Archit Singh_An Introduction


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An intro of Archit Singh, an Aspiring Architect and Fine Artist

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Archit Singh_An Introduction

  1. 1. meet Archit Singh
  2. 2. A.K.A….
  3. 3. Mr. Budding Designer
  4. 4. archit is alumni of…… Delhi Public School, Faridabad (India)
  5. 5. and he works as an Artist for…
  6. 6. my Mentors and Guides are…. Ms. Neelam Gandhi Mr. Abhishek Bali Mr. Harold Shull Mr. Charles Peck Principal UI Designer, MTS Fine Artist, USA Fine Artist, Florida (USA) DAV Public School (India) New Delhi (India) Mr. Enver Larney Ms. Linda Mungerson Ms. Beth Edwords Mr. Gaurav JuyalFine Artist, Sydney (Australia) Fine Artist, (USA) Fine Artist, (UK) Host of popular TV show Art Attack Mumbai (India)
  7. 7. Archit has a very good knowledge about GK and he has participated in… •General Knowledge Quiz 2008 (Semi-Finalist at National Level) •Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas Quiz Competition 2008 (Runner-up at Zonal Level) •Winner of “HDFC Meritus Silver Certificate 2009”. •Gold Medalist & School Topper (Olympiad Rank: 965) for •International Olympiad of Science 2009 in middle of stage (just below “D” of Today
  8. 8. archit is practicing Martial Arts and has won his firstGOLD Medal in Kick Boxing (District Level)….taking stance before fight accepting congratulations from opponent after winning GOLD
  9. 9. archit after winningSILVER Medal in Kick Boxing (State Level)….
  10. 10. archit receiving Prize from Mr. Pramod Garg DPS Education Societyduring Annual Day of DPS Faridabad for receivingSILVER Medal in Kick Boxing (State Level)…. accepting prizes from Dr. Pramod Garg for his team
  11. 11. noteworthy achievements in Fine Arts…..Five artworks have been featured by bloggers in their blogs. The links are mentioned below as: home.html artwork is featured as “Today’s Hot Art Pix by www.artshowforkids.comArtwork “Shining Shoes” was declared as second winner in International Online Art Contest“Shoe” on selected few artworks as “Best Drawing” and featured it on home pageof website.One landscape painting was declared as winning entry for Online Art Contest “The art ofFantastic Animals” by Mr. Patric Pierson (USA) on in Chacha Nehru Scholarship for Artistic Talent (Balshree Award) organized byNational Bal Bhavan in 2009 and reached Zonal Level.
  12. 12. few selected design sketches by archit…. Vehicle of tomorrow Five Elements Contd…
  13. 13. few selected design sketches by archit….
  14. 14. few selected design sketches by archit….
  15. 15. few selected design sketches by archit….
  16. 16. publications of Artworks in national and international Print and Electronic Media… in PULSE newsletter of HP (India) Ltd. in 37th isuue April ‘10 of the scrambler an e-Zine
  17. 17. have a look of my few artworks…… (religious & hindu mythological)
  18. 18. portraits of Indian famous personalities….
  19. 19. few more artworks to share….
  20. 20. few more artworks to share…. contd. ….
  21. 21. the journey to move with arts has just begin and go far away….
  22. 22. kindly send feedbacks/ comments/ suggestions to