Aiesec sysu application for aiesec mo c 2014 tm entity strategy focus award

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  • 1. AIESEC SYSU Application for AIESEC MoC 2014 Summer National Award Talent Management Entity Strategy Focus Award
  • 2. National strategy alignment oGIP 2 team members rotate to oGIP, one becomes senior member and another one is Middle Management Board, accounts 10% of oGIP member number. Words from Rotation members Why I want to rotate to oGIP: Luke: Choosing to rotate to oGIP is for my self development and I really cherish the people connection here. What I want to learn from oGIP: Carson: What I mainly want:1.How oGIP works.2.Skills about EP raising.3.More OC learning chances from AIESEC. After this term I feel that: Luke: The most important thing is not about the performance, is the faith and belief of oGIP function, and I really appreciate my teammates for supporting each other all the time. Carson: Know more about GIP and understand GIP product from outgoing perspective. Rotation
  • 3. National strategy alignment oGIP oGIP opens 8 positions, including 4 Managers and 4 Team Leaders. We received 10 applications, which includes 3 team leaders, 1 manager and 6 new members. Selection rate(position/candidates) is 80%. * At the same time last, selection rate is 85%. Selection
  • 4. National strategy alignment Talent Development* *Key initiatives in your LC that drive talent development and its impact on the LC. Evaluation System Learning System ·Including Performance Evaluation, 360° Evaluation, Feedback System, Oscar Test, Evaluation System is designed for knowing our entity's members' work efficiency, function work situation, team situation and give feedback to TL, Manager and VP. ·It also guides every team to review and reflect, which can benefit every entity member's better development. ·Including Internal Training System, Local Trainer Team, Collaboration Training, Learning System aims to integrate LC training resource, empower AIESEC SYSU members’ capacity and support them to go through the outer journey more SMARTly. ·It also provides training opportunity to our members, thus, they can improve their specific talent and practice presentation and training skill.
  • 5. National strategy alignment Talent Development Feedback System Oscar Test Evaluation System Performance Form 360° Evaluation Performance Form lets every AIESEC SYSU member review his key performance, learning point, DADP and give feedback towards his teammates. Refer to company’s evaluation system, AIESEC SYSU 360°Evaluation includes team leader, his teammate, team member and his leader's feedback, which can help him review himself 360°ly. After analyzing the Performance Form and 360° Evaluation data, VP will give feedback to other function Team Leader and TL will give feedback to their own members. Oscar Test’ result will show if we develop our member become a specific AIESECer. ※ For more detail information, kindly click:
  • 6. National strategy alignment Talent Development Evaluation System Impact Analysis Complete Rate MM Member Sum oGIP 55.56% 92% 77% oGCDP 100.00% 95% 97% iGIP 100.00% 100% 100% iGCDP 60.00% 92% 83% TM 66.67% 67% MarComm 66.67% 67% FN 100.00% 100% ER 50.00% 50% LC 87% There are 40 MMBs, including 18 Team Leaders and 22 Managers, 78 team members join the 1st evaluation, which accounts 87% of LC members.
  • 7. National strategy alignment Talent Development Evaluation System Impact Analysis Data Analysis for Team Leader 360°Data Counting • Analyze 360°Data with score rate: VP 40%, MM 20%, team leader 10%, team member 30% As the above example, the data counting also counts in blocks, and this detailed data can benefit next step data analysis.
  • 8. National strategy alignment Talent Development Evaluation System Impact Analysis Data Analysis for Team Leader As the above example, counting the score average level, Team Leader score ranking will help us know the Team Leader’s current capacity. Data Statistics • Average score counting • Score ranking statistics ·overstriking: higher than average score ·Normal: lower than average score ·Green: Top 3 ·Red: Last 3 For instance, If 360 score <35 may means member is not that satisfied with the TL. So the TL may have problem in team communication and team bonding.
  • 9. National strategy alignment Talent Development Evaluation System Impact Analysis Data Analysis for Team Leader As the above example, in this part, we will have the “conclusion” of the data analysis. 1)Score image: objective suggestion from 360 score, over whole score and others’ words to the TL. 2) Inner problem: may existed problem. Analysis Conclusion • Give feedback content with Data Statistic and Words from teammate
  • 10. National strategy alignment Talent Development Evaluation System Impact Analysis Feedback Talk Self-situation Function MMB Team & Member Team Give feedback from 3 60°data analysis Align next AIESEC Way with future development Ask feedback and suggestion to the function and LC 17 Team Leaders received individual feedback talk from cross function VP and collected 11 Feedback Talk records. Individual Talk Content
  • 11. National strategy alignment Talent Development Evaluation System Impact Analysis System Evaluation When we have individual feed balk with Team Leader, they will express that the result of evaluation is quite object and fit. However, they also suggest that, the 360°evaluation content, Data analysis needs to be more professional, Feedback talk should be more specific.
  • 12. National strategy alignment Talent Development Learning System Education Cycle Local Trainer Team OC Collaboration Training LC Education Cycle, knowing when and what kind of training do we need, and who will be the proper trainer. To integrate LC trainer resources and held training activity. Cultivate local trainer and manage LC trainer pool. To integrate LC internal training resources, we will organize cross function, cross activity OCT and other area training.
  • 13. National strategy alignment Talent Development Learning System Impact Analysis Overview 20 AIESEC members and 2 AIESEC Club members join the training, and we got a 80% Net Promoter Score which means the OC Collaboration training is suitable and welcome to our LC members. Topic and Content OC Promotion: Design Concept PPT Tips WeChat Management OC Event: Project Management
  • 14. National strategy alignment Talent Development Learning System Impact Analysis 1. Training object is clear and training content can use in other area. 2. Meets trainee’s needs as there were many OC opportunity at that time. 3. More example will help understand the training topic. 4. Wish more interaction, trainer should improve training skill. 5. Expectation setting should be more specific. Feedback to the system
  • 15. National strategy alignment TM National key project ※ This summer, we have 50 members will go eXchange and 17 members joined International Conference, which accounts 26% in AIESEC SYSU (including AIESEC SYSU, AIESEC in GZU, AIESEC in UIC, AIESEC in JNU, AIESEC in BNUz). * Int’l Conference: BRIC, APXLDS, Taiwan sNCF 26 3 50 17 X+T Int'l Conference International Experience this Summer 2013 2014
  • 16. LC strategy support LC Priority – Talent Development For LC Talent Development, TM is responsible to LC Product – AIESEC University, aims to package function Training, External Insight and Diversified AIESEC Development Path as one program to empower LC members’ capacity.
  • 17. LC strategy support LC Priority – Talent Development ·For Internal Training System, we set up Learning System. ·For External Involvement System, TM synergy with ER. ·For DADP, this term we are focus on International Experience, like X+T and International Conference , empowerment. Learning System  Set up and implement OC Collaboration Training  LC member knows and join training actively  Next will integrate LTT  Need to complete LC Education Cycle Synergy with ER  Introduce LC partner to deliver professional training to members. Like, 毕达留学deliver MR training to OGX members.  Not have TM learning partner  Not integrate external resource well with LC Education Cycle International Experience  Cultivate member awareness of importance of Int’l XP by LC sharing, LC Newsletter, promotion mailing and others.  67% increase in X+T Raise, 92% increase in X+T Match, 325% increase in Int’l Conf. XP.
  • 18. LC strategy support Front Office To support front office, TM focus on Talent Capacity empowerment. As AIESEC cultivate talent with Inner Journey and Outer Journey, which is also the core competence of TXP. Evaluation System People Connection Learning System DADP Recruitment
  • 19. LC strategy support Front Office Evaluation System People Connection Learning System Recruitment Integrate Function Training Timeline (Not Complete) Give feedback and guidance to TL to improve TLP quality (wiki) DADP Empower Int’l XP (wiki) AC redesign, FACI Training, SRB guidance (wiki) LC Newsletter (wiki)