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  1. 1. Techserv IT Governance Executive Brief INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GOVERNANCE Techserv Governance Framework Graphical . Easy to use . Comprehensive To address Effectiveness . Efficiency . Confidentiality Integrity . Availability . Compliance . Reliability “Promoting Systems Integrity”
  2. 2. IT Governance – Specifying, implementing and complying Policies, Procedures and tools to achieve seven information criteria viz. Effectiveness, Efficiency, Integrity, Confidentiality, Availability, Compliance and Reliability. “Why did corporate Essential components of IT Governance governance checks Control environment creates the foundation for effective and balances that internal control, establishes the “tone at the top,” and served us reasonably represents the apex of the corporate governance structure. well in the past break Risk assessment involves the identification and analysis down? An infectious by management of relevant risks to achieving predetermined objectives, which form the basis for greed seemed to grip determining control activities. much of our business Control activities are the policies, procedures, and practices that ensure business objectives are achieved community” and risk mitigation strategies are carried out. Information and communication is needed at all levels of an organization to run the business and achieve its control objectives. - Fmr. US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Monitoring assesses the quality of the internal control performance over time. It covers the oversight of internal control by management through continuous and point-in- time assessment. SIGNIFICANT WEAKNESSES AFFECT EFFECTIVE IT GOVERNANCE Senior management not engaging IT - A major issue that inhibits the success of IT projects is that senior management tend to be unwilling to involve IT in the decision making process. Poor Risk management - is a major constraint to the success of most IT projects. Risk management involves assessing all potential threats to the project and mitigating them. Poor Strategic Alignment - Little or no business value may be derived from major IT investments that are not strategically aligned with the organisation’s objectives and resources. Ineffective resource - To achieve optimum results at minimum costs, an organisation must manage its IT resources effectively and efficiently. Lack of project ownership - In the past many IT projects were left solely in the hands of the IT department and senior management tended to steer clear of taking ownership for such projects.
  3. 3. Techserv has developed customizable IT Governance framework (Policies, Processes, Guidelines, Templates, Checklist and standards) to address IT Governance risks. This IT Governance framework is based on international standards such as COBIT and international best practices standards such as CMMI, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, BS 25999, ISO 27001. The coverage of the Techserv’s IT Goverance Framework addresses Product Development, Product Maintenance, IT Outsourcing, IT Services, Product Implementation, Information Security. Also, processes for standard fucntions such as Human Resources, Process management, Administration, Marketing and Sales also have included. These processes were mapped using Control 2007 product to provide effective implementation. Nimbus Control is an Enterprise Business Process Improvement solution that allows you to capture, manage and deploy your operational processes. Nimbus Control is unique in its ability to involve the whole workforce in business process excellence, so that you can more easily improve performance, efficiency and compliance Control 2007 is owned by Nimbus Partners OVERVIEW OF TECHSERV’S IT GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK
  4. 4. TECHSERV’S IT GOVERNANCE APPROACH …. Approach – Phase 1 Approach – Phase 2 CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING Phase CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING Phase PROJECT PROJECT Process Study INITIATION INITIATION Process Study Team Formation Conference Room Piloting Process Analysis Process Analysis Responsibility Definition Develop Strategy Process Design Process Design PROCESS Communication Project Planning PROCESS Process Review REENGINEERING REENGINEERING Process Review Plan Reviews Detail Planning Process Approval Process Approval Plan Approvals Project Kick-off Process Release PROCESS PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS PROCESS BENCHMARKING BENCHMARKING Outcome Contract Signed Customization Identified Outcome Strategy and Plans finalized IT Governance Framework Project Kick-off Approach – Phase 3 Approach – Phase 4 Phase CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING Phase PROJECT PROJECT Definition Gap Analysis Definition Gap Analysis INITIATION Process Implementation INITIATION Implementation Gap Analysis Implementation Gap Analysis IT Governance Training Internal Audits Process Definition tuning Process Definition tuning Internal Audit of Governance Process Improvements PROCESS PROCESS Process Implementation tuning Process Implementation tuning Internal Auditors Training REENGINEERING Corrective Actions REENGINEERING Process Improvements Process Improvements Process Improvements Preventive actions Select a Certification Agency Select a Certification Agency Management Review PROCESS PROCESS Benchmark Benchmark IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS PROCESS BENCHMARKING BENCHMARKING Outcome Outcome Governance Implemented Governance Institutionalized Governance benchmarked against the Model Arul nambi Cell +91 9892504538 Tel. 91 – 22 – 28573170 E-MAIL : “Promoting Systems Integrity”