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New line uni q

  1. 1. Features of New Products : 1. New tools are developed on the basis of active and exclusive components which slow down the aging process of skin by: Restores their natural balance, Reduce sensitivity factors of premature aging (UV, temperature, stress, the un favorable environnent, Bad habits, etc.) The skin is independently capable to restore the vital potential, using for this purpose natural substances of plant origin! 2. No Parabens ! 3. The ingredients have category ECOCERT of various country! 4. No Comedones ! 5.Hypoallergenic !
  2. 2. Peeling with Fruits acid UniQ! The peeling with fruit acids levels a relief and a complexion, make skin more smooth, gentle and velvety, smoothes crinkle, increases tone and elasticity of the skin.
  3. 3. Peeling with Fruits acid UniQ! Fruit acids is a group of the organic acids which have received the name because of presence in structure of more fruits.
  4. 4. Peeling with Fruits acid UniQ! Effect of Fruits Acid :
  5. 5. Peeling with Fruits acid UniQ! Mix fruit acids from fruits and flowers of apricot, peach, passion fruit, mango, strawberry, raspberry, guava, as well as lemon, glycolic acid, mandelinovaya acid and exfoliate the dead skin cells, speeding up the process smooth wrinkles and scars, deeply moisturize.  Tri ethyl citrate – the antioxidant, blocks action of free radicals, strengthening the protection of intra-and intercellular space.
  6. 6. Peeling with Fruits acid UniQ! Indications for use of fruit acids: 1. Prevention of age-related changes 2. mature skin, deep and fine wrinkles 3. Dry, dehydrated skin 4. Oily skin (pores, uneven Dim color) 5. Acne & Postance Contraindications to the use of fruit acids: 1. individual intolerance 2. Fresh traumatic skin changes 3. Cold sores 4. Increased sensitivity of skin
  7. 7. Peeling with Fruits acid UniQ! How to use : Apply a thin layer of peeling on a cleansed face, neck and low neck. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water or with a cosmetic or makeup sponge. Use 1-2 time in a week.
  8. 8. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! Levels tone of a leather, corrects pigmentary spots, smoothes a micro relief of skin of the person, increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  9. 9. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! Hyper pigmentation is the darkening of the skin that occurs under the influence of the increased accumulation of melanin in the epidermis.
  10. 10. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! Causes of hyper pigmentation:
  11. 11. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! MELANIN is a natural dark pigment in the skin, hair, tissue, Iris , etc. it is developed by melanocytes. LIPOFUSCIN pigmentaging is one of the essential factors of ageing and age-related diseases. Pigmented Spots Pigmented Spots
  12. 12. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! The uniqueness of the serum- is effective on pigmentation in two ways: Reduces the information of melanin Prevents the accumulation of lipofuscin Reduces the appearance of age spots and prevent their re-emergence.
  13. 13. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! Active ingredients of serum : Little soluble derivative of stabilized vitamin c-Ascorbic acid form VC1% IP –perfectly gets into a skin, liberating thus pure vitamin C. Quality: Inhibits the activity of tyrosine's and melanin in the skin Weakens the destructive effect of UV radiation on cells and DNA Neutralize reactive oxygen species. Prevents per oxidation of lipids and ageing of the skin Accelerates the reproduction of human fibroblast Effectively stimulates collagen synthesis
  14. 14. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! Terpenoids Gingko biloba has capillary tonic, anti-inflammatory and anti oxidants effects. Quality: Powerful antioxidant binds free radicals Strengthens fragile blood vessels and capillaries Improves complexion (through improvement of blood microcirculation) Nourishes the skin with vitamins Brightening skin Provides a rejuvenating effect, reduces destructible collagen in tissues
  15. 15. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! Specialty of Serum : Do not contain hydroquinone, well tolerated. After using the serum use UniQ day cream SPF15. Recommended course of conduct during periods of low solar activity (October to March). During and after the course to avoid direct sunlight.
  16. 16. Serum for smoothing skin tone UniQ! How to use : Apply a serum with light massage movements in evening on cleansed face, neck and low neck.
  17. 17. Restore Mask UniQ! The mask is designed to reduce the sensitivity of the skin to the factors of premature aging(UV, temperature, stress, poor ecology, habits, etc.)
  18. 18. Restore Mask UniQ! Uneven skin tone, redness, swelling is a result of the stressful stimuli to the skin: oBad Environment oClimatic Conditions oIntensive Peeling oEffect of ultraviolet Radiation oBad Habits
  19. 19. Restore Mask UniQ! The mask possesses complex restoring effects : Moisturizes & soothes the skin Even Skin tone Strengthens structure of skin, leaving it supple & elastic Renders anti-oxidants effects
  20. 20. Restore Mask UniQ! Active Ingredients Mask : BIOPHYTEX™ – unique synergistic complex consisting of plant extracts (butcher broom extract roots barbed, gotu Cola, calendula extract) and yeast proteins. Strengthens capillaries, increases their strength and activates microcirculation.
  21. 21. Restore Mask UniQ! Clinical Research BIOPHYTEX™ : Later only 2 weeks after the beginning of treatment quantity of visible vascular asterisks noticeably decreased. After 4 weeks of dark circles have fallen by 64 compared to the other party, for which the drug is not be plotted. BIOPHYTEX™ significantly reduce the visible signs of poor circulation and weak capillaries, skin tone and more smooth & healthy. Additional Clinical Researches : Reduce red spots:35 through 2 weeks. Reducing irritability and reactivity of the skin. A marked reduction in sensitivity to containing lactic acid: 65 less stinging.
  22. 22. Restore Mask UniQ! RonaCare® Troxerutin — the ingredient that reinforces blood microcirculation, anti-inflammatory properties. Refers to a group of bioflavonoid, being a derivative routine has P-vitamin activity. Glabridin roots of licorice in combination with gingko biloba extract inhibits the formation of pigment (melanin) when exposed to UV rays, reducing existing pigmentation and providing a uniform skin tone. Zinc oxide prevents Hyperkeratosis, has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
  23. 23. Restore Mask UniQ! Indication for use : Dim complexion “tired” skin Smoker’s skin, dehydrated skin Skin owing to mismanagement, excessive isolation, aggressive dermatological treatment. Hyper sensitive skin prone to irritation Couperus's
  24. 24. Restore Mask UniQ! How to use : Apply mask to wellcleaned skin of the face on the massage lines. Leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Use 1-2 times in a week.
  25. 25. Complex application products UniQ! provides unsurpassed results: lightens and evens pigmentation Correct vascular defects  increases the natural level of skin moisture Reduces existing wrinkles evens out color and gives the skin a glow The skin became more lightened, smooth, uniform shade of healthy gains.
  26. 26. Thanks For Attention!