Creating a Sales Funnel System Online Hong Kong


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Creating a Sales Funnel System Online Hong Kong

  1. 1. * Your Host: Art Lee For: HK Marketing for Internet Domination
  2. 2. * Attendees will be Muted During Presentation* During discussions all will be unmuted* Please Provide Feedback on the Group + or - , so we can improve* Please refer this Group *
  3. 3. * Business Exchange Club - Business Networking* HK Social Media Current Social Media Trends* – Kenneth Kwok* – Napoleon Biggs *
  4. 4. * Internet Marketing Strategic Consultant, HK* 16+ Yrs Technology Consultant* 12 Years in Silicon Valley U.S., 4 Years in Asia* Business Owner since 1987* Currently operates several website blogs and online community membership sites* Member of Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Business Exchange Club *
  5. 5. *Why Create a Sales Funnel?*Where to drive traffic?*Where to start?*Sample sites *
  6. 6. * Define your sales funnel so you know exactly where your visitors are going* Influence behavior* Set expectations of your prospects and consumers* Creating a system that is easy to maintain and scale over a period of time *
  7. 7. *
  8. 8. * Step 1 – Marketing* Step 2 – Capture Page* Step 3 – Email Responder* Step 4 – Follow up and Build Responder* Step 5 – Your main business website *
  9. 9. * Customers vs. Prospects* Paid Advertisement (PPC)* Banners* Forum Posts* Facebook Posts* YouTube Videos *
  10. 10. * Develop Strategy to capture prospect information* Opt-form, consent(permission) based marketing* Do not oversell* Create Trust* Create Value *
  11. 11. *
  12. 12. *
  13. 13. * Use an email/contact management system to allow you to auto-respond* Customer service in digital age is expected to have a quick response* Customize your email response* Have them take action* Verify all information in email is correct and links are working* Allow to unsubscribe *
  14. 14. * Building Trust through sharing knowledge and experience.* Information/Conent based marketing* Do not limit with digital, it is still a human world, make phone calls* Have a platform to showcase all of your knowledge and experience (Facebook, Youtube, Blog, etc.) *
  15. 15. * All avenues direct back to your business website* People are more likely to connect with people rather than an entity (Ex. Customers end up buying based on whether they like what the salesperson has to offer or say)* They like you, trust you by giving them information that need* Don’t forget to brand with credibility and authority *
  16. 16. Most businesses offer email, e-course or directto blog or website but don’t know what to doafter this.* What is the big picture, the big end product?* Does your front door open a platform to build a relationship to the big picture.* Are you segmenting emails into groups so that you can market different products/services?* Do you have plans to cross/up sell? *
  17. 17. * Remove Navigation and distractions* Create a headline that answers “What’s In It For Me?”* Use Caption Text Image to spice up your page. Make less wordy, more eye catching* Create Thank you Page and Next Steps* Create a submit button, but make it more exciting. Like “Jump Start My Business Today”* Do not use Contact Us only, they have to take action. *
  18. 18. Get Busy Doing or Get Busy Losing!*Contact Art Lee at: * *Twitter: @artstribe * *Email: *Web: *