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  • The Situationists strong believers in creating random events and experiences
  • Would create patterns that would lead them through their “walks”
  • The Derive was driven by chance, not preconceived expectation
  • Group of “artists” & political practitioners. Theoretical Influences included Marxism, Letterists, surrealists, de-humanizing urban change, life a spectacle Often referred to as SI
  • Focused on theory & practice of constructing Situations, A moment of life concretely & deliberately constructed by collective organizationUsed methods that forced one or more individuals to critically analyze their lives
  • Debord defined the group but always told people that“definition was meaningless & clearly devised by Anti-Situationist”
  • In 1957 Debord wrote the Situationist manifesto which started the group.
  • The group’s theories were a driving force behind the 1968 Paris uprising.
  • Ended in 1972 because Debord had expelled or kicked out all members.
  • Guy DebordFounding member, theoristsLived from 1931-1994Filmmaker, Marxist theoristPart of the Letterists, (dada surrealists)
  • AsgerJornDanish artist Kicked out of SI & founded Scandinavian Institute of Comparative Vandalism.
  • Ralph RumneyWas also Quickly kicked out of the groupSole member of the London Psychogeographical Association
  • Debord & the SI prided themselves on their social abrasiveness
  • One of Debord’s projects was to cover library books with sandpaperThis way they caused damage to the surrounding books.
  • For some reason, Debord liked photos of himself smoking.
  • Situationist International was heavily influenced by surrealist movement Another group of artists from the early 20th century
  • Surrealist emphasized elements of Surprise, Unexpected juxtaposition Non-sequiturs
  • Challenged reality and perceptions of reality through movement Created new map forms that expressed these elements Represented explorations in new ways
  • The SI challenged shallow representations of life & reality
  • SI believed that real life had been replaced by images that represent real life
  • Believed that modern life was a Degradation of human experience
  • Derive translates into “Drift”
  • Unorganized, aimless yet significant explorations of places These explorations also required new ways of recording experience
  • Rapid passage through varied ambiences and emotions of place
  • Designed by Bernard TschumiInfluenced by SI urban principles of emotion and experience
  • Park is in the 16th Adornment of Paris On site of former slaughter house district
  • Today is the site ofFrench museum of Science, various public art / spaces, parks
  • Started by Debord in 1950’s
  • Created the journal to document groups works, derieves & theories
  • Did not have a long publication life
  • Great contemporary guide continuing SI ideas Read any example from book Ideas ultimately lead to Experimental travel & Psychogeography
  • Key source for this presentation Read Second example from book
  • Read Third Example
  • SI was organized to fight against modern shifts in urban life They believed that post-war Paris was un-personal
  • Wanted to create new highly personalized urban experiences
  • Concentrated on the role of emotions and feelings in the city
  • Situationist presentation

    1. 1. WALKING ART & PLACE Artist Presentation
    2. 2. Let Chance Be Your Guide
    3. 3. Let Chance Be Your Guide
    4. 4. Let Chance Be Your Guide
    5. 5. Situationist International
    6. 6. Situationist International
    7. 7. Situationist International
    8. 8. Paris 1958-1972
    9. 9. Paris 1958-1972
    10. 10. Paris 1958-1972
    11. 11. Guy Debord
    12. 12. Guy Debord
    13. 13. Guy Debord
    14. 14. Sandpaper
    15. 15. Sandpaper
    16. 16. Sandpaper
    17. 17. Surrealism
    18. 18. Surrealism
    19. 19. Surrealism
    20. 20. Society of the Spectacle
    21. 21. Society of the Spectacle
    22. 22. Society of the Spectacle
    23. 23. Derive & Random Chance
    24. 24. Derive & Random Chance
    25. 25. Derive & Random Chance
    26. 26. Parc de la Villette
    27. 27. Parc de la Villette
    28. 28. Parc de la Villette
    29. 29. Internationale Situationniste
    30. 30. Internationale Situationniste
    31. 31. Internationale Situationniste
    32. 32. Lonely Planet Experimental Travel Guide
    33. 33. Lonely Planet Experimental Travel Guide
    34. 34. Lonely Planet Experimental Travel Guide
    35. 35. Dehumanizing Urban Change
    36. 36. Dehumanizing Urban Change
    37. 37. Dehumanizing Urban Change