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artificial eyes in Delhi, ocular prosthesis in Delhi, prosthetic eye in Delhi …

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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Art Eyes
  • 2. Phthisis Bulbi Contracted Socket Microphthalmos Anophthalmos
  • 3. Ocular Prosthesis Ocular Prosthesis is an artificial object which is made to fit over a disfigured eye after removal of eye (Enucleation) or removal of eye contents (Evisceration) due to injury, infection, painful blind eye etc. Scleral Shell Scleral shell is a thin prosthesis fitted over the shrunken eyeball (Phthisis Bulbi) caused due to infection or trauma. This is directly fitted over the shrunken eyeball without any surgery unless it is required for reconstruction. Orbital Prosthesis Orbital prosthesis includes artificial eye, lids, lashes and skin. The indication of orbital prosthesis is orbital exenteration due to cancer. A case of Orbital Exenteration fitted with stick on silicon orbital prosthesis A case of Gorlin Gortz syndrome where patient underwent exenteration later on silicon orbital prosthesis with partial nasal prosthesis was fitted for cosmetic rehabilitation
  • 4. Phthisis bulbi .
  • 5. Anophthalmos
  • 6. Contracted Socket is a condition where the space between the eye tissues are very less due to post surgery, inflammation, chemical burn, fractures, late intervention etc. It is very challenging to manage contracted socket. Custom Prosthesis plays very important role in its management.
  • 7. The Art and Science of Making an Artificial Eye
  • 8. Procedure of Making Ocular Prosthesis Ocular Prosthesis is fitted over the disfigured eye either after the trauma or after the surgery for restoration of socket and most importantly for cosmetic appearance. This is made by medical grade plastic (PMMA) which is an inert material and very well tolerated by the surrounding eye tissues. It is made by taking an impression of the eye socket by silicon polymer. The impression of the eye socket is used to make a wax model to determine the size, shape, opening and centration of the eye. Then the iris button (for 3D appearance) is hand painted from direct observation of the fellow eye. This wax model is used to make a cast (white acrylic) of the prosthesis and iris button is fused in it. This white acrylic is further colored according to other eye to simulate a natural appearance. It is then laminated with a clear plastic protective coating followed by high grade multi stage polishing before dispensing.
  • 9. Sachin Gupta
  • 10. Shreya Gupta
  • 11. Art Eyes 106, First Floor, DDA Building 2, Above Mc Donald, District Center, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058 Ph. 011- 25617585, +91- 9811397505 Web: Email:, Clinic Timings: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm (Mon to Fri) 10:30 am to 2:30 pm (Saturday) Saturday by Appointment Only