USEFUL is the NEW COOL: Connecting the Physical & Digital Worlds To Create Better Customer Experiences
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USEFUL is the NEW COOL: Connecting the Physical & Digital Worlds To Create Better Customer Experiences



Presented in San Francisco October 29, 2013 to WIMA-USA.

Presented in San Francisco October 29, 2013 to WIMA-USA.



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USEFUL is the NEW COOL: Connecting the Physical & Digital Worlds To Create Better Customer Experiences USEFUL is the NEW COOL: Connecting the Physical & Digital Worlds To Create Better Customer Experiences Presentation Transcript

  • USEFUL is the NEW COOL Connecting the Physical & Digital Worlds To Create Better Customer Experiences Aric Nissen @FamousAric
  • Last month, this restaurant with1400 locations made a MAJOR technology announcement.
  • Look at Full Menu Instant Beverages & Desserts Play Games Share Real-Time Feedback Sign up for Special Offers Pay the Check Now benefits A touchscreen tablet at every table feature
  • The Inside Scoop / How it Drives Business 55 % pay at table (pain point) 30 % increase in Guest Satisfaction 20 % increase in Dessert sales • Wait times reduced by 3-6 minutes • Gaming revenue • Beverage Promotion Revenue • Replace paper menus • Increase rate of Email Club Signup • 800% increase in survey response vs receipt survey
  • Ziosk + Mobile / NFC “Future applications will enable guests to interact with the Ziosk® via their mobile phone, for example, using it as a game controller.” “Or, if the guest has an NFC enabled phone, they can tap the Ziosk to pay for their meal or to receive special offers to be added to their e-wallet.” John Regal, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER Ziosk®
  • only 10% of an iceberg is visible
  • Pay for Stuff only 10% of an iceberg is visible MOBILE PAYMENTS Mobile CONNECTIONS Influence Spending Seek / Share Information Join Brand Community Loyalty Smart Merchandising Events Customer Acquisition Re-Engagement Proximity Advertising Share Feedback w/ Brand Broadcast to Social
  • RETAILERS: How Not to Fight Showrooming
  • Retailers should embrace showrooming and help mobile-enabled customers buy! % 33 of people would rather give up sex for a week than their smartphone. % 83 of shoppers use their smartphone in a store. 52% use to research product. STUDIES: TeleNav 2011, Pew Internet & The American Life 2013, Deloitte Retail Survey Group 2013 % 14 more likely to buy in the store than those who don’t use a smartphone
  • Each of the “Top 20 Toys” of the 2012 holiday season had a QR code to purchase the toy directly using a mobile device. Parents snap the QR codes with their mobile phones and access a page for each toy, where they could then buy it and ship it (for FREE)
  • BENEFITS • Placing online orders for toys that are out of stock • Purchasing for remote love ones • Parents can secretly buy toys that their children want, even with their kids shopping alongside them. Combined with free WiFi, this was a seamless user experience integrating QR codes in useful way while serving a cross-channel marketing strategy.
  • • Imagine a world where virtually everything and everyone has a “find out more” button. Every product. Every place. Every advertisement. Every person. Anywhere. Anytime. THIS OUTDOOR BILLBOARD INSTANTLY SENDS #MOBILE GIFT CARDS
  • Beer. The Killer App for NFC?
  • 1 2 3 NFC-enabled featuring Proxama’s TapPoint platform.
  • RESULTS • Sales increases • Guinness has installed 15,000 NFCenabled founts across UK and Ireland, plans to install another 65,000 by 2015. BENEFITS (BRAND) Sales and profits High-impact advertising Powerful brand statement Valuable data about Guinness customers & consumption patterns • Build 1:1 communication channel beyond the pub • • • • BENEFITS (CONSUMER) • Fun interaction with brand • Beer!
  • 6 Seconds FASTER AT A FAST-FOOD DRIVE THRU = 1% INCREASE IN SALES SPEED = KILLER APP Isis, the carrier joint venture pushing mobile payments out in the market, said last week it will give away 1 million smoothies through a partnership with Jamba Juice.
  • 80% of Millennials look for lowest price 60% willing to bypass favorite brand for cheaper alternative. 75% of consumers would switch brands if offered real-time discounts delivered to their smartphones while shopping. 88% Retailers with a loyalty program are 88% more profitable than competitors that do not have one. (Deloitte) “LOYALTY” IN THE DIGITAL AGE WSL Strategic Retail AisleBuyer Deloitte Retail
  • 35% Consumers will increase their visit rate to a particular restaurant with a loyalty program by an average of and nearly two-thirds of consumers would recommend a restaurant more if the restaurant has an appealing rewards program. [Loyalogy, survey of 1000 dining customers]
  • Top 5 Loyalty Roles for Smartphones 1. “Show phone”membership capability replaces ID#, traditional card or keychain tag. NFC/QR supplants data entry, NFC app-less check-in 2. Instant points redeem & rewards status update channel 3. Delivery system for content Coupons*, games, news, events. 4. High-impact device for location-specific communications. 5. *Replacement for cards and cash at Point-of-Sale: the gateway drug to mobile payments. *Redemption rates for mobile coupons 10X higher than print.
  • QR Loyalty Program Takes Strong Share of Mobile Wallet
  • QR Loyalty Program Is Fastest Way to Pay (NFC++)
  • FLOMIO® Bringing iOS to the NFC Party “We see a future where all mobile devices interact in the NFC ecosystem, and we want all mobile users involved now.”
  • NFC Caps Custom 3D Print NFC Tags NFC Actions Read-Write App NFC Wristbands NFC Kiosk for Events
  • Objectives 1. Demonstrate the power of NFC 2. Give fans an enhanced takeaway premium ENGAGEMENT Flomio bridges the gap between NFC-enabled Android handsets, non-NFC enabled Android tablets, and iOS devices. • 200 devices in the field across 20 NFL properties. • 20,000 customers have received NFC-enabled bracelets • These fans have performed over 100,000 NFC-enabled interactions. IMAGINE Events with wristbands linked to social media accounts – “Eventcasting”
  • Big Ideas for Success in Commercializing QR & NFC The POS is now “Point of Experience" Mobile connection makes shopping, waiting, dining & buying better Payments are just the tip of the iceberg Smart merchandising, engagement, & loyalty data impact SPENDING Focus on customer BENEFITS vs tech FEATURES Useful is the new cool. Speed is a killer app. Customers value the experience technology provides more than the technology itself.