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3 Valuable Life Lessons From Wallace Wattles and His Famous Book, The Science of Getting Rich

3 Valuable Life Lessons From Wallace Wattles and His Famous Book, The Science of Getting Rich






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    3 Valuable Life Lessons From Wallace Wattles and His Famous Book, The Science of Getting Rich 3 Valuable Life Lessons From Wallace Wattles and His Famous Book, The Science of Getting Rich Presentation Transcript

    • 3 Valuable Life Lessons From Wallace Wattles and The Science of Getting Rich
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    • Wallace Wattles was a self-help author in the early 1900's.
      He wrote several books including The Science of Being Well, but Wattles is best known for his classic work on prosperity consciousness called - The Science of Getting Rich.
    • In that book, Wattles shared his keen insights into manifesting riches (or anything else, for that matter) in such a powerful way that nearly 100 years later, his book is still a favourite of millions of readers the world over.
    • It’s a powerful message, one that’s transformational when applied today.
    • Following are 3 powerful lessons Wallace Wattles revealed in one of the most studied success books of all time...
    • 1. We live in a thought world.
    • As such, we're part of a “thought universe”. Therefore, whatever you think about consistently expands and tends to materialize in your life.
      This means your thoughts have the power to shape your life and create your reality in detail.
    • When you use your imagination to visualize your desire, you’re planting the seeds of attainment.
    • Everything around you originated in the form of a thought. What began as a simple thought manifested into the chair you're sitting on, the computer you're using, the paint on the walls -- everything.
    • It all started in “thought substance”. Thought is the only power that can produce tangible results.
    • Think it first and visualize it as your reality. According to Wattles, that's exactly how you create things in your life. Since you have the power to choose your thoughts, you can create or manifest what you sincerely want and earnestly desire.
    • In Wattles' own words, “If a person can communicate his thought to original thinking substance, he can cause the creation or formation of the thing he thinks about.”
    • 2. Hold on to the thoughts you want to manifest.
    • To attain any goal or desire, you must stay focussed. Focus is the great secret.
      For many people, staying focused on one objective until they reach it is difficult.
    • But Wattles advises to continue thinking about what you want and accept it as your reality. We must learn to “Think truth regardless of appearances.”
      No easy task, to be sure. But to the determined soul, this could be the key that unlocks the door to their most cherished dream.
    • Once you've decided on a result you want, claim it as yours. Maintain an unquestioning faith that whatever you want is actually on the way.
    • You've placed your order with the universe and your continued and persistent thought accepting the result as certain – is sure to bring it about.
    • Know what you want and want it badly enough that it's easy to keep this desire in your thoughts.
      Ignore present conditions and circumstances as these are nothing more than the manifestations of past thoughts.
    • 3. The third life lesson is to simply be grateful for it all.
    • Gratitude, sincere gratitude connects you to your unlimited power.
    • Call it God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, the Divine - whatever you choose.
      It's this connection that facilitates the manifestation of all things. Gratitude raises your vibration. As long as you're feeling appreciative, you cannot be angry, frustrated, disappointed, or sad.
    • Be grateful for every result, not just the grand and glorious.
      This may be a difficult idea to adopt. But it's one that can help but serve you well if you listen to the advice of Wallace Wattles.
    • In the author's words, “All things have contributed to your advancement; therefore include all things in your gratitude.”
    • You are the product of your past experiences and circumstances.
      All those things are history but each has contributed to the person you are today. Be grateful for it all and keep thinking about what you want.
    • There you have it -- 3 valuable, even life-changing lessons from the early 20th century sage, Wallace Wattles.
      Read them again. Absorb these truths and then think and visualize your ideal future result.
    • Ready to tap into your unlimited mind power to create whatever you want? We can help you get it all – on virtual autopilot. Just follow the path that’s already been carved and live the life you were meant to live.
      Visit us today... and make it the turning point in your life.