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Jorge Vergara's Omnilife: The Awakening of a Giant.
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Jorge Vergara's Omnilife: The Awakening of a Giant.


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Learn about Omnilife and the man behind the vision: Jorge Vergara. …

Learn about Omnilife and the man behind the vision: Jorge Vergara.

This is a presentation I gave onboard The Scholar Ship in December 2007.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Omnilife: Awakening of a Giant. Presented by: Arturo Pelayo TICM 811 | SEPD | Dr. Ralph Berenger TSS September 2007 Voyage
  • 2. About Mexico Social Dev.Jorge Vergara Economic Dev.Omnilife Political Dev.Conglomerate Closing comments, Q&A
  • 3. Mexico
  • 4. Mexico• Federal republic• 11th most populated country in the world, 14th largest on earth.• In 1950, there were 25.8 million inhabitants; in 2005, 103.3 million (INEGI, 2005).• Mexico has 32 States,
  • 5. EconomicDevelopment
  • 6. Mexico• Human Development Index are similar to those of Sweden, Germany or Burundi• The primary source of foreign income is the sale of crude oil, tourism and remesas• About 18 million have substandard employment or marginal employment conditions.
  • 7. Jorge VergaraThe Character
  • 8. Jorge Vergara• Born in 1955 in Guadalajara,• He never went on to College, only finishing High School at Tecnologico de Monterrey.• He used to be car salesman for Volkswagen• In the economic crisis of 1981 he looses his job at CASOLAR.
  • 9. Jorge Vergara• He start his own businesses: he started by cooking and selling carnitas using his own kitchen.• Then expanded: • He opened an Italian restaurant and during this time he gained a lot of weight and became ill.
  • 10. Jorge Vergara• As a result of his illness, he began a long (and later highly profitable) way of improving not only his health, but his personal wellness.• As a consequence, he began loosing weight and regained financial independence.
  • 11. Jorge Vergara• Through this process he began working at Herbalife, an American multilevel company (similar to Amway) where he reached the Team’s President distinction, the highest one that the company gave.• Through his own saying, this is where he learned the strengths and weaknesses of the business he was now involved with.
  • 12. TheConglomerate
  • 13. Omnilife• He created his own company, adopting the nutritional formulas to local preferences• Unlike the competition, he shortened the time that he committed to pay to his distributors in half, paying them every two weeks.
  • 14. Omnilife• He intuitively assumed that the client had to be catered, had to feel cared for and protected by an omnipresent company.• This is the primary reason why he even goes to the extent of making his personal mobile number public and it is printed on every single welcome letter that new distributors receive (Delaunay, 2005).
  • 15. Not your ‘typical’ Mexican: • Does not use socks, • Is vegetarian, • Will always be seen carrying a bottle of one of the many soda brands that his companies make.
  • 16. Not your ‘typical’ Mexican: • He owns a $50 million U.S. dollar Boeing Business Jet 737-700, • the first ever and only of its kind sold by Boing to a company in Latin America (Delaunay, 2005), it has distinctive coloring and was baptized “Nilambara”.
  • 17. Omnilife: The Giant.
  • 18. • The company began operations with a loan of $10,000USD• It is now one of the 200 best-leading corporations in Mexico• It is number 118 of the 500 most important companies of the country.
  • 19. • Annual sales of over $1B USD with profit margins of over 20 percent.• Omni products are targeted towards the “C” and “D” market segments (medium to low income & low income, respectively)
  • 20. • Vergara heads a corporation that now has presence in over 19 countries,• through 4 million sales agents that provide products “for the body and for the soul”
  • 21. OMNILIFE TODAY• A conglomerate of 30 companies• Range from financial, logistical, packaging services and even power generation services.• Vergara owns editorial companies, a records company, a film maker company
  • 22. OMNILIFE TODAY• Many philanthropist foundations and• JVC, a 240-hectare complex that is currently in development and will require an investment of over $600M USD.
  • 23. Centro JVC
  • 24. • This mega architectural complex will include eleven buildings,• it will be one of the best of its kind to promote culture,• it will also function as a much needed ample convention center, a business center and an entertainment center in the outskirts of Guadalajara.
  • 25. • The best eleven architects of the planet are developing each a building. Renowned architects include: • Wolf Prix, Tom Mayne, Zaha Hahid, Yoko Ito, and Enrique Norten.
  • 26. • It is expected to receive over 25 million visitors per year,• having in the complex: • a hotel, • a business center, • a cultural center, • a children’s museum, • a museum for contemporary art, a commercial and entertainment area, an adventure theme park, the new
  • 27. • a museum for contemporary art,• a commercial and entertainment area, an adventure theme park,• the new Chivas Soccer Stadium, Universidad del Exito (University of Success),• an apartment complex a Palenque and green areas for festivals and concerts.
  • 28. SocialDevelopment
  • 29. • He is the only Mexican entrepreneur that is committed to fluently speak Mandarin (and along with him his children and close collaborators) as part of a strategy to conquer the Chinese market and increase his sales three fold in the next five years (Zepeda, J. 2007).
  • 30. Publishing• Celeste Magazine: Upper Class and trendy• WOW Magazine• Chivas Magazine• Babybaby
  • 31. Branding• Arte & Parte : Brand Imaging Company.
  • 32. • Jorge has made his presence known in the Arts Sociosphere by sponsoring a series of exhibitions and solely funding a new award for artists during his Salón de Octubre (October’s Salon) art series, which takes place in the city of Guadalajara in that month.
  • 33. Cinema• Financed "Y tu mamá también" which was nominated for an Oscar,• "El espinazo del diablo" (The Devil’s Backbone),• "El asesinato de Richard Nixon" (The Assassination of Richard Nixon),• He produced Amores Perros (Acosta, 2007) through his company, Deseo Films.
  • 34. Education• “The goal of the Educare system is to part ways with the old educational traditions such ! as memorization, reward & punishment, competition against everyone and even grades.• Instead, Educare’s goal is to have each child gain recognition of their capabilities and !give value to the concept of personal awareness and personal development; that s/he learns to love and respect him/ herself and others.” (Educare 2007).
  • 35. Passion for Soccer
  • 36. • Chivas• Chivas USA• Chivas CHINA• Deportivo Saprissa (Costa Rica)• Real Madrid ?
  • 37. PoliticalDevelopment
  • 38. • In 2001, Vergara signed a partnership through EDUCARE to collaborate with the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT), • He donated $10M pesos to support projects related to Health, Wellness and Food Sciences. • Over 30 projects where funded as a consequence of this partnership. (CONACyT 2006).
  • 39. EconomicDevelopment
  • 40. • Jorge was also part of the Mexican delegation that participated in the 2006 edition of the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland (Gutiérrez, 2006).
  • 41. Q&A
  • 42. References
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