Low to No Cost Strategies for Lead Generation 24 HRS a Day


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Presentation made to Canadian Chamber in Hong Kong. Speaker Art Lee of Internetmarketingcoach.hk. Covering localized content on lead generation strategies.

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Low to No Cost Strategies for Lead Generation 24 HRS a Day

  1. 1. Low to No Cost Strategies for Lead Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet MarketingGeneration 24 Hours a Day
  2. 2. • Business Exchange Club - Business Networking• HK Social Media Current Social Media Trends• Hongkongwebanalytics.com – Kenneth Kwok• webwednesday.hk – Napoleon Biggs• WomenMediaNetworks.com Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing• Startupshk.com, boot.hk• Canadian Chambers Technology Forum Groups Around Town
  3. 3. For Information and Schedule visit: Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing www.socialmediaweek.org/hongkongInternet Marketing Coach will be providing editorial coverage Announcements
  4. 4. What Local “Gurus” Do• Charge HK $100-350/session• Charge over HK $1K for Hosted Events• Learn Something• Network Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet Marketing• Sell you something• Sell you a dream/magic, which you don’t realize YOU have to make happen
  5. 5. QuoteFrom any marketing expert you will hear:“Any type of marketing works anywhere in the world, it’s just whether or Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet Marketingnot it works for your business and foryour customers.”
  6. 6. Reality• Limited Budgets• Limited Time• Limited Resources• Too Much Noise Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet Marketing• We seem to be busy but are really confused
  7. 7. What happens?• Knowledge is forgotten or still confusing• Some people buy, some not• Some will share ideas Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet Marketing• If event was good will go again to get motivated• Maybe set up a meeting or two to follow up with people met
  8. 8. What Have You Done?Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  9. 9. Doing Things Different• EDUCATE HK Businesses• Motivate to take ACTION with baby steps and limited budget• Provide networking and platform for other businesses to talk about THEIR business Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet Marketing• Provide SUPPORT from experts and group members• Share the KNOWLEDGE to as many people as possible• Not general knowledge but what’s actually WORKING in Hong Kong• It’s all about, YOU
  10. 10. Host of Meetup GroupProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  11. 11. Suggested Themes• Facebook Marketing• Email Marketing• Social Media Engagement• Video Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet Marketing• Pay Per Click & Paid Advertising, SEO, SEM• Affiliate Marketing• Content Marketing• Digital Marketing to Reach China Customers
  12. 12. Members Enjoy….• Online Webinars to cover a specific theme on Internet Marketing each month• Learn tools and how to implement into business• Support from Internet Marketing Experts and other business Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing owners• Access to Online Recordings and Training Materials• Promote other business and platform to speak• Internet Marketing Assessment – 2 HOUR Strategy Session for HK $500
  13. 13. Want a copy of this slide deck?Make sure I receive your business card, or even your name,phone number and email on a piece of paper and you will getaccess to my presentation. Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing
  14. 14. Let’s BeginProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  15. 15. • Social Media strategies • Creating a Simple Online Sales Funnel • Gain insight into your competitors business • How to track and measure your online campaigns Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing • How to gain instant credibility for your business • Todays Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies in Hong KongTopics
  16. 16. Changing Landscape of SalesCycle • Mass Marketing vs. Niche Marketing (more costly, less effective, not targeted) • Expedited Customer Service • Reputation is more Public Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing • Companies are more Transparent • Global Customer Base
  17. 17. 8 Step Sales CycleProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  18. 18. What is Social Media?Social media is refers to the use of web-based and mobiletechnologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.- wikipedia.org
  19. 19. What?......• An ongoing conversation that’s happening RIGHT NOW• A promotional channel for content distribution• A long-term return on investment• A steady stream of information for: • Research • Feedback • Building Relationships with customers, clients, contacts Basically another channel used for marketing and advertising
  20. 20. Cycle of Social Media
  21. 21. Traditional Media Perspective Awareness Consideration Purchase
  22. 22. The Social Feedback Cycle Awareness Talk Form Opinion Consideration Use Purchase
  23. 23. HK Online UsageTop Websites – All CategoriesPolled 1.8M Hong Kong Users Hitwise Pty Ltd.
  24. 24. APAC Online UsageTop Social Network In Individual Asia Pacific Feb 2010 (Age 15+ Home & Work) Source: Comscore
  25. 25. Current Statistics• Over 7M Population in Hong Kong • Est. 6/2011, CIA World Factbook• Hong Kong Linkedin Rank 35 Globally• Facebook Ranked #1 In SNS• Est. Over 60% of Web Users in Hong Kong have at least 1 social media account• Social media makes up over 50% of all online usage • Overtaken email as #1 activity on the web• As of February, 2011, there were 156 million public blogs • Posting almost 1,000,000 blog posts daily• 62% of Hong Kong believe companies should have a social media presence • 80% believe those companies should be interacting with customers
  26. 26. How is Social Media Used?• Customer Service• Product/Service Feedback• Networking and Job Searching• Promotions• News• Internal communication
  27. 27. Tools vs. StrategyPick battles big enough to matter,small enough to win. ~Jonathan Kozel
  28. 28. Budgeting for Social Media • What to budget for: • Time • Design and Branding • Analytics Tools • Social Monitoring • Automation Applications • Social Media Advertising • Outsources/Consulting
  29. 29. How to Get Started• Start with platforms you can actively maintain• What outsourcing is needed? • Design, development, content management, market research• Plan your content flow • Will you push content through all channels?• Find tools to automate processes • Tweetdeck • Hootsuite • Sendible
  30. 30. Commit to your MarketingInitiative• If you decide to use Facebook, commit to using it and provide valuable content without annoying your friends or fans.• Don’t need to update everyday• Have a purpose with every post and track response• Fan Pages, if you hardly post or post with no value, people will stop following you.
  31. 31. Hong Kong Known for Word ofMouth• FB is all about word of mouth• Be careful, if you provide bad product and services, people will talk• But who is actually listening to you
  32. 32. Understand User Behavior • Targeted Content • Groups • Fan Pages • Tune Out the Noise • Privacy Settings • Lists • Defined Updates • Subscriptions • Mobile Usage Increase • Limited Real Estate • Feeds are Limited • Challenge for Ads
  33. 33. Viral Concept Noise 1 x2 X4 16 256 65536
  34. 34. Target Marketing with Lists• What Are Lists? • A quick, optional way to organize your contacts so you can control what you see in your News Feed and post updates to specific people. • Customers • Prospects • Business Partners • Vendors• Lists can be created on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  35. 35. The Fan Page• Create a community• Easy way for touch points – customers, prospects• Spread the word to people who actually care• Make compelling to what users want to hear about• Don’t post, just to post• Add value and have them come back for more
  36. 36. Engage with your Fans• Lead Generator - Don’t ask them just to like, offer something of value in return• Special Content, Discounts or Contests• Make use of FB apps like Send to Friend• Make page look like webpage (tabs, landing page)• Put in a shopping cart• Show part of your services/products and link back to website
  37. 37. Caffé Habitu Promotion
  38. 38. Giveaway
  39. 39. Connect Everywhere
  40. 40. Sample from my 15 Year oldNephew
  41. 41. Groups• Influence others• Create a following based on an interest• Connect with prospects based on the same concepts and ideas you are selling• Find groups with like minded people who will follow your group• Promote each other’s groups• Groups can be found on Facebook, Linkedin and other Social Media Channels
  42. 42. Sample –HK Expats Group
  43. 43. Professional Group
  44. 44. The Power of Like & Sharing• Lots of sites are using the Like and Share features to spread the word• FB Likes on Own website, social proof• Meetup platform sharing on FB and Twitter• Sharing and Liking increases visibility to more users
  45. 45. Who Else Likes this?Providing visibility and social proof from people in your circle
  46. 46. Track Who Shares – Fan PagesPosting valuable information • Number of time shared determines value
  47. 47. Asia ExpatRecommend, Share and it puts into my FB News Stream also Social Proof that others know use the site.
  48. 48. Integration on Website Likes and people you know
  49. 49. Exposing Social ProofUsing your Facebook Stream in your Website Link to Chris Mentor
  50. 50. Facebook Ads Guide to Facebook Adshttp://www.facebook.com/adsmarketing/
  51. 51. Business Intelligence – Is FB JustPersonal?• Find out about prospects, likes dislikes, who they know• Find out about your competition, follow their feeds and groups• Target people of influence• Research, Feedback
  52. 52. FB is a Tool• Find out how your customers are using it and target their behaviors to consume information
  53. 53. Case StudyCopyright: Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  54. 54. Email to everyoneCopyright: Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  55. 55. Facebook EventCopyright: Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  56. 56. Targeted ListsCopyright: Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  57. 57. Fan PageCopyright: Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  58. 58. LinkedinCopyright: Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  59. 59. Target GroupsCopyright: Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  60. 60. Targeting Biz Partners• Different Email Messaging• Announced my Meetup event, email title used was “Looking for Business Partners to serve my Customers”• Let them know I am actively looking for partners to promote Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Copyright: Internet Marketing each other “Fusion Marketing”
  61. 61. Online Sales FunnelProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  62. 62. Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  63. 63. Hong Kong’s TopStrategies 2012
  64. 64. Group Buying InAsia
  65. 65. • You can set your own rules (redemption/expiration period, minimum # buyers, max quantities)• Reach other countries/cities• Minimum 50% discount, Need physical location• Not valid for cash back (unless required by law)• Must be used in one visit• Cannot be combined with other offers• All bookings are subject to availability Common Rules
  66. 66. • Get a large number of customers to cross and up sell other products and services• Groupon collects money, takes 20% you get the rest• All products and services Pre-Paid• Target location and ideal customer• If minimum buyers not met, deal cancelled, no charge• Customer recommend offer and they buy get $50HKD Groupon Credit• Customers can gift offers• Groupon Mobile App and email notifications Advantages
  67. 67. • Can you realistically deliver what you offer?• Can you meet the demand of short term volume of business?• Are you attracting just deal hunters with no loyalty?• Does the group buying site target your ideal customer?• Do you have a strategy to convert into loyal customers?• Does the website get enough engaging customers Is It For You?
  68. 68. • Groupon.hk (formerly ubuyibuy.com)• Beecrazy.com• Groupcow.com• juscocityhk.com• jigocity.com.hk• 58tuangou.comSome Group Buying Sites
  69. 69. The data samples featured are from the Hitwise Online CompetitiveIntelligence Service, which bases its daily insights on the online usageand behavior of 1.8 million Hong Kong Internet users. Facebook
  70. 70. Communities/Groups
  71. 71. • Email usage decreased due to use of communications over various Social Media Channels• Targeted, permission-based email remains one of the best ways to reach existing and potential customers• Web-based email remains engaging• Targeting and re-Targeting same people, most won’t change emails so easily Email Marketing
  72. 72. • 35% Smartphones of which 65% are New Users• 56% use at work, 63% use at home• 56% do searches on mobile, 81% on PCs• 29% View Videos• 57% Using Social Networks• Compared to rest of the world, Hong Kong rates top 10 smartphone penetration (based on 30 market studies) Source: Asia Digital Analytics Summit 2011 Mobile Applications
  73. 73. Multi-Channel Sites• Multi-Channel Site is any company that has built or has access to larger websites that has a lot of members or generates a lot of traffic.• Concept is similar to group buying but the concept is that on each separate channel, they have ran analytics to understand Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing their customers and what they are looking for• Your product or service will be promoting to your target consumer• You pay to have one company promote to several sites through various methods, Paid Ads, Discussion Boards, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing.
  74. 74. Less Search Engine MarketingProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  75. 75. ControlProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  76. 76. InfluenceProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  77. 77. More ControlProperty of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.
  78. 78. Calculating ROI for Campaigns
  79. 79. Challenge to Justify • Management cannot see clear ROI for marketing campaigns, data elusive • The cost to start and run campaigns is not worth the effort • The time it takes to gain traction and sales is too long, impatient • Resolved to do what has proven to work
  80. 80. Map Offline to Online• Take current benchmarking metrics and identify the business goals/objectives• Map these same business goals to your Digital Campaigns and track the results• Find comparisons that clearly show that the same business goals were achieved• Show what competitors are doing• Start with No Cost Tools to prove concept $4000 HKD – Ad in Magazine, 30 days, with 50K Subscribers. Result in 50 new prospects and 10 converted. $4000 HKD – Ad on high traffic site, with 50K subscribers. Result in 300 new prospects and 100 converted.
  81. 81. Sample Direct/EmailCampaign
  82. 82. What Digital Marketing Allows• PROS • Lower point of entry • Evens the playing field • Build word of mouth and credibility much faster Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing • Ability to operated under automated tasks without hiring • Research competitors• CONS • Too many choices, too much to learn • Trends change quickly • Bad Reputation can spread rapidly
  83. 83. What Encourages CustomerLoyalty Know You Buy Like TRUST Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing More You Refer You Online Marketing: Asia Has Highest % of Skepticism
  84. 84. • Know You• Like You• Refer You• Buy More Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing Create Marketing Campaign Template
  85. 85. • The Most Defining Action of your Campaign• Surveys (Customers, Prospects, Competitors)• Digital Analytics• Trial and Error• Prospects, Customers, Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing Business Partners, V.I.P. Targeted Customer
  86. 86. • Product • What Solution does it provide? • Is Value communicated to customer?• Price • Retail, Discounted, Shared Revenue (Affiliate) • Bulk discount• Promotion • Limited time/quantity • Discounts to new or existing customers Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing• Place • Where to your customers hang out/shop (online/offline)? • What devices do your customers use?Define your Campaign
  87. 87. At 211 degrees, water is hot.At 212 degrees, it boils.And with boiling water, comes steam.And steam can power a locomotive. Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing SimpleTruths.com – YouTube “simple truths 212” Build on Momentum
  88. 88. • You don’t have to be everything to everybody• Select several niches and test several campaigns• Find the Hot Customers, increase Know & Like• Identify V.I.P. Fans, Help them to help you• Keep campaigns targeted and very focused Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing Tips
  89. 89. • 4 months - 131 members Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing• KNOW- People know me by face• LIKE - Credibility and Authority Established• TRUST – Commitment Proven Put Into Play
  90. 90. Get Busy Doing or Get Busy Losing!• Contact Art Lee at: • Facebook.com/artglee • Twitter: @artstribe • hkLinkedin.com/in/artglee Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Property of Internet Marketing • Email: artlee@internetmarketingcoach.hk • Web: InternetMarketingCoach.hk Questions?