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Artica ' 2014

  1. 1. Computing at the service of creativity, aesthetics and the search for the unique. Fusing art with computer science, exploring undiscovered possibilities.
  2. 2. Interactive Installations
  3. 3. Sapo MusicBox Based on laser range finder technology and computer vision, this interactive installation added gestural control to MusicBox, Portugal Telecom music channel. This project took place during the 2012 Rock in Rio and Super Bock Super Rock pop/rock summer festivals. Secil Interactive furniture for the Secil Architecture and Civil Engineering awards. ICU2 Mechatronics interactive installation, consisting on a camera attached to an articulated neck. When it detects a human face, ICU reacts and tries to encourage the person to interact. Sega Rally Modification of a classic Sega Rally arcade cabinet, and two RC cars. Players drive the car in real time, while look at the front or rear camera. Progressive steering, throttle and breaking and also gears are fully working. CCDR LVT This interactive installation was deployed outside the CCDR-LVT for the “Portugal Tecnológico” event (at FIL – Lisbon Industrial Fair). Computer vision technology allowed visitors to become active agents of the installation by leaving a trail of random color patterns. Projecto 80 Audience Pong Audience Pong is a community game inspired by emergence patterns. No instruction is given to the audience, only a red / blue card. Once the audience understands how to play, visual feedback is disabled. Pure fun. CIAV Immersive multimedia and interactive installation for the Center of Interpretation of Ancient Almada. Interactive Installations P80’ Continente Music Experience This game was inspired under the well acclaimed Band Hero, with the difference of having real instruments all modified to send data to the computer.
  4. 4. Content Visuals Shows and Performances
  5. 5. Content Visuals | Shows and Performances É Como Diz o Outro Commisioned by UAU, directed by Tiago Guedes and starring actors Bruno Nogueira and Miguel Guilherme. Artica was responsible for all visual content, light design and visual projection software with DMX interface. O Tempo, by Adriana Queiroz Visual content creation, visual projection software and light design for a performance by actress and singer Adriana Queiroz. 4’33 Tribut to John Cage Commisioned by Casa da Música with direction and multimedia concepts by Rui Horta. Visuals by Artica. Paint Me An opera commisioned by Culturgest. Direction and stage design by Rui Horta, music by Luis Tinoco and script by Stephen Plaice. Artica was responsible for all visual and projection software. 360º TryAngle Projection Einstein VideoPlayer for an artistic event called TryAngle at Montemor-o-Novo in Portugal. Pedro e Inês Produced by O Bando Theatre Company and directed by Anatoly Praudin. Artica developed all visuals and projection software. Júlio de Matos Commisioned by UAU, directed and performed by Joaquim Monchique Artica was responsbile for creating all multimedia content and related. Flowering Tree, by John Adams Commisioned by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, musical direction by Joana Carneiro, stage direction by Rui Horta. All visuals and projection software were created by Artica. Scenography with video projection 4-projector videowall that served as an interactive scenery for the filming of a musical DVD by pop band Kuriakos.
  6. 6. Physical Interfaces
  7. 7. Adidas Campaign, Champions League Munique 2012 Dutch agency MINIVEGAS asked Artica to create an interactive hardware component for the Champions League football competition in Munich. It included buttons, movement sensors and electromagnetic sensors that enabled fans of the two competing finalist teams to send votes. The voting results were displayed real time in a large scale projection. Wireless sensor belt Prototype for a wireless sensor belt, equipped with an acelerometer, piezoelectric for breath detection, and heart sensor. Sensor data was sent to the computer and integrated in the Second Life in real time while the dancer performed in the “real world”. Max/MSP Interface and Industrial Motor Hardware interface between a sound frequency generator program, and an industrial motor for an artistic installation. SAPO FM Streamer SAPO needed a robust system to tune FM radios in Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique and East Timor, where classic broadcast stations are still very popular and in strong demand, even if you're using the Web. Physical Interfaces
  8. 8. Custom Robotics
  9. 9. Custom Robotics Codebits 2011 Mascot The Codebits event was created by SAPO and is produced by Hipnose. Artica was asked to build the event’s mascot: a cube-shaped robot that could be remotely controlled and allowed the remote user to interact with the event’s participants. This robot was developed with the Magabot platform, in partnership with IDMind. Sapobot SAPO asked Artica to create 15 mascots. These small robots have 3 different behaviors: - autonomous navigation with obstacle avoidance; - follow walls; - follow lines. The behavior can be changed by pressing the robot’s shell, the multicolored leds will change color and display the robot’s state. Every time the robot collides with an obstacle, it will emit a croaking noise. The shell was built with the Farrusco platform, in partnership with IDMind.
  10. 10. Educational Electronics and Robotics
  11. 11. Educational Electronics and Robotics Magabot, in a partnership with IDMind A generic use robotics platform intended to give mobility to any laptop computer, notebooks, tablets, etc. Because it benefits from a dedicated computer it allows a wide range of applications, including: following people, reacting to voice commands, tele-presence through Skype or GoogleChat, autonomous navigation and localization. Magabot has its own website where users can obtain technical support, additional information, and download several free applications: Farrusco A robotics, electronics and programming platform for educational purposes. The package includes programming and assembly manual and is sold through the website: Motoruino A generic control board based on the Arduino platform, designed to facilitate the use of motors and sensors.
  12. 12. Services
  13. 13. Customized interactive installations Interactive scenography and visual content for shows and performances Customizable APIs and software platforms adapted to specific needs Educational robotics, electronics and programming platforms Open-source licensed technologies (Arduino, Processing, oF) Interactivity in advertising and marketing events and campaigns Participation in R&D projects Rapid prototyping (3D print, CNC) Partial or turnkey solutions Services
  14. 14. Workshops
  15. 15. Workshops Workshop - Introduction to Robotics Artica believes its mission is to share knowledge. In this workshop, participants will learn to program physical components – leds, motors, sensors, etc. At the end of the workshop, they will program Farrusco to autonomously navigate in space and avoid obstacles. Workshop - Video Techniques for Live Performance Artica is specialist in creating visual contents for video projection, and has developed its own video player and projection software – Einstein VideoPlayer. In this workshop, participants will learn several video projection and development techniques, and will also learn the basics of MAX/Jitter language.
  16. 16. Showreel 2013
  17. 17. Showreel 2013
  18. 18. Founders André Almeida has an extensive professional background in interaction design and software development. After seven years of working and learning at YLabs, tech company YDreams’ research laboratory, André specialized in augmented reality, computer vision and graphical computing. Since the early stages of his life and work, he has been interested in the arts, particularly theater and performance. During his period working for O Olho Theatre Company, he collaborated with some of the most renowned artists in Portugal, creating several scenic and lighting components, and developed an even deeper interest in the various steps in the creative process, from artistic conception to the final result. Guilherme Martins is a visual artist specialized in the creation of visual contents for stage performances. Since 2007, his visual environments have been used in dance, opera, theater and performances and he has collaborated with renowned directors like Rui Horta, Tiago Guedes and Anatoly Praudin. He has also worked as a designer for several internationally renowned agencies, such as Ogilvy Interactive and YDreams. In his tireless search for new forms of artistic expression, Guilherme became interested in robotics and what he would eventually call “Creative Robotics”. More information on his artistic and professional background can be found on email: | google: | skype: andre_rui_almeida | mob: +351 912 227 682 email: | google: | skype: guilherme__martins | mob: +351 918 154 947
  19. 19. Articacc, Lda | Madan Parque, Rua dos Inventores, Lote 4 2825-182 Caparica, PORTUGAL tel. +351 212 947 828 | |