4, 2, 6)