Social Media, Mobile and Digital Trends


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Social Media, Mobile and Digital Trends: Now and Future.

A HK Freelancer and SME's Meetup group workshop by Art Lee.

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Social Media, Mobile and Digital Trends

  1. 1. Copyright:    Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Social  Media,  Mobile  and  Digital   Trends  –  Now  and  Future  
  2. 2. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Let’s  Begin  
  3. 3. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Why  Digital  Matters  
  4. 4. What’s  the  Difference   Tradi2onal   • Mass  Targeted   FORCED   • Hard  to  Track   Digital   OPT-­‐IN   • Niched  Targeted   • Easy  to  Track  
  5. 5. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Global  Social  Networking  Sites  
  6. 6. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Generous  Mobile  Growth  
  7. 7. •  64%  of  mobile  phone   2me  is  spent  on  apps   (Nielsen  2012)   •  Adults  spend  more   2me  on  mobile  than   newspapers  &   magazines  combined   (eMarketer   December  2011)   •  Less  email,  more  SMS   •  Mobile  Marke2ng   Budgets  Increase   •  Increase  in  Travel   Bookings   •  Social  Media   Engagement  Increase   •  Less  Laptop/ Desktops  being   purchased   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Global  Mobile  Trends  
  8. 8. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Hong  Kong  Stats  
  9. 9. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.  
  10. 10. HK    Online  Usage   Experian  Hitwise  Hong  Kong    
  11. 11. Top  Search  Engines   Experian  Hitwise  Hong  Kong   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.  
  12. 12. Popular  SNS  Sites   Experian  Hitwise  Hong  Kong   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.  
  13. 13. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Digital  Landscape  
  14. 14. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   China  Digital  Landscape  
  15. 15. • A  very  targeted   approach  to   changing  human   behavior   • Tracking   measurements  of   true  ac2vity   • Ability  to  develop   and  design  based   on  user   preferences   • A  medium  to   reach  a  larger   audience  globally   and  locally   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   What  Digital  Provides  
  16. 16. 35-­‐49   50-­‐75   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Closing  the  Generation  Gap   2-­‐34  
  17. 17. Biggest  Impact  to  Change   Tablets   Informa2on   Visual   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Smart   Phones  
  18. 18. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   A  look  At  Technology  
  19. 19. •  Use  of  QR  Code   •  Loca2on  Based   •  Links  to  Google  Map   for  loca2on  of  the   store   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Lee  Opening  CWB  MTR  
  20. 20. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   China  Daily  
  21. 21. Vita  Juice  
  22. 22. •  6  Million  Sino  Weibo   Fans   •  Cross  Cultural  Public   Rela2ons   •  Global  Fan  Base   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Celebrities  
  23. 23. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Government  
  24. 24. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Retail  
  25. 25. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Jason’s  Market  
  26. 26. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Politics  
  27. 27. Nothing  has  changed,  but  change  itself   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.      
  28. 28. • A  specific  source  to  drive  a  specific   ac2on     • A  website,  Facebook  page,  a  video,  a   promo2on  page,  an  event  page   • Point  them  to  a  marke2ng  message     Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Building  TrafOic  
  29. 29. • With  social  media,  businesses  can  foster   word-­‐of-­‐mouth  promo2ons  passed  from   customers  to  their  own  networks  with   incredible  ease.     • Share  and  Like  on  Facebook  is  a  natural   ac8vity,  resul8ng  in  brand  awareness   and  new  prospects.   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Awareness  
  30. 30. •  We  all  want  returning  customers  to  our  site.  This  is  usually   done  with  engaging  content.   •  Images,  videos,  ar8cles.  The  more  compelling,  the  more   likely  the  informa8on  will  be  shared/referenced.   •  Mobile  Apps  encourage  engagement   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Engagement  
  31. 31. Loyalty   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   •  Fresh  content  gives  loyal  customers  reasons  to  con8nue  to   engage  with  your  company   •  Useful  Mobile  Apps  con8nue  to  be  used    
  32. 32. •  Social  sharing  is  quite  possibly  the  easiest  way  for  companies   to  empower  their  biggest  fans  to  evangelise  and  share  their   enthusiasm  for  your  company  with  their  friends  and  followers.     •  Social  sharing  buEons  enable  evangelism  through  sharing   like  never  before.     Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Evangelists  
  33. 33. Context   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Publishing  through  social  media  outlets  is  really  all  about   context.  By  delivering  content  in  the  places  where  users  spend   their  2me,  you  have  more  chances  of  making  a  strong   impression.    
  34. 34. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Workplace  &  Security   Guidelines        
  35. 35. •  Less  Produc2ve   •  Distrac2on   •  SMS,  Checking  Apps,   Games   •  Employees  ignoring   formal  policies   •  Mixing  Personal  and   Business  Viewpoints   •  Leakage  of   Confiden2al   Informa2on   •  Damaging  Company   Reputa2on   •  Reduc2on  in  privacy   of  company  ac2vi2es   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Work  Place  Concerns  
  36. 36. •  Loss  of  Important   Data  on  Business   Mobile  Devices   •  Access  to  internal   networks   •  Virus,  Malware,   disrup2on  of  service   •  Ease  of  Sharing  Data (Photos  on  phones,   cloud  services)   •  Maintaining   Company  privacy   •  Iden2ty  Thef   •  Liability  for  access  to   objec2onable   content   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Security  
  37. 37. To  Use  and  Monitor   •  Create  policies  based   on  SNS  allowed   •  Allow  specific  groups   (Marke2ng,  PR,  HR)   •  Use  monitoring  tools   (increased  costs)   •  Separate  Policy  for   each  department     To  Ban  Altogether   •  No  need  to  worry   about  legal,  security,   privacy  breaches   •  No  need  to  worry   about  low   produc2vity   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Common  Practices  
  38. 38. Social  Media   Advantages   •  Expanding  Market   Research   •  Personal  Touch   •  Improve  Your   Reputa2on   •  Lower  Cost   Marke2ng   Policy  Making   •  Allow  specific  groups   (Marke2ng,  PR,  HR)   •  Use  monitoring  tools   (increased  costs)   •  Separate  Policy  for   each  department     •  MUST  Educate   Employees  &  Enforce   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Best  of  Both  Worlds  
  39. 39. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Trending  Verticals  
  40. 40. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   1  –  Real  Estate  
  41. 41. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   2  -­‐  Travel  
  42. 42. •  Web  and  Mobile  App   •  Membership  to   exclusive  access  to   local  restaurants   •  Easy  to  use  as  write   offs  for  client   entertainment   •  Promo2on  of   restaurants   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   3  -­‐  Restaurants  -­‐  
  43. 43. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   4  -­‐  Fashion  
  44. 44. •  Direct  Marke2ng   Channel  for  targeted   consumer  market   •  Broad  plajorm  vs.   Individualis2c   •  Tie  in  to  Social  Media   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   5-­‐  Blogger,  
  45. 45. The  Open  University  of  Hong  Kong   •  Online  Learning  Environment   •  Distance  Learning   •  Lower  cost  to  manage   •  Increase  courses   •  Use  of  Tablets   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   6  -­‐  Education  
  46. 46. •  From  100  to  1000+   wines   •  Use  of  Cloud  Services   •  Scalable  Business,   but  limited  staff   •  Inventory,  financials,   content,  order   fulfillment   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   7-­‐  Wine,  
  47. 47. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   8  -­‐  Foodies,  Hong  Kong  Tatler  
  48. 48. 9  –  Simplify  Complex  Topics   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   •  YouTube  used  to  educate  business  and  branding   •  Receive  feedback  and  opinions   •  Reduce  Customer  Service  Calls  
  49. 49. •  Deliver  news  to   over  1million   subscribers  daily   •  Increase   adver2sing   •  Use  of  video  and   audio  content   •  Easy  to  share   news  ar2cles   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   10  –  Daily  News  
  50. 50. Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   11  –  Social  Good  
  51. 51. •  Company  pre-­‐launched  (globally)  touch  pad   guitar  only  on  social  media  (Twiler,  YouTube,   Facebook,  Myspace,  etc.)   •  10K+  Views,  alrac2ng  professional  musicians   •  Customer  Service  to  react  to  shipping  mistake   •  ~10,000  units  1st  month  at  10K  HKD  each   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   12  –  Music  Industry  
  52. 52. The  Need  for  Marke2ng  Mix   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Does  Print  Media   Still  Work?  
  53. 53. Fast  Media   “The  authority  on  Sai  Kung  and  Clearwater  Bay  living.”  
  54. 54. Clear  Niche   •  Quality  lifestyle  and  property  magazine  for  affluent   families  in  Clearwater  Bay  and  Sai  Kung   •  Circula2on  of  10,000  copies,  Readership  of  30,000+,     Free  each  month   •  Distribu2on  is  highly  targeted   •  Readers  -­‐  high  earners  educated  and  family-­‐minded   •  Highly  regarded  for  its  top-­‐quality  original  journalism  &   photography  
  55. 55. Targeted  
  56. 56. Very  Targeted  
  57. 57. Highly  Customized  to   Readership  
  58. 58. Event  Promotions  
  59. 59. Targeted  Articles  of  Interest   with  related  Ads  
  60. 60. Get Busy Doing ! or! Get Busy Losing!!   @artstribe   Questions?   Property  of  Internet  Marke2ng   Coach  Ltd.  Hong  Kong.   Contact  Art  Lee  at:  
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