Arturo RinaldiDate of Birth    March 20th, 1980 in Messina (Italy)Contact          Via Vignetta 20                        ...
September 1993 - June 1998                  Liceo Scientifico Statale G.Seguenza, Messina, ITALY                     High-S...
Other         Full availability to work on site and to move abroad as well.Information              I hereby authorize the...
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Resume A. Rinaldi - ENG


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Resume A. Rinaldi - ENG

  1. 1. Arturo RinaldiDate of Birth March 20th, 1980 in Messina (Italy)Contact Via Vignetta 20 Mobile (1) : +39-340-5795584Information 21013 Gallarate (VA), Italy Mobile (2) : +39-393-1676152 Skype: E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: artynet2 LinkedIn: Arturo Rinaldi Google+: artynetdueCitizenship ITALYResearch Digital communications, Object-Oriented Programming (Python and Java), DSP, GNU RadioInterests (Open-source DSP), ICTCareer History March 2012 - Present Network Designer at Law and Commercial firms - Freelance service Design, configuration and test of mixed wired/wireless infrastructure for general purpose use. Im- provement of the overall network efficiency by application of content filtering (i.e. URL and instant messaging services blocking). Sometimes I was also asked to take care of QoS and bandwidth management within the network itself. April 2009 - Present Electronics Engineering, ICT Development, GNU Radio, Communication Systems - Freelance Service The goal of my thesis research was to build an open-source tool, useful for the student, for evaluating the Bit Error Rates of the digital modulations (in real-time also) over the wired (AWGN) and the wireless channels both modeled in a mathematical way combining Python with the GNU Radio platform. Altough I finished my thesis research a long time ago, I still actively participate in the GNU Radio community.Education 28 May 2012 - 13 July 2012 Emerald Cultural Institute, Dublin, IRELAND GEN4 Intensive Plus English Course (7 weeks) • General English Language course. Subjects : Grammar, Literature and use of everyday English January 2012 Italian Engineers Order - Branch of Messina, Messina, ITALY Engineering Qualifying Examination (Italy) (GPA : 62/100) • Section A - Identification Number : 2736 • Fields : Civil, Industrial and IT Engineering October 1998 - November 2011 Facolt` di Ingegneria - Universit` degli Studi di Messina, Messina, ITALY a a Master’s Degree (5-year Course) in Electronics Engineering (GPA : 102/110) • Thesis Topic : GNU Radio and Digital Modulations • Candidacy Exam : Emulation of a Radio Link by means of Software Radio • Supervisor : Professor Salvatore Serrano • Second Supervisor : Professor Giuseppe Campobello • Area of Study : DSP September 2010 Cambridge ESOL Examinations - Branch of Messina, Messina, ITALY First Certificate in English (FCE) achieved with Grade B (GPA : 79/100)
  2. 2. September 1993 - June 1998 Liceo Scientifico Statale G.Seguenza, Messina, ITALY High-School graduation (Scientific Diploma) (GPA : 60/60)Lectures as Linux Day 2012speaker • Lecture Topic : Instant Messaging, Social Networks and Browsers : a comprehensive guide to improve your online experience Linux Day 2011 • Lecture Topic : Social network at your service : how to customize the browsing experience Linux Day 2010 • Lecture Topic : PyLab : A valuable alternative to MatlabTechnical Skills Matlab experience : Linear Algebra, Fourier Transforms, Nonlinear Numerical Methods, Poly- nomials, Statistics, N -Dimensional Filters, Visualization Matlab toolboxes : Communications, Control System, Filter Design, Signal Processing Programming : Java, Python, UNIX Shell Scripting, SQL, Html, XML Information Technology : Networking (UDP, TCP, DNS, Dynamic routing), Service (SQL, POP, IMAP, SMTP) Computer Applications : TEX (L TEX, BibTEX, PSTricks), most common productivity packages A (for Windows, Linux and MacOs X platforms), Microsoft Office, Openoffice, Libreoffice, GIMP, Audacity, Audio & Video Codecs, Firefox, Thunderbird, Filezilla, SSH, git, mercurial Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows family, Apple OS X, Linux, Android, iOS Communication and Signal Processing : Probability, Random Variables, Stochastic Processes, EstimationLanguage Skills Languages actually spoken: • Italian : Native language • English : Advanced • Spanish : Basic knowlegdeCurricularActivities • Design and implementation of a dual system consisting of a Voltage/Frequency converter and a Frequency/Voltage converter. • Design and implementation of a short-range, low-cost TX/RX Radio System operating in the RF spectrum. • Design of a Java-based client/server application involving a SQL database, threads and GUIs. The project consisted in a phonebook, with different blank spaces to fill in the main GUI(Name, address, phone number and so on), interfacing with a SQL database running on the server side. The client was able to recall data from the database and to delete stored data as well through SQL queries nested in the java code as simple strings. Being multi-threaded, the user was also able to launch different instances of the same application. The entire work was then reverse- engineered and described in every single detail with an UML flow graph as required from my teacher. • Tweaking of the script, part of the Ubuntuzilla Project, to retrieve the latest versions(localized in different languages) of the Mozilla Foundation software(i.e. Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey). After being downloaded, the binary files are packaged in the *.deb file format so that a debian-based Linux distribution user is able to install/uninstall the application in a very simple way. • Deploying open-source code on the Internet in my spare time.
  3. 3. Other Full availability to work on site and to move abroad as well.Information I hereby authorize the use of my personal and professional details solely for circulation within the company according to the Italian Legislative Decree no 196/2003. R´sum´ updated to March 13, 2013. e e