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It governance product
It governance product
It governance product
It governance product
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It governance product


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IT Governance Assessment / Audit product solution

IT Governance Assessment / Audit product solution

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. “Universe One” TechservIT Governance Visibility Assured MAXIMIZE IMPACT ALIGN TOBUSINESS GOALS GAIN CONTROL OPTIMIZEGOVERNANCE COST ACHIEVE A product solutionEXCELLENCE To A Product Set – Governance Roadmap Objectively Measure – IT Governance Solution Diagnose – Weaknesses Attribute Causes – to WeaknessExecutive Brief Assess objectively – IT Governance Quantify objectively – the progress Assess against – Standards “Promoting Systems Integrity”
  • 2. IT Governance – Specifying, implementing and complyingPolicies, Procedures and tools to achieve seven criteriaviz. Effectiveness, Efficiency, Integrity, Confidentiality,Availability, Compliance and Reliability “Why did corporateEssential components of IT Governance governance checksControl environment creates the foundation for effective and balances thatinternal control, establishes the “tone at the top,” andrepresents the apex of the governance structure. served us reasonablyRisk assessment involves the identification and analysisby management of relevant risks to achieving well in the past breakpredetermined objectives, which form the basis for down? An infectiousdetermining control activities.Control activities are the policies, procedures, and greed seemed to grippractices that ensure business objectives are achievedand risk mitigation strategies are carried out. much of our businessInformation and communication is needed at all levels of community”an organization to run the business and achieve itscontrol objectives.Monitoring assesses the quality of the internal controlperformance over time. It covers the oversight of internalcontrol by management through continuous and point-in- - Fmr. US Federal Reservetime assessment. Chairman Alan Greenspa “Universe One” - PRODUCT OFFERS ……. o Ability to set IT Governance Roadmap o Measure objectively against IT Governance Roadmap o Provide mechanism to objectively self assess projects o Provide mechanism to independently and objectively assess projects o Tailor assessment according to project’s complexity and requirements o Identify weaknesses at Governance domain, Components o Aligned to business requirements rather than Standards and Models o Analytical and projections capabilities o Ability to tailor and balance Governance depending on requirements o Assurance to Outsourcing initiatives “To achieve IT Governance and balance risks”
  • 3. Senior Management Project Management / FunctionsYou can expect “Universe One” to … You can expect “Universe One” to …o Set IT Governance goals o Tailor Governance requirementso Calculate IT Governance status o Compare governance performanceo Compare set goals against realized o Objectively assess and reporto Balance Governance to Risks o Conduct self assessmento Product Model to business needs o Compare self assessment againsto Cost effective independent assessmento Produce consistent results o Benchmark against IT governanceo Diagnose problems accurately goalso Set the right tone for IT Governance o Identify control weaknessesGovernance Management Assessors / Auditors / CustomersYou can expect “Universe One” to … You can expect “Universe One” to …o Benchmark against various models o Extensive Assessment guidelineso Independent assessment capabilities o Consistent resultso Self assessment capabilities o Effective and efficient reportingo Aligned to business requirements o Maintain audit trail of assessmentso Top down approach to IT o Publish assessment / audit calendar Governance o Benchmark against various modelso Extensive Assessment guidelines o Mechanism to analyse assessmentso Accurate and consistent governance statuso Professional approach to governance, risk and complianceOutsourcer Management o Assurance at every phase of the Outsourcing Lifecycle o Objective assessment of your IT software supplier organization o Conduct objective and consistent supplier due-diligence
  • 4. The nature and extent of controls required for thesmaller company should be less than those of thelarger company. While there are alwaysexceptions to the rule, smaller companies shouldcarefully assess their risks and implement only thecontrols that are necessary. To assist in this regard,the product had been designed to tailor therequired controls and level of significance basedon project.Techserv believes in not to take a one-size-fits-allstrategy, but instead to take a risk based approachand implement only those IT controls that arenecessary and relevant in the project’scircumstances. Arul nambi Cell +91 9892504538 Tel. 91 – 22 – 28573170 E-MAIL : “Promoting Systems Integrity”