WordPress on Google Cloud Storage: configuring a Virtual Appliance


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Would you like to have your site powered by the enormous scale and reliability of Google Cloud Storage? You can do that now, and the best part is that you can host your site anywhere: on-premise, your favorite hoster or the cloud. Keep your hoster, change your hoster or move to the cloud – all your web site’s data remains always available and safe at Google Cloud Storage. You website becomes faster too: storage objects are cached within Google’s global network and distributed globally without the need for a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

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  • Yapixx stands for Yet Another Picture Sharing Site.Yapixx is just an example of how WordPress can benefit from the power of cloud.WordPress is a mature and versatile platform that powers millions of websites with diverse purposes from blogging to social networking. Now it can run with cloud storage without writing a line of code.
  • Select lamp3 virtual machine.Click start.Wait until the machine show login prompt.Log in using login yapixx and password yapixx.
  • When you connect to Yapixx for the first time, you need to specify where data needs to be stored.
  • To authenticate with Google Cloud Storage, ClouSE needs Interoperable Access.
  • Copy and paste the access keys to the ClouSE configurator.
  • If you have an existing bucket, you can use it to store Yapixx data.If you don’t have any buckets, you can create one.
  • Type in a unique name and hit enter.
  • Use the bucket name you’ve just created in the bucket URL.The last part of the URL is an arbitrary folder name that allows creating multiple databases in one bucket.After the bucket URL is entered, try configuration.
  • Yapixx is fully configured now.Please change the admin password as soon as possibleEnjoy!
  • Go to the WordPress dashboardSelect Add new plugin and follow the instructionsSelect Install Themes and follow the instructionsGet more at http://wordpress.org/
  • WordPress on Google Cloud Storage: configuring a Virtual Appliance

    1. 1. Artem LivshitsCEO OblakSoft
    2. 2.  Yapixx is WordPress … that stores all its data in cloud storage … … ( thanks to OblakSoft ClouSE ) Configured as a picture sharing site … but really can do anything you need
    3. 3.  Launching Yapixx Virtual Machine Configuring Yapixx Virtual Machine ◦ Getting Access Keys ◦ Selecting Bucket Creating Your Own Website on Google Cloud Storage
    4. 4.  Go to http://www.oblaksoft.com/downloads Download Yapixx virtual appliance OVA Install VirtualBox Select File  Import Appliance
    5. 5.  Log into the machine ◦ Login: yapixx ◦ Password: yapixx FYI: root‟s password: root
    6. 6.  Start browser (icon at left upper corner) Type “localhost” in the address bar
    7. 7.  Select the Access Key ID textbox Click on the helper link
    8. 8.  Select Services, turn on Google Cloud Storage
    9. 9.  Enable and select Interoperable Access
    10. 10.  Click „Show‟ to get Secret Access Key
    11. 11.  Select the Bucket URL textbox Click on the helper link
    12. 12.  Create a new bucket (… or pick an existing one)
    13. 13.  The bucket name should be unique
    14. 14.  admin password is !!123abc
    15. 15.  Create your own WorPress site … that stores all its data in cloud storage … … ( thanks to OblakSoft ClouSE ) Transform Yapixx into anything you need!
    16. 16.  Password: !!123abc Change the password at the earliest convenience
    17. 17. OblakSoft YOUR WAY TO THE CLOUD Get FREE WordPress on cloud storage/ Yapixx @ www.oblaksoft.com/downloads artem@oblaksoft.com www.oblaksoft.com