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HTML is now the markup language for web apps. But it has been the markup language of the web for years! How is it different, this time?

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Build Web Applications

  1. 1. Build WebApplications
  2. 2. Mobile applications can be downloaded completelyahead of time (at least the layout logic)The server is only required to fetch new data orperform actions through web services Data
  3. 3. A website today, however- makes however little use of the client capabilities- serves mostly static content- needs constant connection
  4. 4. Most of the layout proccess happens on the server andthe client only receive content to display
  5. 5. The use of ASP or PHP when constructing the pageitself is making it impossible to cache efficiently
  6. 6. Web ApplicationA web application is a Client-like applicationusing the Web stack and platform. It shouldoffer offline capabilities and caching.
  7. 7. Website as an ApplicationA classical website build using the sameprinciples as Web Applications, relying onthe browser-implemented caches.
  8. 8. Fast website, low bandwidth usage
  9. 9. Easy to build applications, easy for others to consumedata and create application using your data (you canmonetize)
  10. 10. Offline access, separation of data and layout both onthe server and the client, and both can be cachedindependently by the appropriate storage
  11. 11. The toolsThe tools already exist today. Windows 8 isusing IE10. webOS used Webkit. You canstart building your apps nox!
  12. 12. JSON WebServices + AJAX• Everything you do on your website should be done by a webservice call using a js-httprequest• Use only static HTML, JS and CSS file for your site• Don’t rely on <form> POST, only on WCF+JSON
  13. 13. AJAX Extension for jQuery• Transform your webservices into JS• Allow you to use complex JSON representation• Or use your own API (more possibilities = more work)
  14. 14. sessionStorage and localStorage• Up to 10 Mo for your application to store data• An addition to the traditionnal cache• Very easy to use and already implemented (IE8+)• Can be emulated with cookies for older browsers
  15. 15. SVG and HTML Canvas• Generating graphics should be done locally (if possible)• It was a complex task before, but it has been made a lot easier with SVG and HTML Canvas• Generating graphics locally give you more freedom 5 0 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
  16. 16. Twitter uses the first page only to display its main barAfter that, all the content is fetched through a JSONwebservice and displayed by some JavaScript code
  17. 17. Windows Live Mail makes a perfect use of theExchange API implemented in Hotmail to provide avery good experience Transition to webapp is in the works Live Mail
  18. 18. Wolfram|Alpha uses its own service on their websiteIt means they build an high quality webservice that youcan use to make applications as great as their website
  19. 19. Demo