VOLUME 1
Public Relations as it should be. Effective.
              Extremely specialized messages. Critical communication
What can PR do for my company?
   • Communication. We make people aware of you, your company,
     products and services. ...
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Small Talk -Trends, Tips . . .

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  1. 1. talk VOLUME 1 Spring 2010 • public relations that works. 6 Top Reasons • advertising that’s relevant. — to Choose A Small Agency • branding that’s visionary. 1. Service. Small agencies take service • design that’s definitive. personally. When that big agency pitch is over, • marketing that delivers. who’ll handle your day-to-day business? 2. Flexibility. No big egos. No bureaucracy. Without extra layers, small agencies offer flexibility, efficiency and responsiveness. Simply put — we’re built for speed. When times get tough — the tough get resourceful! 3. Size. Quality wins over quantity. The amount of agency people is less important than their ability increase your brand visibility and profitability. • Are you reaching your customers and prospects economically? 4. Scope. In a small agency, you pay only for services you need – not layers you don’t. • Are you getting the intended feedback to your message - as quickly 5. Fees. Big companies as you need it? bring big overhead. Smaller agencies have • Do you know that when marketing smaller overhead but ends your contact with new customers the same levels of and prospects ends, too? experience and expertise. • Are you getting the press coverage you deserve? 6. Stability. Less turnover and layoffs We can help make your life easier, mean clients can trust your brand bigger, and your that whoever works on budget concerns, well . . . smaller. their account — stays on their account. with BIG ideas
  2. 2. Public Relations as it should be. Effective. Extremely specialized messages. Critical communication to your specialized target market. Piece of cake — to seasoned PR professionals. With more than 25 years high communicate level experience, our PR counsels have the seasoning necessary to pitch media and communicate a message that garners client recognition, awareness and rewards. We make every dollar work for you! We all love a good story. But sometimes, the right storyteller is critical. We have the experience and skill to get your story in the right hands — to get the right results. Public relations communicates with your target market. We work to understand your products and position, make major announcements and influence mindsets. Our approach to public relations is wisely cost effective small truths yet, credible and focused on telling your story. The man who stops We’re ready when you are. advertising to save money is like a man who stops the clock to save time. Website Design
  3. 3. What can PR do for my company? • Communication. We make people aware of you, your company, products and services. We help enhance your reputation with clients/customers/employees and unlike merely paid advertising, we also gain credibility. • Confidence. We work to position your company as a trusted, valued brand, as well as a valued member of the community. • Consistency. We make sure all your messages are cohesive and consistent to present the best possible image for your organization through the best possible mix of print, broadcast and internet communication. • Crisis Management. If there’s ever a crisis in your organization, we are the 911 you’ll call to help handle it. Impe ccably Hygie nic. Uniqu ely E fficie nt. A dmira (oh, bly S and th leek. e pen quin ’s coo l, too ) The F irst — and O NLY CRYO LINE Hygie nic Tu nnel B-B Campaign Launch of new product as well as transition campaign to merged company identity. Only one thing worse than being talked about — is NOT The Whole Enchilada being talked about. Public relations is integral to your overall marketing picture. When employed strategically and consistently, public relations Oscar Wilde works. You can not do "a little PR" — and expect a lot of results. Public Relations is not a one-shot tactic. Limited “relations” results in limited impact. The impact of public relations builds over time, with repetition of key messages in a variety of contexts.
  4. 4. Print Sometimes, what you re ally need is fo llow-throug h... Tast rence e of t The WILEY Diffe he GIAN OCTOB E TS ement ent Manag eties G R 19, iants S 200 blishing and Cont Expert Pu Technical, and M edical So ci tadium 9 ific, for Scient At bc i — it’s the only way we know Whether you . strive to perfect your golf swin g — or your wire less network, bci delivers your best shot at brin follow-throug h is critical. ging your buil d-out to complet ion. So, whe reduce your cos n you need to ts and time to market — part ner with us. Sam At bci , follow-through — ple is just par for Sav . the course. or. Sco r — e for Hun ger . Brochures • Ad s • Newsletter s since 1807 Publishers www.wile nds nce . . . in your ha of experie 200 years Is print media dead? Hardly. Want proof? Look at all the magazines on your doctor’s coffee table and in corporate lobbies. Or think about your own collection of magazine favorites. Advertisers may have decreased their spending — but readers haven’t stopped their reading. If print is on your marketing agenda, today’s rates are cheaper and competition is less than ever before. captivate
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William Shakespeare G E C A R D Award -Winning Committed College Foundation . . . to your creative? Donor Campaign Before you commit, ‘pop’ these questions: • Is it relevant? • Does it ring true to your brand? • Does it play nice with the consumer’s life experience? • Does the message grab you? • Is it believable? • Does it set your brand apart?