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Does Internet Marketing Work In Hong Kong

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This slide was used for an online Meetup event for the group HK Marketing for Internet Domination

This slide was used for an online Meetup event for the group HK Marketing for Internet Domination

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  • 1. Does Internet Marketing Work in Hong Kong?
    August 30, 2011 Meetup.com Event
    HK Marketing for Internet Domination
  • 2. Overview of HKMID
    Thank you for joining
    Meetup Group Purpose
    Name Okay?
    Suggested Days/Times?
    Applications to use to host
    Focused on low to no cost solutions for Internet Marketing
    Target Member: Topics geared to suit most skill levels, In depth, highly technical training may be provided
    Please promote the group
    We welcome experts to speak
  • 3. Meeting Rules & Format
    1 hour long
    Being with presentation – please put on mute
    Following by Q&A and Discussion (Unmute)
    When you want to speak, type me a message on skype, I will call your name and then unmute to speak, then mute after you are done.
    If you have background noise on your side, please remain muted until you want to talk.
  • 4. What Is Internet Marketing?
    Is it….???
    You Tube
    Search Engine Optimization
    Pay Per Click
  • 5. What Is Internet Marketing?
    Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, search marketing or e-marketing, is the marketing(generally promotion) of products or services over the Internet.
  • 6. In a Nutshell
    Internet Marketing is just another marketing channel for branding and selling. When compared to traditional marketing strategies, it encompasses everything the world has already been using for marketing before the Internet was born.
    For example,
    Word of mouth = Social Media
    T.V. & Commercials = You Tube
    Print (Ads, Newspapers, Magazines) = Digital Format
  • 7. Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing
    Outbound marketing is seen as interruptions and annoying and costly (trade shows, seminar series, email blasts to purchased lists, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising
    Inbound – Change in consumer behavior, search engines, blogs and social media sites), get found create a website, a blogsphere where people come to you for information
  • 8. Does Internet Marketing Work in Hong Kong?
    What people are saying:
    “Smart phones are used for surfing and getting information but many are just playing games.”
    “If someone wanted to know something, they just call someone. Information carries fast in HK.”
    “Businesses see the Internet as a social forum, not much for business.”
    “Businesses are too lazy and feel the return on investment is not fast enough.”
  • 9. Why Businesses Need to Ramp Up on IM Strategies?
    The consumer behavior has changed drastically.
    Decisions are made on the Internet before even calling you or visiting your physical location.
    Easier to influence decisions, especially if you’ve provided poor service
    Price matching increases competition
    If you are not found on the Internet, people will go to competitors first
  • 10. Points of Influence
    Through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), we create the word of mouth
    Likes, Dislikes, Connect, Places, Groups, etc
    Sharing information (Shares), populating your information
    Reviews, Thumbs Up/Down (Social Proof)
    Through You Tube, we create education and commercials
    How to videos, branding companies, increasing exposure
    Through Websites, we can look more impressive and larger in size than we really are
  • 11. Why Companies are Failing on the Internet
    Don’t understand how to use the tools
    Don’t know where to start
    Throw money at growing trends with little results
    The supply of talent is low
    Focus too much on analysis
  • 12. How Companies are Currently Using the Internet
    Harbour City – Harnessing SinaWeibo to reach their 150K+ fans
    Asia Expat implements simple strategy of “Like” on their page
    GeoExpatcreated Iphone app for it’s forums and classifieds
    Connecting to China Market, SinaWeibo, renren.com, Kaixin001.com, Qzone, Pengyou – Fan Pages on RenRen.com are valued at $90K US, $700K HKD
  • 13. How Companies Need to Look at Internet Marketing
    Spend more time learning and understanding their current customers behaviors
    Identify niches and create more targeted marketing
    Spamming can work, but opt-ins have higher closing ratios and customer retention
    Don’t try to take on everything, have a plan, run some campaigns, analyze, improve
    Just another vehicle to market, but with a lower cost and reaching a lot more people (word of mouth)
  • 14. Data Points to Reference
    BeeHive states it has been hard to get consistent statistics
  • 15. In Summary
    Some businesses are proactive in getting their marketing departments geared up to market on the Internet
    Some businesses have the wait and see attitude until a proven model succeeds
    Businesses are missing out on sales opportunities, new generation will all be using the Internet
    Huge opportunities to dominate your market, create a new business, get a new job
    Competition is more fierce, harder to stand out
  • 16. What now?
    Join our next event on creating a Social Media Plan
    Please spread the word to your peers, the more insight the better for everyone
    Business Exchange Club – Networking and getting more leads
    Contact me if you would like me to speak or train on Internet Marketing Strategies