Do's and Dont's of Networking: Learn effective networking for sales


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Do's and Dont's of Networking: Learn effective networking for sales

  1. 1. + The Do’s and Don’ts of Networking Learn more effective networking skills
  2. 2. + One a day – 500 contacts
  3. 3. + Moving Businesses to Social
  4. 4. + Put Simply – Integrated Marketing
  5. 5. + Do They Care?
  6. 6. + The Goals of Networking n DO - To be a resource to you are valuable to them and an important person to know n DON’T – Try to ask for a referral right away. If it’s offered then ask to follow up. (Note, some people may offer to show they have value but have no intention of following up) n The same applies in Social Media
  7. 7. + n If it is a new group of people try to get a feel of the crowd, to see if it’s worth coming back n Figure out who are the influencers are and talk to them n If you see people you already know, don’t get too cozy, avoid them until you feel you are done. Unless they can introduce you to others
  8. 8. + Set Expectations n DO – Try to meet the right people who you connect well with (people are attracted to like minded people) n DON’T – Try to meet everyone, like speed networking, just meet the right kind of people n DON’T – Dismiss anyone, from any industry, you never who they know. This is Hong Kong…There best friend’s father may be a warlord!
  9. 9. + n Be prepared for any networking event and how you will approach people n Have your business cards ready n Have your elevator pitch ready n Use your time wisely to listen and see where the opportunities lie n People will USE you
  10. 10. + Target Your Follow Up n  DO – Be respectful of people’s time AND yours. Pre-Qualify and determine the SPECIFIC REASON for the meeting. n  DON’T – Approach immediately with a favor, a referral or a meeting until you understand what they have to offer. n  DON’T – Meet up with just anyone because they are interested in meeting. People are looking to tap into your network, make sure they have something to offer
  11. 11. + Some Targets n Synergies n Idea and though exchange n Explore n How for Complementary Services who they are connected to you can help their business grow or help their customers
  12. 12. + Who to Build a Relationship n  DO – Show your value. It’s not all about how much money you have……It’s how connected you are…and what unique skills you bring to the table. n  DO – Ask a lot of questions. Figure out what they are looking for or need help with, also their long/short term goals. n  DO – A follow up actionable item. This will test to see how interested they are….maybe offer to introduce or refer them to someone.
  13. 13. + Characteristics to Look For Respect is required for all strong working relationships. If person f eels they are above you, they will tend to take over and run the direction of the project. You are the expert. n Money should not be used to make others feel small 1. 
  14. 14. + Characteristics to Look For 2.  Knowing what they want. The less they know the harder it is to deliver what they want. If needed, educate them to help make a decision. 3.  Decisiveness - In order to make the call to move a project forward, otherwise you are stuck. No trust if they are asking around for reassurance.
  15. 15. + Characteristics to Look For 4.  Conscious of Right and Wrong – If no difference of right and wrong, imagine how they would treat your business agreement. 5.  Good Communication – Not everyone can click well and problems can result if you aren’t direct with one another.
  16. 16. + Never Stop Networking n DON’T – Make everything about Business, get personal (online & offline)
  17. 17. + Networking Tips n Work with people that have more experience than you to increase your skillset and visibility n Make a schedule of events and target n Meet with your competitors n If you email and you don’t hear back….call them!
  18. 18. + Top Tip!!! n Happy Hours – Goal may not be for business….
  19. 19. + Where to Network n  Offline n  Chambers of Commerce n, n  Organizations, Associations n  Clubs (Rotary, Alumni) n  Online n  Groups (Linkedin, Facebook & pages) n  Discussion Boards/Forums n  Blogs n  Comments
  20. 20. + Get Busy Doing ! or! Get Busy Losing! Contact Art Lee at: @artstribe Questions? Property of Internet Marketing Coach Ltd. Hong Kong.