Independent Schools Marketing Association Conference 2012 - Social Media Guide


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A guide to using social media during the Independent Schools Marketing Association Conference 2012, Cape Town.

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Independent Schools Marketing Association Conference 2012 - Social Media Guide

  1. 1. WE HAVE A PROBLEM! There are many folks who would love to be at Conference but are unable to attend. It is difficult to keep track of all the resources shared at conference. The fantastic ideas at conference need a larger audience!
  2. 2. HOW DO WE SOLVE THESEPROBLEMS? Add your voice to the Conference by participating through Twitter! You still have time to gain confidence and practise using the service. Sign up now! You have plenty of time to learn! Read on to find out how…
  3. 3. Sign up to Twitter before conference andstart sharing and learning.Don‟t forget to use the conference hashtag#isma2012 in your tweets!Give yourself time to „play‟ on Twitter andgain confidence
  4. 4. During the conference, you can add yourvoice by commenting on content during andafter each session.Add comment, links, resources and ideas tothe conversation.Make the most of the conference experienceby developing your Professional LearningNetwork through Twitter.
  5. 5. A document summarising all theday‟s tweets from conference(#isma2012) will be published at theend of each day.Don‟t forget to add your voice!
  6. 6. How to use Twitter for the official backchannelFor those new to Twitter, this short guide will give you all you need to participate in the conference backchannel before, during and after the event. STEP 1 : Go to STEP 2 : Enter your real name Use your email address Choose your password Click “Sign up” You can access Twitter on your internet- enabled phone : Or use the Twitter app on your smartphone.
  7. 7. STEP 3 : You will now need to complete this screen: Only tick this if you are using Twitter on your own computer/device When all fields are complete, click this buttonYou will receive an email to confirm your registration
  8. 8. STEP 4 : You will now need to go through a series of screens from Twitter designed to set you up with your account Search for these 5 users as a start :@schneiderb| @ISASAnews|@ismaconf| @maggiev| @artpreston
  9. 9. This screen will ask you to follow 5 more well-known accounts. You can skip this if you like by clicking “Skip this step”at the bottom left of your screen. Otherwise find 5 more accounts to follow and head to the next screen.Don‟t worry about this step at this stage. Click“Step this step”
  10. 10. Upload a picture (image) of yourself or an avatarMake your bio information useful for those who are looking to findsomeone with similar interests (for example: School marketer in anindependent school; loves scuba diving)Remember that this your public face on Twitter– keep it professional
  11. 11. You are now at your Twitter homepage. Almost there…
  12. 12. Time to check your settings:Click on the small arrow to the right of the silhouette at the topof your screen and click on “Settings”The “Settings” page will now open – let‟s take a look…
  13. 13. Settings (note circled items) Check that your info is correct (including time zone!) Leave this unticked Click “Save changes” when done
  14. 14. Now let‟s send our first tweet! Introduce yourself…Find and click this button at the top right of your screenA dialogue box will open on your screen into which you canwrite your tweet (remember you only have 140 characters!) Remaining numbers of characters in your message.A hashtag (word preceded by #) allows you to filter theconversation. The ISMA Conference 2012 hashtag is #isma2012.Ensure that all tweets concerning the conference contain thishashtag so that it appears in the backchannel conversation.
  15. 15. Twitter basics :Click “Reply” to respond to the sender of the tweet.Click “Retweet” to resend the tweet to your network of followersif you think it is worthwhile.Click “Favorite” if you would like to save this tweet to yourFavorites list (available from Profile page).
  16. 16. Twitter basics : Use @ followed by Twitter username to mention anotherRT means “ReTweet” Twitter user Hashtag
  17. 17. Twitter basics :To send a private message to another Twitter user, click here You will only see this option if the person follows you. Direct messages can also be sent by tweeting the person‟s Twitter name preceded by a „D‟
  18. 18. Use your new Twitter account to sign up to Pinterest( for „ismaconf‟ and follow the official ConferencePinterestaccount.
  19. 19. Make sure you visit the Conference Facebook pageregularly for conference updates, photos and
  20. 20. Where can I connect?
  21. 21. QUESTIONS? Email: Phone: 021 554 8630This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License