The $3,000 brand


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It's time for branding to become more agile. This deck lays out why branding is important, especially for start-ups, and why the old ways don't work. It lays out a new, better way, and why it should only cost $3,000 to begin and $1,000/month after that.

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The $3,000 brand

  1. 1. The $3000 brand FOR AGILE COMPANIES. LIKE YOURS.
  2. 2. Why do you care so much about branding What start-ups think about agencies “ ?
  3. 3. What agencies think about startups Why do you ignore branding “ ?
  4. 4. IT WILL BE AWESOME FOR YOU When we bring the two worlds together
  5. 5. AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? What is Branding?
  6. 6. “I need a logo and some other stuff, but I’ve never done this before. And I don’t have a lot of money. Or time.” Lots of people
  7. 7. (“Logo and some other stuff” = branding)
  8. 8. how a business communicates to the outside world. Branding is
  9. 9. (NB: Marketing is what a company does with that branding.) Learning French : Branding :: Giving a speech in French : Marketing
  10. 10. & important because every business needs to connect with humans Branding is humans are wired to respond to humanity.
  11. 11. Good business isn’t good branding Good Business Financial health Good processes Research & Strategy But nobody thinks this when they see this
  12. 12. Good business isn’t good branding Exercise makes you a better person. Nike makes you a better athlete. I should buy Nikes and run more. I feel motivated and inspired now. When people see they think:
  13. 13. Behind every great brand is a playbook Brand Character Brand Voice Logo System Messaging Hierarchy And more.
  14. 14. Where the playbook comes from OLD WAY VS NEW WAY
  15. 15. The Old Way I.  You conduct a review to hire an agency (6 months). II.  You assign a team to work with that agency (12 people). III.  The agency works for a few months then presents 3 “mood boards”. IV.  Your team selects one and gives feedback. V.  The agency makes revisions to the moodboard. VI.  Your team eventually gives approval. VII. The agency creates assets. VIII. The revised work gets shown to the C-suite. IX.  The whole team works on revisions until everyone’s happy. X.  Repeat for any new projects.
  16. 16. Why The Old Way Doesn’t Work •  You start with the more abstract elements, in a vacuum, so you end up having a lot of circular arguments. •  It’s a lot of money to spend on something that’s bound to change. •  It just takes too long. There are lots more moving parts to marketing than there used to be.
  17. 17. The New Way I.  Get to know the user and figure out how they tick. Do this a lot. II.  Take stock of what you need right now. III.  Deliver those things as quickly as possible. IV.  Measure, analyze, revise and refine. V.  Thoughtfully add new projects to maintain momentum without losing your mind.
  18. 18. Why The New Way Works •  Technology is changing everything. •  Companies are pivoting more often. •  Companies need stuff sooner than they used to. •  All the moving parts to your marketing don’t have to be in lock-step any more. •  Branding comes more naturally to people now.
  19. 19. What you get
  20. 20. What you get Month 1 $3000 •  Name & Logo System •  One-page website •  Collateral: •  Business cards •  T-shirts •  Stickers •  Copy and Design guides •  Color/Font palette •  “How it works” graphic •  Twitter/FB/LinkedIn/G+ Setups
  21. 21. Months 2 and beyond $1000/month Pick one project per month: •  Case Study •  Whitepaper •  Infographic •  Powerpoint template •  Adwords campaign •  Landing Page campaign •  Editorial calendar •  Pitch deck •  Front-end style guide What you get Month 1 $3000 •  Name & Logo System •  One-page website •  Collateral: •  Business cards •  T-shirts •  Stickers •  Copy and Design guides •  Color/Font palette •  “How it works” graphic •  Twitter/FB/LinkedIn/G+ Setups
  22. 22. Extra Projects Separate Scope •  Explainer videos •  User Testing •  Product UX •  eCommerce •  Lead nurture •  Helpdesk portal •  Full website •  Blog setup •  Manifesto video What you get
  23. 23. Pre-game If you haven’t already, we’ll: •  Set Your Buyer Personas •  Visualize the Sales Funnel •  Determine Your Positioning •  Craft Messaging •  Define Your Key Conversions
  24. 24. John Park
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