Selecting the Right Social Media Channels in Hong Kong


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Let's face it, people think Social Media is this great platform to market to prospective customers and it's cost effective because it's seen as FREE. The time and commitment to get the results you want takes time, which essentially is using your potential "billable" hours, so therefore the point is that it is not really FREE.

Art Lee has attended a total of 15 Social Media Week events in Hong Kong this year and what people are doing and how people are utilizing Social Media channels is very much experiential. The reason is because every company had a brand that customers relate to in a different way.

In this presentation, Art Lee will share everything that he as learned from the Social Media scene here in Hong Kong and specifically, where Freelancers and SMEs should focus their time and efforts.

What is covered:

1) Which are the most used Social Media channels used in Hong Kong and how they are being used

2) How companies are integrating Social Media into their marketing efforts

3) How Social Applications are being integrated and developed on Mobile Devices

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Selecting the Right Social Media Channels in Hong Kong

  1. 1. + Selecting the Right Social Media Channels in Hong Kong Your Host: Art Lee
  2. 2. + Learn More @ n Information from events – Presentations, Info share, etc. n News n Soon and Events around town to Come – B2B Community @pluggedinhk
  3. 3. + Where to Start Over 90% of Hong Kong SMEs believe they should be using Social Media Image Source:
  4. 4. + What’s Socially Hot in Hong Kong Image source:
  5. 5. + SoLoMoCo n  Elements of integrating Social Media, Local Advertising, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Commerce n  Social Tops Globally n  n  n  n  57% Trust in companies 50% Change mind 10 Hours/Day 54% Learn about brand 53% Don’t want to be bothered Social Email Multimedia Data from TNS ( Market Research, Info, Business Insights
  6. 6. + Mobile Revolution n  Mobile brings social media into path of purchase n  n  n  n  n  compare prices review reads see opinions 30% use for social applications Location Based Activities - Current Usages n  n  n  n  n  people want convenience for this purpose, not for privacy restaurants public transport find nearby points of interests friends main point, want relevance and convenience Data from TNS ( Market Research, Info, Business Insights
  7. 7. + Privacy an issue? n  Privacy is a big grey area n  You have to put consumer in control, let them choose and put ownership on them n  Opt-In Privacy Image source:
  8. 8. + Being an Influencer "Influence is the power to convene and to tell a good story." - Jay Oatway What is an Influencer n  affect choices n  advertising message with psychology to get people to do things n  do they really like n  do they really agree n  internalize to something and be like someone or love something
  9. 9. + What is your social currency? n  Very basic in social media and is the social currency and social capital building “People try to keep their social capital in balance” – Jay Oatway n for social scoring Image source:
  10. 10. + Creating Social Influence Internal for Brands 1)  Identify segment top brand influencers, don't do mass market 2)  Measure social actions for advocacy and referrals. 3)  Integrate into CRM - find out who is spending money on you 4)  Foster Brand Advocacy may not spend money but share online Image source
  11. 11. + Most Asked Questions Kenneth Kwok – BeeHive Strategy n  How many like will we get? How man fans? n  n  n  Return on investment? n  n  What's the benchmark ? There is none, hard to track, where patrons are from Like service and hassle free but most don't buy online What is social media? n  Channel not for transaction but for influence, can’t track influence n  Last attribution is to buy
  12. 12. + Personal and Professional n  Jocelyn Luko Sandstrom, Personal and Professional Endeavors n  Loves to share the good stuff…good experiences n  Promotes her Non-Profit enterprise but mostly to connect with fans
  13. 13. + For Humanity n  Non-Profits don’t budget enough money to use Social Media or internal team is limited n  Issue with whether donations should be use to outsource or keep in house n  Used Social Media effectively at a small level. Mainly for awareness
  14. 14. + Travel Share and Fun n  TravelerFolio – Eunice Kohng, Travel Blogger n  Did it out of passion, learned the tools n  People like the design of the blog that’s why they come back n  Lots of travel partners using her to promote n  Singapore’s Top Travel Blog, Awards
  15. 15. + Fun, Share and Food n  Blogs n  Photos n  Videos Digital Assets tied to a brand (Hilda Leung, Author and Media Chef)
  16. 16. + Protect your reputation online “Manage your social presence religiously” - Rudy Leung n  Negative attracts negative n  Don’t be one dimensional (bias) n  Concepts of Social is really simple: Honest, Expert, Positive n  Try different mobile tools, don’t focus on A List bloggers, connect with people who love what they do
  17. 17. + Pluggedin-terpretation n  Jump on the trend wagon, make a few bucks and run n  Companies looking for investors for new projects n  Looking to make a change, but change will be hard to make in Hong Kong, but once proven you are golden n  The art of Reciprocation n  Careful: people behind the scenes do not have enough drive, passion or patience to see it happen. Will jump ship once they see an opportunity
  18. 18. + Why and How to Get Social •  •  •  Do it right the first time Be consistent Experiment Images sources:,,
  19. 19. + Ask Yourself, What is the purpose? n  To sell? n  To share though leadership? n  To boast? n  To influence decision/ behavior?
  20. 20. + Most Active Channels n  To connect with Fans n  To show thought leadership n  To share insights n  To connect with industry influencers n  To learn n  To get personal n  To entertain n  To incite opinion and influence
  21. 21. + Trending B2B n  B2B n  Leads n  Partnerships n  Investors n  But also scammers Image source:,
  22. 22. + Trending B2C 1.  It's huge, and will probably get even bigger 2.  It's a window into what people think in China 3.  It's a window into Chinese government censorship 4.  Weibo users are ingenious at getting around this censorship n  Note: Culturally different on Weibo Source:
  23. 23. + Find the right channel for your business n  Is it a Facebook Group a Linkedin Group? n  Is it a Mobile App? n  Is it a Blog? n  Is it a Discussion/User Forum? It’s not easy, it takes time. Have an expert take care of it for you or invest your time. Image source:
  24. 24. + Use and Abuse How to Use Trends n  Fake Accounts n  China has a lot more n  Spamming n  n  Influence People getting hired based on level of influence n  Investors and businesses looking to create technology around social behaviors n  Sharing viewpoints, experiences n  Connect n  Incite globally and excite n  Teach, Share, Learn
  25. 25. + Is this account real?
  26. 26. + Stop Tagging Me
  27. 27. + Some n  Will people share it? n  What is the tipping point? Becoming Viral, no guarantee Tools don’t track it 1 in 100 will have some viral effect Gangnam style video n  Increase engagement No incentive, no Likes/Shares Cannot be passive and hope for movement n  Social Media Not for transaction but for influence All about INFLUENCE
  28. 28. + Incentives: Cash Prizes
  29. 29. + Get Busy Doing ! or! Get Busy Losing! Contact Art Lee at: @artstribe Questions? Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.