External analysis of deutsch bank (1)


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External analysis of deutsch bank (1)

  1. 1. External Overview of Deutsche BankSubmited to Prof. Dr. StolzeFrom Artur, Fahad,Jabran, Lasse.Corporate project managementInternational Trade(MBA)WS 2012/2013Hochschule Anhalt
  2. 2. Outline About Deutsche Bank Global Presence Deutsche Bank Group Division Corporate Governce SWOT Analysis Competitors of Deutsche Bank Share‘sGraphsWork with clients by Deutsche Bank Awards Libor Scandal
  3. 3. About Deutsche Bank  1870 Deutsche Bank started from berlin.  1871/72 first two branches were open in Bermen and Hamburg.  1873 Deutsche Bank opened first European foreign branch in London. 1929. The bank merged with other local banks to create Deutsche Bank und DiscontoGesellschaft,at that point the biggest ever merger in German banking history. 2001. Deutsche Bank was listed on the New York Stock Exchange  2001. Deutsche Bank was listed on the New York Stock ExchangeSource: https://www.db.com
  4. 4. Deutsch Bank GroupSource: https://www.db.com
  5. 5. Global Presence of Deutsche BankSource: https://www.db.com
  6. 6. Group Division  Private and business clients Private and business clients provide range of banking services including current accounts, deposits, loans, investment management and pension products, to private individuals and self employed clients as well as small and medium size businesses.  Asset and Wealth Management With more than €820 billion of invested assets, Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management (AWM) is one of the worlds leading investment organizations. Asset Management provides investment solutions to individual and institutional investors worldwide.Source: https://www.db.com
  7. 7. Group Division (Cont.)  Corporate Banking and Securities Corporate Banking and Securities consists of Markets and Corporate Finance. Markets combines the sales, trading and structuring of a wide range of financial market products, including bonds, equities. Corporate Finance is responsible for mergers and acquisitions, including advisory, debt and equity issuance, and capital markets coverage of large and medium-sized corporations.  Global Transaction Banking Global Transaction Banking provides commercial banking products and services for both corporate and financial institutions worldwide, including domestic and cross-border payments, cash management, risk mitigation and international trade finance.Source: https://www.db.com
  8. 8. Corporate Goverence  Deutsche Bank follow the rules of German stock corporation Act and German Coporate Goverence Code. Deutsche Bank also subject to be relevant U.S. Capital market law as well as the rules of Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  Shareholders and the public are regularly kept up to date through the Annual Report, including the Consolidated Financial Statements.  Deutsche Bank Group‘s Reporting is in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).Source: https://www.db.com
  9. 9. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Strengths :  Strong market position in Germany and global financial markets.  Broad products offerings helping to retain large customers with varied needs.  Strong Deutsche Bank strengthening wealth management business. Weakness :  Inability to manage burden and efficiency affecting profitability and franchisee value.  Corporate banking and securities operations impacting corporate and investment bank performance.  Increasing non performing assets impacting assets turnover / profit.Source: http://marketingmix.org/swot-analysis-of-deutsche-bank-ag/
  10. 10. SWOT (Cont.) Opportunities :  Acquisitions likely to sustain growth.  Growth initiatives.  Successful integration of Postbank likely to improve efficiency gains. Threats :  Weak economic growth in Germany and other parts of Europe.  Margins in investment banking may remain under pressure.Source: http://marketingmix.org/swot-analysis-of-deutsche-bank-ag/
  11. 11. Competitors of Deutsche Bank Currency in USDSource: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/co?s=DB+Competitors
  12. 12. Share‘s Share PriceSource: https://www.db.com
  13. 13. Share‘s Cont. Percent of Share in each yearSource: https://www.db.com
  14. 14. Market Cpitalization in Net Income in Million Euro million EuroSource: www.relbanks.com,www.marketwatch.com
  15. 15. Earning per Share in percent to Employees average month share price changeSource: www.relbanks.com,www.marketwatch.com
  16. 16. Work with clients by Deutsche BankSource: https://www.db.com
  17. 17. IFR Awards 2012 International Financing Review (IFR) recognized Deutsche Bank as its Equity House of the Year and Bond House of the Year 2012. This is the first time the Bank has been named Equity House of the Year and the sixth time that it has won the top Bond award – more than any other bank. Deutsche Bank is also the only European bank to have been awarded the top Equity and Bond awards in the same year. Euromoney Awards 2012 Deutsche bank was awarded the title of best Global Bank of Investment 2012 by Euromoney.Source: https://www.db.com http://cbs.db.com/new/docs/Euromoney_Awards_for_Excellence
  18. 18. Libor Scandal of Deutsche Bank The Wall Street Journal reports that Deutsche Bank turned a neat profit of $654 million betting on small changes in the benchmark lending rate known as Libor in 2008, the year when global markets were at their absolute craziest. Deutsche Bank is one of more than a dozen banks in Europe and the U.S. still under investigation for its handling of Libor. As of last year, the bank expected to be eventually hit with a large fine, according to Handelsblatt.Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/10/deutsche-bank-libor-profit_n_2449764.html
  19. 19. Thank youSource: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/10/deutsche-bank-libor-profit_n_2449764.html