Current initiatives in indian tourism

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Current initiatives in indian tourism

  1. 1. Current Initiatives in Tourism© Ramakrishna Kongalla,Assistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management(An Organization of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India)Rtist @ Tourism
  2. 2. India’s Tourism Boom• India –– Charismatic past– Vibrant present– Promising future.• A one-stop destination for all those who comehere to experience its judicious mix ofCulture, Heritage, Spirituality and Natural charmsRtist @ Tourism
  3. 3. • Allocation for the Ministry this year is Rs.1297.66 crore• Rs. 1210 crore in the Union Budget 2012-13• Rs. 1110.96 crore in the Union Budget 2011-12• Projection for 2012-2013 is Rs. 22800 croreRtist @ Tourism
  4. 4. • Allocation for North East region and Sikkim hasbeen hiked from Rs. 121 crore to Rs. 129 crore• The allocation under this head in the Unionbudget 2011-2012 was Rs. 110 crore.• 1163 projects have been sanctioned for 11th FYPtill Dec.31, 2011Rtist @ Tourism
  5. 5. • FTAs – India – 8.9% in 2013 (World – 4.4%)• FTAs – 2012 First half – 8.3% (1.6 per cent in February 2013 overFebruary 2012)• FEE - February 2013 is 19.8 % to 11.1 % in February 2012• FEE - February 2013 were Rs.10,186 crores as compared to Rs.8,502crores in February 2012• 360 degree approach by focusing on infra-structuredevelopment– Building Rural Tourism– Building Medical Tourism– Better Online Presence– Building MICE facilities – Business Tourism– Cleaning and Hygiene on high priority– Tourism to play critical role in employment generation and FEERtist @ Tourism
  6. 6. Equipped for better future• Ministry of Tourism focusing on the aspect of skilldevelopment to meet the market demand forManagerial and skilled service providers• This reduces demand-supply gap and amplifyhospitality sector growth• Two existing plan schemes for this by the govt. are :– Scheme of assistance in• Institutes of Hotel Management/Food Craft Institutes• National Council of Hotel Management and Catering TechnologyRtist @ Tourism
  7. 7. – Need based capital assistance :• Rs. 1200 lakhs to IHM & Rs. 475 lakhs to FCI to upgradeinfrastructure• Rs. 200 lakhs to schools/colleges/universities offeringTourism and Hospitality courses• Rs. 25 lakhs to kendriya vidyalaya schools offering tourismat +2 level for civil work and lab equipment• Already 75 govt. institutes (24 institutes, 26 Schools, 4polytechnic institutes, 14 Universities, 7 govt. colleges)have availed this offerRtist @ Tourism
  8. 8. • Capacity Building for Service Providers (CBSP) forskill up gradation of existing service providers andtraining of new entrants is carried by:– Ministry of Tourism– Indian Tourism Offices– Institute of Hotel Management– Food Craft Institutes– Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Mgt.– NCHMCT– State/UT dev. Corporations– ITDC– State/Central Training and Academic InstitutesRtist @ Tourism
  9. 9. • General skill development• Up gradation• Skill basic specialized skill development includinglanguage courses• Training of Teachers, Administrators & Planners• Awareness programs about the benefits of tourism,particularly in rural areas• The entire cost incurred is funded by the centralgovernment.Rtist @ Tourism
  10. 10. • More than 1200 persons have been trained byIHM, srinagar as tourist facilitators for conductinggroups of pilgrims to Vaishno Devi and Amarnath• Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage(INTACH) conducts training workshops for existingguides at Delhi, Leh and Hampi and develops HeritageManuals and Guides• Skill testing and certification of existing serviceproviders is implemented through 21 IHMs across thecountry.Rtist @ Tourism
  11. 11. • Indian institute of Tourism & Travel Management (IITTM) impartsTourism courses to college students under TT, IB & SS streams• It also trains college students under the Ministry’s “Earn WhileYou Learn” program• “Hunar se Rozgar” program is another program to impartemployable skills among the eighth pass youth between 18-20yrs• A special initiative of this scheme is also for differently-abledyouth are being trained.Rtist @ Tourism
  12. 12. A Slice of India• An endeavor to establish India as a filming destination• MOT & Ministry of Info & Broadcasting entered in toMOU to promote Cinema of India as a sub brand ofINCREDIBLE INDIA• At various international film festivals and markets –attracting for partnerships between Indian and globalfilm industryRtist @ Tourism
  13. 13. • THE RIGHT SPOT:– Bollywood movies have promoted foreign destinations inIndia the same tool will be used in vice-versa– All tourism boards should facilitate film shooting in theirrespective areas, identify and promote through films E.g.:Life of Pi• STEP-BY-STEP:– To attract more film makers MOT would provide budgetarysupport for participation in identified film festivals andevents.– Promotion through content available in visual and printdesigns, user generated content.– The role of Indian movies and their mass appeal– The role of international film events like Cannes, Goa, Berlinetc.Rtist @ Tourism
  14. 14. Hunar Se Rozgar• Hunar Se Rozgar is an innovative solution for augmenting skilledmanpower• This creates employable skills in young people of the age groupof 18-20 with min 8th std.• With its pro-poor emphasis, this scheme imparts short termtraining in housekeeping, bakery and Multi skilled course inFood production• The trainees are also paid a stipend• MOT includes tourism at +2 level with the help of HRD ministryto make future generations aware of it.• It is about presenting India as an educated and skilled touristdestination.Rtist @ Tourism
  15. 15. Heading towards cleaner prospects• The period 2001-2010 saw Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) of 9.6% and FEE growth by 18% standing at 14.19 billionUSD in 2010 alone• The trend continued in 2011 too despite of global recession• In 2011, FTA - 8.9% and FEE - 17.7%• Indeed India is a brand now• Tourists come here to experience nation’s rich Heritage andCulture, Architectural marvels, Pristine beauty of its mountainsand greenery, open wild surroundings, wellness and healthcenters and an endless of variety of CuisinesRtist @ Tourism
  16. 16. • India’s share in world market is just 0.64%• To meet the magnitude of this conditions the MOTlaunched– Domestic awareness campaign under the brand of“Athithidevo Bhava” for which Aamir Khan is the brand officersince 2008.– But social awareness campaign was not enough and afterstudy of 5 destinations having substantial tourist footfalls itinitiated a multi pronged action and comprehensive strategycalled “Campaign Clean India”Rtist @ Tourism
  17. 17. • Sustainable development of tourism throughownership and involvement of private and publicsector stake holders.• Tourist destinations and their surroundings suffer thelack of infrastructure, poor service delivery, deplorablesanitation conditions, ineffective solid wastedisposable facility and the glaring absence ofhygienically maintained public amenities.• Awareness programs regarding this programsRtist @ Tourism
  18. 18. Discover adventure• Embracing the East Himalayan region from sikkim eastwards,North East region of India has witnessed an increased influx oftourists each year.• People come here to experience its rich natural beauty, serineenvirons, exotic flora and fauna and many incredible secretswaiting to be spilled.• MOT earmarks the 10% of the plan allocation to NER• Ministry extends Central Finance Assistance (CFA) 5 crore tostate and 8 crore to UT destinations and circuits. This amountgoes up to 25 to 50 crores for mega circuits and projectsRtist @ Tourism
  19. 19. • Infrastructure for adventure activities such as development of aerosports, high altitude trekking, eco and adventure center, adventure tourisminfrastructure and eco adventure projects are all created under thesanctioned CFA• Also Heli-tourism is fostered by the MOT for inaccessible places in NER.• 10th plan initiative to encourage rural tourism helping rural economy• MOT also provides for construction of one convention center for state/UT topromote MICE• Complementary space to NER in Indian pavilions in all the famous trade fairsRtist @ Tourism
  20. 20. • Under the North East Industrial Investment Promotion policy(NEIIPP) of 2007, hotel industries are entitled for capitalinvestment subsidy of 30% for creation of accommodation in thedistricts close to World Heritage Sites, provided if they areconstructed and start functioning from April, 1, 2008 to march,31, 2013• MOT has relaxed Restricted Area Permit (RAP) / Protected AreaPermit (PAP) regimes in many circuits of Arunachal Pradesh andSikkim.• NER and central govt. employees can avail LTC benefits whenvisiting NERRtist @ Tourism
  21. 21. Spiritual Offerings• The MOT has opened a new chapter by identifying thepotential in spiritual tourism and is all poised topromote this sector in a planned way.• Circuits of Hinduism, Sikkhism, Jainism and Buddhism• Infrastructure, info centers and accommodation andbasic amenities in these circuits• Workshops on Yoga and Ayurvedic practices are all apart of promoting the religious realm of IndiaRtist @ Tourism
  22. 22. • Development of Jain circuits during 12th FYP– 1) Jodhpur-Bikaner-Udaipur-Chottorgarh-Nagaur– 2) Bengaluru-Mandya-Hasan-Dakshin Kannada-Udipi– 3) Muzaffarpur-Bhojpur-Patna-Nalanda-Girdihr-Navada-Jamui-Banka-Bhojpur– 4) Bhavnagar-Mehsana-Patan-Udaipur-Sirohi-Pali-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Bikaner-NagaurRtist @ Tourism
  23. 23. • Development of Sufi Circuits in 12th FYP– 1) Delhi-Agra-Fatehpur Sikri-Ajmer– 2) Mumbai- Aurangabad-Shirdi– 3) Sufi circuit of Bihar– 4) Hyderabad-Bijapur-Gulbarga– 5) Dargahs of J&K, Punjab & HP– 6) Sufi circuits of Awadh region• Swadesh – Express connecting freedom movementplaces – in Budget 2012-2013.• Govt. is also targeting the Buddhist rich destinations ofHimachal, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, J&K, Sikkim andBiharRtist @ Tourism
  24. 24. Institutes• MOT endeavoring to strengthen institutionalinfrastructure to meet the market demand ofHospitality• Govt. has initiated scheme of assistance to institutes of– IHM (21 Central and 13 state) Rs. 1200 lakh assistance– FCI (7already in operation and 5 more to come at Almora,Pali, Sawai Madhopur, Gulbarga, Rewa), Rs. 475 lakhassistance.– IITTM (5 in operation and 2 more to come in J&K and NER)Rtist @ Tourism
  25. 25. Prepaid travel card for inbound tourists• On Mar 11, 2013, Union Minister for Tourism, K Chiranjeevi launched theIncredible India Travel Card at the recently concluded ITB Berlin.• The card has been issued by Yes Bank in association with the ministry oftourism as a value-add to the Indias tourism campaign.• This is a prepaid travel card in Indian rupee denomination for inboundtourists.• It can be pre-loaded with a value of up to Rs 50,000 at any given point of timesubject to basic KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures• The card will be distributed through the banks branches, Full-Fledged MoneyChangers (FFMCs) and government recognised third party vendors such astravel agents, hotels and airport kiosks.• The Incredible India card can also be used at any POS terminals and towithdraw cash from ATMs across the country.Rtist @ Tourism
  26. 26. Tourism Minister Proposes Extension of Visa on Arrival Scheme• An independent study conducted by the Indian Institute ofTourism and Travel Management (IITTM) has noted that VoAscheme has a significant and positive impact on the decision totravel to India.• This scheme needs to be expanded to cover more countries andmore ports of entry.• The Ministry of Tourism had proposed extension of VoA toGermany, France, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Norway to coverthe European and Scandinavian countries which are key inboundmarkets• The Ministry of Tourism had also proposed extension of VoA tomore airports namely Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, Goa,Bodhgaya and Trivandrum.Rtist @ Tourism
  27. 27. • Acknowledgements & References:– Union Budget 2012-2013– The Hindu – June-17, 2012Rtist @ Tourism
  28. 28. Thank You…!!!©Ramakrishna Kongallae-mail: artist.ramakrishna@gmail.comRtist @ Tourism