Welcome to year 7 ict 2011


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ICT intro for Year 7 pupils, not brilliant but does the job for me

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Welcome to year 7 ict 2011

  1. 1. Welcome toYear 7 ICTThe Basics
  2. 2. Starter – 10 minutes Can you label the parts of a computer? Complete the Activity sheet and Label the parts and parts associated with a computer Where you dont know, leave it out and you can complete it with the class You have 10 mins Click here for sheet
  3. 3. By the end of your first twoICT lessons you should be able to: Log on to the networked computers in school Clic k Understand the significance of knowing your username and password Clic Access the VLE and understand how to use it k Use the Outlook email system in the school network Know the rules and expectancies when using Clic k IT rooms Organise and use files/folders on the network Clic k
  4. 4. Logging On Year 7
  5. 5. How to log onYou will need a username and password to be able touse a computer in the school. It is very important youremember this for all lessons.Type in your username Username = 17surname (if you share your surname see your teacher) Type in your password  Pass1234Press OK/Enter
  6. 6. How to log on - You will need to changeyour password When you log in it will prompt you to change your password. Lets first find out how to make our password more secure.Click here6. Type in your old password7. Type in your new password8. Type in your new password again9. Enter
  7. 7. VLE and Email System Year 7
  8. 8. Using school email Teachers and pupils at Cardinal Wiseman use school email to communicate important messages You can use the school email when you are in school or at home Your teacher may show you this presentation about school email Messages are monitored by the ICT technicians.
  9. 9. Find this email icon on the desktop Double-click itEnter your username and password
  10. 10. Task - emailOnce you have signed in to your email send the followingmessage to the person to the left of you Your e-mail address will be: username@cardinalwiseman.coventry.sch.uk7. Greeting8. Tell them your name9. Tell them your favourite hobby and interest10. Ask them about their family11. Closing e.g regards, thanks, speak soon, etc12. State your nameReply to the email you should have received.
  11. 11. Standards andBehaviour Year 7
  12. 12. Welcome to Year 7 ICT Expect a seating plan Log in when you get in, Be quiet and listen when the teacher is talking Put your hand up for a question Absence from class- catch up on missed work as all work is on the VLE Meet ALL deadlinesFor further detail click hereTASK Create a spider diagram to shoe expectations of behaviour in a computer room
  13. 13. Organising your work Year 7
  14. 14. You must learn how to: Set up folders and subfolders Name/rename files and folders Save work to correct place (for all lessons) Move/copy files from one folder to another See the size of a file Hand in work according to the system given by your ICT teacher
  15. 15. Organisation of files and folders All your work in all subjects in the school will mostly be saved in your My Documents folder. But beware this can quickly become a mess and difficult to find things. This results in you losing work, re-doing work, missing deadlines. getting into trouble, etc.
  16. 16. Which of these looks most like yourbedroom?Starter – Discuss in pairs how you think the above images might be linked to organising your computer files.
  17. 17. A messynetwork folder How many different subjects can you see in this messy folder?
  18. 18. A tidy networkfolderHow easy is it tosee your subject work?Can you see the sub-folders?In which subject can you see sub-folders?
  19. 19. Folder Structures and appropriateFilenames A FILE is a document such as a Word Document. A FOLDER is where you save the document e.g. My Documents is a folder A SUB-FOLDER is a folder in a folder It is important that throughout this project you use sensible filenames and save your work in the correct folder.
  20. 20. Task – Create the following folderStructure Main Year 7 folder Learning to History ICT Science RE English Learn Induction Unit 7.1 Sub- folders
  21. 21. Double Click into My Computer In this folder your teachers will saveThis folder is where you document/sheets etccan store all of your that they want to sharework e.g. 16ogorman with you
  22. 22. You will now be shown: How to create a folder and rename it as ‘Year 7’ How to create a subfolder for ‘ICT’ You will then create folders for all of your subjects in your Server H folder
  23. 23. Plenary5 rules of the computer room4 behaviour for learning rules.3 network drives2 things that have learnt today1 thing you need to practice doing