005 Fifth Grade Art Folder Self Portrait


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005 Fifth Grade Art Folder Self Portrait

  1. 1. Art Lesson Plan Art Teacher: Grade Level: Date: Mr. Glorvigen Fifth Current Instructional Activities: Anticipatory Set/Hook Teacher Guided Practice Art QCC Standards Objectives Communicated 5.2 Topic: Artistic Skills and Knowledge: Ongoing Art Objectives: Creating, Performing, Producing • Develop construction (cutting, gluing, The students are The teacher will give Standard: Plans, organizes, and creates artworks manipulating, etc.), drawing, painting, etc., asked to observe step by step instructions using: form, color expressing emotion, linear skills (Application, Synthesis; ongoing and make (guided practice) for the perspective, proportion, contrast. objective, see art matrix). comments about a students to follow as (See Introduction: Matrix.) • Demonstrates proper care and safe use of picture of Mona they complete the 5.3 Topic: Artistic Skills and Knowledge: art materials and tools (Application Lisa. drawing of their face. Creating, Performing, Producing Evaluation; ongoing objective; 5.5). Standard: Creates artworks in the areas of • Appraise/Evaluate artwork for quality drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, The students will follow (thoughtfulness & carefulness) and the step by step pottery, fiber arts, mixed media, and digital accuracy (following directions & project images. instructions (guided guidelines) (ongoing). (See Introduction: Matrix.) practice) and then create 5.4 Topic: Artistic Skills and Knowledge: their portrait using Creating, Performing, Producing Project Objectives: chalk. The emphasis Standard: Creates a separate work of art that • Create an art folder showing a will be on emotions or imitates nature (Realism), is concerned with picture of yourself on the front. expression. design and composition (Structuralism/Formalism), expresses a feeling Objective Aligned with Standards: or emotion (Emotionalism/ Expressionism). • Create a drawing of yourself, a 5.10 Topic: Critical Analysis and Aesthetic self-portrait. Understanding • Create a border around the self- Standard: Analyzes proportion in artworks as the relationship of one part to another or in the portrait using lines, shapes, and whole. colors. 5.15 Topic: Critical Analysis and Aesthetic • Design the border pattern with Understanding horizontal, vertical, and diagonal Standard: Develops, judges, and communicates lines. personal decisions about artwork. • Point out reasons why people might want to create a self-portrait. 5th Grade Self-Portrait 1
  2. 2. Art Lesson Plan Higher-Order Thinking Questions: Differentiated Assessment Procedures: Lesson Closure Materials Homework Practice Activities: 1. From what As Needed: Sketch your Low: 1. Worksheets and or direction/angle/point of Special point of view A review of today’s Overhead face by view are you seeing or tests on the human lesson and a preview Projector looking in a worksheet. Step by viewing this step assistance by the face (as needed). of the next. transparency mirror. picture/image? teacher or student. 2. The culminating Television 2. Why does the face need to Average: activity: The art DVD Player Worksheet Teacher will start the folder and self- be in correct student with the Personality on the proportion/size portrait. Charts human face. drawing. relationship? High: 3. Observation. Examples: 3. Why would someone The student must Vincent van Gogh create a self-portrait? complete the entire self-portrait self-portrait. Worksheets Essential Question Pencils & Erasers How is the human face drawn 9 by 12 or other with correct proportions? size Chalk 5th Grade Self-Portrait 2