WordPress to Google Cloud: step-by-step


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Would you like to have your site powered by the enormous scale and reliability of Google Cloud? You can do that now, here is how.

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  • Go to https://cloud.google.com/products/compute-engineClick Try it nowFollow the signup instructions
  • Go to https://cloud.google.com/products/cloud-storageClick Try it nowFollow the signup instructions
  • To authenticate with Google Cloud Storage, ClouSE needs Interoperable Access.
  • YAPIXX stands for Yet AnotherPICture Sharing SiteYapixx is a ready-to-run WordPress on Cloud Storage, configured as a picture sharing site
  • If you have an existing bucket, you can use it to store Yapixx data.If you don’t have any buckets, you can create one.
  • Type in a unique name and hit enter.
  • Use the bucket name you’ve just created in the storage information.The storage information can contain an arbitrary folder name that allows creating multiple databases in one bucket.
  • Note that any information that you enter is only used to launch the instance
  • To authenticate with Google Cloud Storage, ClouSE needs Interoperable Access.
  • Copy and paste the access keys.
  • Yapixx is fully configured now.Please change the admin password as soon as possibleEnjoy!
  • Go to the WordPress dashboardSelect Add new plugin and follow the instructionsSelect Install Themes and follow the instructionsGet more at http://wordpress.org/
  • After you’ve customized and configured your site, create a snapshotThe snapshot will contain your customizations and can be used as an image to launch your website
  • WordPress to Google Cloud: step-by-step

    1. 1. Artem Livshits CEO OblakSoft
    2. 2.  Sign up for Google Compute Engine  Sign up for Google Cloud Storage  Configure storage  Launch ready-to-run WordPress  Create your own Website in Google Cloud  Appendix: how to stop instance
    3. 3.  Go to Compute Engine’s page  Follow instructions
    4. 4.  Go to Cloud Storage’s page  Follow instructions
    5. 5.  Go to WordPress launch page  Specify Project ID and instance name ◦ Get Project ID from Google Cloud Console ◦ Pick a unique instance name you like
    6. 6.  Click on the Storage label
    7. 7.  Create a new bucket  (… or pick an existing one)
    8. 8.  The bucket name should be unique
    9. 9.  Click on the Access Key label  Note: OblakSoft does not store Access Keys
    10. 10.  Select Interoperable Access
    11. 11.  Click ‘Show’ to get Secret Access Key
    12. 12.  Click on instance address to go to instance
    13. 13.  admin password is !!123abc
    14. 14.  Create your own WorPress site  … that stores all its data in cloud storage  … … ( thanks to OblakSoft ClouSE )  Transform Yapixx into anything you need!
    15. 15.  Password: !!123abc  Change the password at the earliest convenience
    16. 16.  Go to Cloud Console, navigate to Snapshots  Pick a unique name, select boot disk
    17. 17.  Your website is running in Google Cloud  Google may bill you for their services  If you don’t need the website any more  … you’d want to stop it to avoid charges  You can stop instance from Cloud Console  Follow instructions on the next 2 slides
    18. 18.  Navigate to Instances, click on Instance  Scroll down, click Delete this Instance
    19. 19.  Navigate to Disks, click on Disk  Scroll down, click Delete this Disk
    20. 20.  www.oblaksoft.com/wordpress-to-google- cloud/  artem@oblaksoft.com  www.oblaksoft.com OblakSoft YOUR WAY TO THE CLOUD