Art Lesson Plan
Art Teacher: Mr. Glorvigen                                             Grade Level:                 Date: ...
Art Lesson Plan

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00 Kindergarten Geometric And Organic Man


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00 Kindergarten Geometric And Organic Man

  1. 1. Art Lesson Plan Art Teacher: Mr. Glorvigen Grade Level: Date: Background Knowledge Instructional Activities: Kindergarten Current Anticipatory Set/Hook Teacher Guided Practice Reflection Art QCC Standards Objectives Communicated Kindergarten Fine Art/Visual Art Standards Please note that all objectives are not The students are asked The teacher will give step by FAVA K.2 Creates artworks - drawings, painting, covered in one session. to observe and make step instructions (guided pottery, sculptures, prints, fiber arts, and mixed media comments about a two practice) for the students to - emphasizing one or more art elements (e.g., color, Ongoing Art Objectives: different shape people follow as they create their line, shape, form, texture, and pattern). • Develop cutting, gluing, drawing, and coloring on the board. One man geometric and organic man. FAVA K.3 Uses a variety of art materials and skills. made from geometric The students will follow the techniques to model, construct, and compose original • Demonstrates proper care and safe use of shapes and another step by step instructions artworks. FAVA 1.8 Identifies lines as outlines or materials and equipment (QCC K.4). made from organic (guided practice) as they edges of shapes and forms. • Appraise/Evaluate artwork for quality shapes. create their shape people and FAVA K.4 Demonstrates proper care and safe use of (thoughtfulness & carefulness) and accuracy incorporate their own ideas art materials and tools. (following directions & project guidelines). into the geometric and FAVA K.8 Recognizes and names shapes, such as organic man. circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and organic Instructional Activity & Objectives (free-form). 1. Create, arrange, compose a person (man, As the students create they FAVA K.9 Recognizes form as not flat. woman, boy, or girl) using geometric shapes. will receive instruction on 2. Create, arrange, compose a person (man, woman, boy, or girl) using organic shapes. gluing and cutting skills so 3. Identifies shapes as flat and forms as not flat they can develop discipline and differentiates between a flat shape and a and accuracy with the The Visual Arts Content Matrix is a chart provided by the State non-flat form. equipment and materials. of Georgia that tracks the art curriculum across each grade level. 4. Recognize edges as the outline or border of a This matrix is made up of seven content features. Those content shape or form. features are: [1] Subject and Themes, [2] The Elements of Art and Principles of Design, [3] Art Materials, [4] Art Techniques, [5] Art 5. Recognize and name shapes such as circles, Products, [6] Functions of Art, and [7] The Styles of Art. squares, rectangles, triangles, and organic shapes. 6. Differentiate between two categories (types) of shapes (geometric and organic). 7. Create your own shape picture-independent practice-(shape collage). Geometric and Organic Man 1
  2. 2. Art Lesson Plan Higher-Order Thinking Questions: Differentiated Assessment Procedures: Lesson Closure Materials Homework Practice Activities: (Summary of current/preview of Resources Integrate Projects: Learning Styles next lesson) Technology and/or Independent, Pairing, Media Cooperative Groups, and Learning Centers. A review of the current Differentiated activities 1. Worksheets As Needed Key Questions: are largely determined 2. The culminating lesson (what they should Overhead Projector As Needed be able to do and what Find What is a form? Something by independent skill activity: A geometric Television geometric level. they are to know) is that is not flat and takes up and organic man DVD Player shapes in space. Low: 3. Observation. shared as well as what Personality your home What is an edge? The outline Precut shapes for the will be taught the next Charts and organic student to glue. time in art… Glue shapes out or border of a shape. Scissors side. What is a geometric shape? A Average: Worksheets shape you can name. Partially completed Pencils shapes for the student to What is an organic shape? A glue. Construction paper shape you cannot name. How do we work in art? High: The student must Slowly, Carefully, and complete the entire Thoughtfully. shape person with exquisite accuracy. Geometric and Organic Man 2