Recruitement Procewss In Consultancy


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Procedure of Recruitment done by Consultancy as per client\'s Requirement

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Recruitement Procewss In Consultancy

  1. 1. Recruitment Process
  2. 2. Job analysis Job should be design as per the requirements that are received from the various departments of the company.
  3. 3. Prepare a Job Description Design of job is to be prepared as what sex, age, qualifications , skill, work experience is desirable for that particular job
  4. 4. Candidate identification Maximum potential area is selected to attract more candidate to get maximum C.V.
  5. 5. Advertised Recruitment Main as well as the basic source to get more CV, is advertisement in local as well as national level news papers (as per requirements), as in case of MR or ASM employment notice can be pasted in union offices etc.
  6. 6. Database Selection To choose the right candidate company’s previous database can be consider. References from the company staff are also welcome, job rotation and job promotions can also be analyzed .
  7. 7. Internet search To attract the young candidates , the latest technology internet is very helpful as monsterindia, and social forums can also try for example orkut,yahoo etc.collages sites ate very helpful.
  8. 8. Managing the response After getting the resumes ,all should be arranged as priority and relevant.
  9. 9. Shortlisting candidates Shortlist candidates qualifications and experience wise .
  10. 10. Technical evaluation  (e.g. IT Technology)  Seminar attendance  Project  Computer skills etc.
  11. 11. Reference/credential verification  Before finalize have a complete and deep look towards reference and credential verifications.  Also ask for if he can get it personally from his previous employers.
  12. 12. Salary and contract negotiation  After assessing and analyzing we come to the point of salary that how much he/she expect. and whether it comes under company policies .  Above all if he/she deserve or not ?  To check if he ready to negotiation?  If he want to sign a contract in favor of company and for how much time ?
  13. 13. Rewards & Recognition  Ask for what types of expectations he/she has from company .
  14. 14. Compensation, incentives & bonus design  After that his compensation, incentive and bonus is to be design.
  15. 15. Post joining Counseling  After all this process a warm welcome he deserve and introduction the staff & management .  Company profile, literature or other material that he requires for his job should be provided .if the person is MR,ASM or ZSM his bag or brief case should be provided  Company product sample
  16. 16. People Development & Training  After all this primary formalities ,main and basic training is provided to the new joiner. that is for their immediate requirement for that job.  we have appointed that person for long term planning so his skills must be upgraded as per company requirements.that comes under the development of the person.