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Karolinska Karolinska Presentation Transcript

  • Developing processes and technology in parallel Artur Serra i2cat Foundation Telemedicine in Health Stockholm, June 16th, 2010
  • 1. Why Telemedicine can be important for Europe?
  • “American are from Mars, European are from Venus” “Power and Weakness: Why the United States and Europe see the world differently” By Robert Kagan Foreign Affairs, June & July 2002
  • Americans are the global military superpower
  • Europeans have developed healthcare systems with better performance (WHO The world health report 2000 - Health systems: improving performance)
  • Americans have developed military supremacy from technology (particularly with ICT)
  • Can European develop better healthcare systems with ICT?
  • Americans are...still young
  • Europeans are getting older...
  • The current economic crisis: A new problem/opportunity for Europe
  • 2. Technology and processes
  • IT as a innovative “medical technology”
  • A first IT health innovative project • From an health problem and IT Health Service • To an IT health innovative project • To a new IT Health Service...and again
  • Two cultures in conflict/cooperation The IT people and The medical community
  • A second clash The IT service people and the IT R&D people
  • 2005
  • Current i2cat eHealth projects • Eye-Health Tele-Ophthalmology • Linkcare Biomedical parameter home monitoring • Catalan TeleStroke Network TeleStroke emergency service E-Health • home Help4Mood: A distributed system to support depressed people at • Attentianet Elderly home support platform • connectAlzheimer Pacient social network • LivingLab4Carers User driven tools development • SegureHealth RFID tracking & monitoring • Selene Multidisciplinary knowledge center (product innovation trough livinglab procedures) e-Dependence • Visual-Health Medical media platform
  • Created in 2006
  • TIC Salut: the Public IT Health unit • First victory: TIC Salut helps to coordinate the IT policy in the Catalan Health Department. − Putting order in big IT health projects  Patient Medical Records  Electronic medicine recipes.  Digital image network  Personal health archive • The eHealth is already established Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • 3. Processes/People Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • The new actor in IT Health: The people Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • 3. Open innovation • User-driven innovation. • Web 2.0, Living Labs, • European Network of Living Labs. • People are using Internet health services faster than healthcare systems. Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • New local “discovery” Universitat del pacient Patient's University Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Seniorlab: a LL project: • A community of seniors interested in independent living and innovation – Seniors and Elders, a new age group. – Innovation as a culture for promoting independent way of living. • Socialization • Interest in novelty. Neotenia • Learning again • Designing their own future. – The knowledge/wisdom society Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • Some conclusions • 1. IT Health can be strategic for reforming the European Welfare systems. • 2. The ICT Medical community can be a driver of the innovation in the healthcare systems. • 3. Patients, even seniors, can be an ally in this innovative effort. • 4. The economic crisis offers the possibility and the need to take innovative solutions. Barcelona 13-02- 09
  • The big challenge?: Re-designing the European Welfare State: Innovating in healthcare systems with ICT
  • Thanks a lot Tack så mycket artur.serra@i2cat.net Barcelona 13-02- 09