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Greek Art
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  • 1. Greek Art
    team Aphrodite
    Wiki Olympics 2010
  • 2. West pediment of Temple of Artemis at Corfu
    The pediment is limestone
    It is arguably the first building to feature a pediment
    It was built in the 6th century BCE
    The middle figure is Medusa
    Medusa is a gorgon, a terrifying woman monster
    Medusa is depicted in a typical Greek archaic running position
    To medusa’s left and right are her two children, Chrysaor and Pegasus
    To their right and left are the feline guardians of the temple
    The right corner depicts Zeus killing a giant
    The left corner depicts the dead giant
  • 3. Picture of the West pediment of the temple of Artemis at Corfu
  • 4. Siphnian Treasury
    Finished construction of the Treasury in 525 BCE
    The treasury was used as a place to give sacrificial gifts to the priests. The priests would then offer the gifts to the gods and goddesses, specifically Apollo.
    The people of Siphnos were wealthy from gold and silver mines so they could afford to build the treasury
    The treasury was made entirely out of marble
    The temple entrance had two caryatids, female sculptures used as architectural supports instead of columns
    Entrance of the Siphnian Treasury
  • 5. Siphnian Treasury (cont.)
    The eastern pediment had sculptures that were crouched and bent in order to fill the whole space of the pediment.
    The sculptures on the eastern pediment depicted the battle between Apollo and Herakles for the oracular tripod.  Herakles stole the tripod after he went to consult the oracle about a disease that was afflicting him, unhappy with the response he received from the priestess, he stole the oracle and Apollo appeared to fight Herakles.
    the treasury had 4 friezes, the west frieze portrayed the Judgment of Paris, the east frieze portrayed the Gods watching the Trojan war, the southern frieze portrayed the rape of Leukippidai, the north frieze depicted gigantomachy
    East pediment of the Siphnian Treasury
  • 6. Gigantomachy
    The ‘sequel’ to Titanomachy
    Titanomachy is the battle between the titans and the Olympians, led by Zeus, for rule over Mount Olympus
    The Olympians won the Titanomachy
    Gigantomachy is the fight between the giants and the Olympians
    After Titanomachy Gaia, who was on the side of the titans got the giants to fight the gods
    The giants were led by Alcyoneus and the Olympians were led by Zeus
    Herakles fought on the side of the Olympians and took Alcyoneus outside of his homeland, where he couldn’t be killed, and killed him
    Gigantomachy is a common theme depicted in Greek art
    The northern frieze of the Siphnian Treasury
  • 7. What Greek values were represented through Greek artworks?
    The Greeks valued the gods and built temples to praise the gods
    Many of the friezes and pediments portrayed stories that displayed the strength of the gods over other creatures