Aspider M2M In The Mobile Value Chain Jan 2011


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Aspider M2M In The Mobile Value Chain Jan 2011

  1. 1. M2M - Connectivity value chainASPIDER M2M, the fully owned subsidiary of switch your SIM’s and customers between different RadioASPIDER Solutions, delivers 1-SIM solutions for Networks of competing operators.M2M data connection using global GSM and UMTS Support Systems: to support the operations of thenetworks. This Whitepaper will give an overview of mobile network the support systems will calculate thethe services of ASPIDER M2M, and it will especially usage of each subscriber, it will together withhighlight the position of ASPIDER M2M in the Mobile functionalities from the core network police theValue Chain. To do so this paper will cover Mobile communication network to alert on fraudulent usage orNetwork basics, the various type of companies malfunctioning devices, it will calculate the bill of eachinvolved and ASPIDER’s services. SIM or group of SIM’s, and send invoices based on that. It will match incoming payments to invoices sent, alert on late-payments and shut-off connections of defaultingMobile Network Basics subscribers.Antenna’s, SIM’s & support Systems: ASPIDER’s services Marketing & sales: with the previous three elementscan be best understood by examining it’s role in the generating the service, last element considers theMobile Value Chain, which can be divided in the following marketing and sales of the service. Often operated by oneparts: the GSM/UMTS Radio Network, the Core Mobile of the divisions of the Mobile Network Operator, often alsoNetwork, the Support Systems and the Marketing & Sales done with resellers or MVNO’s: organizations buying largeactivities. Doing this we will illustrate the difference volumes of SIM cards and resell to the market, sometimesbetween ASPIDER M2M and a MNO (Mobile Network under their brand name. MVNO’s are particularly active inOperator) or MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), niche markets, not addressed directly via the mainstreamand the different position ASPIDER M2M has regarding propositions of the MNO’s.innovation power. See figure 1 for a summary of the mobile value chain.Radio Network: The first component in the Mobile ValueChain is the Radio Network: the physical antenna’s in thefield, linking a mobile phone or M2M module via the radiowaves from the antenna to the second element: the CoreNetwork. Typically there are between 2 to 4 RadioNetworks operating in an area, most commonly owned bya Mobile Network Operator. Typically, a Mobile NetworkOperator will not only use the Radio Network for it’s ownuse, but will sell capacity to other Network Operators, forexample for international roaming usage, or to resell the Mobile Value Chain explainedairtime to MVNO’s or other resellers. Figure 1 – the Mobile Value ChainCore network: the core network connects to the RadioNetwork, and provides various critical systems for the Type of players in the Mobile Communications areatechnical operations of mobile connectivity: it knows MNO (Mobile Network Operators): MNO’s are thewhere subscribers are, checks if they are allowed on the dominant players in the market: they own a Radionetwork and routes voice and data traffic to other Network, and most commonly fully operate, market and(mobile-) networks or the internet. To check if a device is sell at least part of the services they generate. In generalpermitted to connect to the radio network, it will compare MNO’s do sell part of their network capacity in a wholesaleit’s security keys to the key’s present at the Subscriber model leaving others the opportunity to brand, marketIdentification Module, the SIM. It also runs critical security and sell it to end-customers. This is in general done theprocesses preventing fraudulent usage of the mobile following ways:network subscriptions. To be truly operator reseller-MVNO: reseller-MVNO’s (Mobile Virtual Networkindependent one should own and operate the Core Operators) buy large quantities of SIM cards, print theirMobile Network, as it is this core which enables you to Trademarks and logos are used with permission. Information correct at time of print. E&OE. All rights reserved. © ASPIDER 2010. 10/2008 version 1.0
  2. 2. M2M - Connectivity value chainbrand name on it and market and sell the service to end- core mobile network via one of the antenna’s of the Radiocustomers. Network. Having the bits and bytes finding their entry intolight-MVNO’s: just as reseller-MVNO’s they resell SIM the mobile network via the Radio Network (the antenna’s)cards although they do part of the support and operations the device will connect with the Core Mobile Networkof the support systems themselves. In M2M, they typically components to gain actual access to the network, and tobuy SIM cards from MNO’s, resell them under their own see its connection being terminated to the internet orbrand and do part of the billing themselves, supported other (mobile-) networks. See figure 3 for an overallwith a Control Centre typically build in front of the existing picture of the data and information flows from an M2Msupport systems of the Mobile Network Operator. device connected to the network.full-MVNO: in case of a full-MVNO, the MVNO does run afull Core Mobile Network and all necessary supportsystems. Most often such a full-MVNO has it’s own MobileNetwork code and Radio Network Access contracts,providing the full service. There are various voice full-MVNO’s, although globally there is at the moment onlyone full-MVNO for M2M applications: ASPIDER M2M.MVNE: a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) provides Figure 3 – overview of M2M connectivity serviceoutsourcing operations, meaning it will engineer andoperate parts of the services for the Mobile Network Where M2M devices connect withOperators or for MVNOs, either in-house on operator As can also be seen in figure 3 is that M2M data is beingequipment or on its own core network and support passed via the GSM antenna to the core network where itsystems. ASPIDER Solutions is such a company, providing is redirected to customer networks or the internet. Themobile core network and the support systems, mostly on core-network then passes on information about het usageits company owned and operated core mobile network and to the support systems, which will provide usagesupport systems. In general MVNE’s act as cost-savers for information and billing services to the customer who didMobile Network Operators and MVNOs. See figure 2 for deploy the M2M unit.the place of MNO’s and MVNO’s in the value chain, and It should be noted here that the GSM antennas act as justASPIDER Solutions and ASPIDER M2M. a layer to route the traffic to the core network: support of the connection is managed by the core mobile network and it’s support systems, a.o. the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting functions, Critical security features like fraud management and security are managed Mobile Value Chain explained by the core mobile network and support systems. Innovation power To innovate on billing concepts, SIM solutions and fraud management and safety features, control over the core mobile network is essential. It is in the core mobile network and the support systems the core mobile network interfaces with, where unique features can be developed.Figure 2: MNO’s, MVNO’s and ASPIDER in the Value Chain For example SIM cards or other SIM solutions are serving as a Subscriber Identification Module for the core network,M2M devices and the Mobile Network to authenticate the rightful access to the network.Deploying M2M devices, the M2M device will (most Innovating on this, for example by introducing differentprobably using a GSM module or modem) connect to the SIM form factors, or new solutions like software SIM’s Trademarks and logos are used with permission. Information correct at time of print. E&OE. All rights reserved. © ASPIDER 2010. 10/2008 version 1.0
  3. 3. M2M - Connectivity value chainembedded in the module firmware, require full control and 150 GSM networks in 60 countries, it has the unmatchedownership of the core network solution. capability to offer connectivity in its whole footprint with one single SIM card.Technical stability More importantly, having our roots in telecom networkAs the M2M devices directly interact to the core mobile engineering we know the importance of good engineeringnetwork, and the management of the service including practices – ensuring your technical solution is met withfraud management and billing are managed by or via this the right and sound technical features. In addition to this,core mobile network, the stability of the connection and ASPIDER did take advantage of its technical capabilitiesthe services surrounding it are mainly dependent on the combined with its long experience in the M2M market tocore mobile network and its support systems. Therefore innovate a unique and unmatched feature set. The bottomone should test a solution for each type of core mobile line is: ASPIDER is not afraid of being ‘just’ the bitpipe fornetwork it connects with. As ASPIDER M2M does connect M2M applications. Since we are convinced we build theto Radio Networks around the globe using its own core most intelligent, the most stable and the most costmobile network using ASPIDER SIM cards, devices using efficient bitpipe in the market including a wide set ofan ASPIDER SIM will –around the globe- always connect Value Added Services as centralized, smart data-collectionwith one and the same core mobile network. Not only and smart data-management.does this relieve you from re-testing the solution in caseof new geographical deployments, it also ensures you will ASPIDER’s services for connectivity resellersonly have one billing and support contact for worldwide Having our roots in providing the services and operationsdeployment. Bringing you an identical feature set over to enable others to sell connectivity, this is still the mainmultiple operators, multiple countries go-to-market approach for ASPIDER M2M. Being a volume player on providing connectivity and platformASPIDER Solutions: functionality, we actively reach out to companies wishingOutsourced Telecom Engineering and Operations to re-sell, cross-sell or embed mobile connectivity in orASPIDER M2M has its roots in ASPIDER Solutions: the with their offering.leader in Telecom Engineering and Operations Are you in the possession of a brand-name and/or salesOutsourcing. Its offerings include engineering and force reaching potential M2M connectivity customers?operations of core mobile networks as well as the various Reach out to ASPIDER M2M to discuss opportunities ofsupport systems (both operational and business support adding connectivity to you portfolio. Having our roots insystems) needed to run mobile telecommunication doing this, we have the operational and business supportservices. Its customers include Tier-1 Mobile Network systems required to enable you in making your brandOperators like T-Mobile and Vodafone, and includes mobile or let you sales force sell mobile data. Services Mobile Value Chain explainedservices ranging from full handling of mobile connectivity range from comprehensive real-time billing engineson the ASPIDER owned and operated core mobile eliminating credit-risk and providing out-of-the box billingnetwork, to operating the call-center handling customer solutions to manage billing relationships to yourinquiries. customers. Our services range from white-labelIn short: ASPIDER Solutions business has always been connectivity for established M2M MVNO’s or modulethat of empowering either operators or other manufacturers to ASPIDER M2M branded connectivity fororganizations (reseller MVNO’s) to market and sell the embedded hardware resellers.connectivity we engineer and operate.ASPIDER M2M: 1 core-network, worldwide coverageBenefiting from the ASPIDER Solutions core asset ofefficient and innovative Telecom Engineering andoperations, ASPIDER M2M is for already 10 years active inthe M2M market. With global connectivity now spanning Trademarks and logos are used with permission. Information correct at time of print. E&OE. All rights reserved. © ASPIDER 2010. 10/2008 version 1.0
  4. 4. M2M - Connectivity value chainFigure 4 – Summary of ASPIDER M2M ServicesFor more information please Mobile Value Chain explainedContact details:EMEA (HQ)Wipmolenlaan 1 Americas3447 GJ Woerden 81 Washington StreetThe Netherlands Salem, BostonT: + 31 (0) 348-500400 MA 01970, USAF: + 31 (0) 348-501103 Phone: +1 781 820 4424M: Fax: +1 781 574 4474W: Email: Trademarks and logos are used with permission. Information correct at time of print. E&OE. All rights reserved. © ASPIDER 2010. 10/2008 version 1.0