How to Use Print and Digital Media


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When and how to use Print vs. Digital media to promote your business.

A HK Freelancer and SME's Meetup group workshop by Art Lee.

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How to Use Print and Digital Media

  1. 1. + How to Use Print and Digital Media When and how to use Print vs. Digital media to promote your business
  2. 2. + Lee Opening CWB MTR
  3. 3. + HKUSpace in MTR
  4. 4. + (free publication)
  5. 5. + Unique QR Code used for home goods store
  6. 6. + Hysan Place Opening
  7. 7. + Taxi Videos
  8. 8. + Opening of Pure
  9. 9. + On the bus (need to jump to scan QR code)
  10. 10. + Vita Juice
  11. 11. + HK Mag
  12. 12. + What’s the Difference •  Mass Targeted Traditional •  Hard to Track FORCED Digital OPT-IN •  Niched Targeted •  Easy to Track
  13. 13. + Newspapers & Magazines n  Send a newsworthy article n  Find someone who works with a newspaper or magazine n  Advertise with newspaper on condition that you also want an article published n  Have a PR firm, with the right relationships with right publications. n  PR firms can help to negotiate a lower rate for you
  14. 14. + Tips for Newspapers n  Be very specific with your target audience, study the demographics. n  Clear messaging to take action. Not just a here is what we do n  QR Code, specifically directed for a goal n  Facebook, Web URL
  15. 15. + Digital Matters n  Write for other people’s blogs that need content and has your target audience n  Create your own blog, but it takes time to get the traction. Consider having others co-author with you but have the site topics very niched, too many blogs out there already n  Submit a story to an online news website, see if they pick up your story, make it very newsworthy n  Create a relationship with someone in the digital news arena or use PR firms with established relationships
  16. 16. + Billboard/Outdoor Ad Tips n  Target location based, understand visibility of locations n  Great for events n  Rates can be negotiated. PR Firms can be helpful to gain contact and negotiate on your behalf. n  More expensive medium. Deep Pockets or sponsorship money. n  Small ads are good but need a lot for more exposure
  17. 17. + POAD & JCDecaux
  18. 18. + Build your Ads around a Goal or Common Strategy n  Define purpose of your campaign (awareness, event promotion, special discount, featured information) n  Decide which Mediums to Target n  Tie in both Print and Digital Media (don’t just put a Web URL or Facebook Link) n  Create a message that will get them to call, email or visit your site. n  The whole campaign should be focused on a specific act of marketing
  19. 19. + Campaign Template n  Context – Why? Purpose n  Objectives – Who are you trying to reach, what is your message n  Target audience – Does your marketing channels have the right reach? n  Activity – What types of follow up activity will you have to track your campaign. Emails, calls, site visits n  Evaluation – Look at your complete marketing efforts, money put in and the response rate/return. What it worth it?
  20. 20. + Does Print Media Still Work? “The authority on Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay living.”
  21. 21. + Clear Niche n  Quality lifestyle and property magazine for affluent families in Clearwater Bay and Sai Kung. n  Proven circulation of 10,000 copies, a readership of 30,000+ and is distributed free each month n  Distribution is highly targeted. n  Readers are high earners educated and family-minded. They work on Hong Kong Island but have chosen to make their homes and raise their families in SaiKung and Clearwater Bay. n  Highly regarded for its top-quality original journalism & photography. Readers keep the magazine and refer to it again and again.
  22. 22. + Targeted
  23. 23. + Very Targeted
  24. 24. + Highly Customized to Readership
  25. 25. + Event Promotions
  26. 26. + Targeted Articles of Interest with related Ads
  27. 27. + Tom Hilditch, Publisher n  Tom Hilditch is an award-winning British writer, editor and publisher based in Hong Kong. n  He is sole owner of Fast Media Ltd, a Hong Kong based media company.
  28. 28. + Get Busy Doing ! or! Get Busy Losing! Contact Art Lee at: @artstribe Questions? Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.