Cultural ring, future internet culture and people

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The Cultural Ring project as an open living labs in the area of culture.

The Cultural Ring project as an open living labs in the area of culture.

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  • 1. Anella Cultural, Cultural Ring:“Think culture”, Future Internet, and Living labs. Artur Serra, i2cat Head of eCulture at EnoLL artur.serra@i2cat.netEUROPEANA PLENARY, Leuven, 14-15 June 2012
  • 2. The Cultural Ring :an Internet for Culture and People
  • 3. A country of culture
  • 4. The project team:In collaborationwith Ajuntament Barcelona
  • 5. La Xarxa Transversal: a network of local cities interested in sharing culture
  • 6. i2cat Foundation•The board is composed by 4 public institutions, 3 universities•and 9 private companies from the telecommunications and media sector.
  • 7. IP experimental Infrastructure
  • 8. Multimedia Experimental Plataform
  • 9. HD Gaudi, 2002First HD live transmissió between Europa-USA overInternet at 270 mbps by i2CAT-Research Channel
  • 10. HD Dancing Q from Seoul to Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. 2005
  • 11. The CybertimeUntil now we hava Cyberspace (virtual, digital space).Now we also have Cybertime (global real time performing scenario). Global interactive live. Synchronous, Delay,...The Internet as a performing space when we do things in a concrete slot of time
  • 12. A real challenge: How to arrive tocities and citizens?
  • 13. The Cultural Ring (2006)
  • 14. 1. Connecting metropolitan centers with local theatres Gran Teatre del LiceuTeatre Bartrina - Reus Teatre Principal - Olot Teatre Monumental - Mataró Teatre de l’Escorxador - Lleida •IP network, 34 Mbps symetrics
  • 15. 2. To equip cultural centers as audiovisual studios• 2 portable PCs• 1 audio card• 1 HD projector• Power amplifier• audio system.• Audio mixer.• Sony Anycast station
  • 16. 3. Sharing cultural events Poetry festivals Guided tours Master Class Workshops Courses Conferences Artistic performances
  • 17. “Difussion is where technologyoffers major opportunities to theopera in the XXI century” J. Matabosch.
  • 18. Opera to the cities:first results 5 local theaters connected 3082 new spectators 5 operas from El Liceu 76% of occupancy
  • 19. Metamembrana 2008,first Cultural Ring production
  • 20. A major lesson:Bi-directional flow between cultural centers.
  • 21. Cultural Ring 2012 Theaters Arts centers Museums Libraries Archives Civic Centers
  • 22. Current problems:1.Explosion of repositories 2. Engaging more people
  • 23. The archives issue:How to organize, share, distribute a huge cultural mediateque?
  • 24. The INDICATE Project,Digital Heritage eInfrastructure
  • 25. Linked Heritage:Collaborating with Europeana
  • 26. The peoples engagement: Open living labs
  • 27. What open Lls is all about?• Engaging citizens, researchers,companies, public adminstrations in user-driven innovation processes.• Learning how to innovate?• Creating PPPP structures that facilitates such kind of innovation in any area in any territory.• Innovation is for everyone.
  • 28. ENoLL: Network and association• Founding members create the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) under the Finnish Presidency of the European Union 2006.• 6 successive ‘Waves’ of ENoLL Call for Memberships has since 2006 been launched with the support of the ‘rotating’ EU presidencies.• The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) is the international, non-profit, independent association of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and worldwide (founded in 2010 as international association).• ENoLL Office in Brussels (BE) close to EU institutions.
  • 29. Current network
  • 30. Colonia Güell, cultural heritage and peoples memories25% of the 46 new 6th wave ENoLL members reported activities in Culture, creative industries or Education
  • 31. Some conclusions
  • 32. 1. The future of Internet is culture 1st. 1970s-80s The Internet of the computer scientists and technological people ( email,ftp,telnet,...) (6 M personas) 2nd. 90s-2010s The Internet of scientists and literated people. ( WWW, Grid, Blogs, Wikipedia...). (1000 M people) 3rd. 2010s-2030s The Internet of artists and vocal and visual communities. (VoIP, HD,videoconf,...) (6.000 M personas)
  • 33. Both Internet and Culture need to engage people.
  • 34. Europeana as European cultural laboratory Museums and Libraries as innovation ecosystems Smart Cities and Smart Research Regions as ground for Institutions experimentation in promoting living Culture and Creativity labs for digital culture research and 1st Workshop on experimentation Digital Cultural Heritage and Living Searching tags at Labs, celebrated Barcelona Nov.2011 Museum, Cultural Heritage, Creativeindustries, Library, ….
  • 35. Thanks a lot! artur.serra@i2cat.net