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Google Analytics - Foundation for Success


Google Analytics is essentially your lifeline for your digital marketing efforts. If you have no visibility in how your users are using your website or mobile app, you will have no idea of how to make …

Google Analytics is essentially your lifeline for your digital marketing efforts. If you have no visibility in how your users are using your website or mobile app, you will have no idea of how to make smart decisions in your business.

With proper planning and clear objectives and strategies, you can gain powerful insight into what users demand. Having an clear understanding of the user allows you to position your marketing messages, design, etc. to drive the outcome you want.

If it's to drive collection of emails and data, the fewest clicks to make a decision and buy or simply to drive more traffic and consistent recurring visits or app usage, Google Analytics can help you figure out what you need to do.

In this presentation, which was delivered in front of a group of Hong Kong Business owners and freelancers, the goal was to give a foundation course within an hour to clearly understand core concepts and value that Google Analytics provides as a tool.

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  • 1. + Google Analytics – A Foundation for Success Your Host: Art Lee
  • 2. + Our Sponsor
  • 3. + Feedback + or -
  • 4. + Why? Encourages more people to join Increases group’s network
  • 5. + Direction of the Group n Learn Something Valuable n Promote Companies and Expertise Build a Strong Referral Network
  • 6. + Google Analytics Value
  • 7. + Root Cause of Failed Campaigns Ø Lack of structured thinking around a real purpose Ø Lack of objectives set of measures to identify success or failure
  • 8. + What Google Analytics Does 1 Collection 2 Processes 3 Configures 4 Reports
  • 9. + Digital Analytics Defined Improves customer online experience to DRIVEYour Desired Outcome
  • 10. + What activity can be tracked? Ø Website Ø Mobile website Ø Mobile application Ø Gaming console Ø Any digitally connected device
  • 11. + What would you track? Purpose Measured Content Publishers Frequent visits Ecommerce Product Sales Online Support Provide answers quickly Lead Generation Contact submission form Branding Engagement/Awareness
  • 12. + What’s needed to collect Ø Web: Java Script Code, tracks Page Views Ø Mobile:Tracks Activity *Implementation different by device, still tracks when not connected
  • 13. + Skills Needed Business Objectives & Strategies to achieve Understand analytics Technical skills
  • 14. + Formula to Success
  • 15. + The PFR Formula for Success Plan Funnel Reporting
  • 16. + Why conversions How can you improve if you don’t know what’s going on?
  • 17. + Planning
  • 18. + Build Measurement Plan Avinash Kaushik Google Analytics Evangelist
  • 19. + Step 1 Write down your business objectives – set broadest parameters
  • 20. + Step 2 Identify your key strategies and tactics
  • 21. + Step 3 Choose KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Target 3, no more than 10.
  • 22. + Step 4 Choose Target KPIs Your parameters for success
  • 23. + Key Performance Indicators Avg page visits to a blog in the fashion industry Avg clicks it takes to complete online purchase Number of form captures completd
  • 24. + Step 5 Choose Segments (people, behavior, outcomes)
  • 25. + Example.
  • 26. + Funnel
  • 27. + What is a considered a conversion? Ø Micro conversions lead to a Macro conversion (final important action) Ø Each micro tracked to see value of whole journey
  • 28. + Tracking a User Journey Email Signup Watch Video Account Signup Purchase Micro conversions Macro conversion
  • 29. + Conversion Attribution Ø Assigning credit for a conversion Ø Search ad, Display ad, Social ad = Sale Ø Define an attribution for each micro conversion to determine worthiness of a channel
  • 30. + For example Customer visits website four times from four channels before spending $100 Display Ad Social Media Email Blog Post
  • 31. + Reporting
  • 32. + Adding Context to Data Context helps determine good or bad performance Types: Internal/External
  • 33. + Two Ways to add Context Ø External data: benchmark general industry trends/ standards. If your trends match, it is general growth Ø Internal historical trends to benchmark and create KPIs
  • 34. + Segmentation to understand Aggregated Aggregated view shows you everything Analyzing segmentations allow for deeper understanding of what’s happening
  • 35. + Segmentation Types Ø Date and time – see how users behavior differs Ø Device – track performance for desktops, mobile, tablet Ø Marketing Channels (email, vs twitter) Ø Geography – country, city Ø Customer – repeat vs. first time
  • 36. + Want to learn more Get Google Individual Qualified
  • 37. + Questions? Contact Art Lee at: Facebook.com/artglee @artstribe hkLinkedin.com/in/artglee artlee@internetmarketingcoach.hk InternetMarketingCoach.hk Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong. Get Busy Doing ! or! Get Busy Losing!