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From the WMFHA September membership meeting, this slide show was meant to compliment Mike Whaling's (@30lines) presentation on Social Media in the Apartment Industry.

From the WMFHA September membership meeting, this slide show was meant to compliment Mike Whaling's (@30lines) presentation on Social Media in the Apartment Industry.



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  • With the downturn in the current market, our residents aren’t only expecting lower rental rates, but they’re also expecting a lot more for their money. If we’re taking a hit in the finances, one of the things that we can do is to become as educated and connected as possible so that we go from being just LEASING CONSULTANTS to becoming INFORMATION CONCIERGES. When you become a resource for information then you become someone important to know. There are a lot of pieces of info that your team can become the go to source for:

Multifamily Social Media Multifamily Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • Multifamily On Social Media Best Practices, Pros/Cons, and a Few Other Ideas of Note Presentation design by BTLD Consulting
  • From Leasing Consultant to Information Concierge
    • “ By creating compelling content, you can become a celebrity.”
    • - Paul Gillin
    “ New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” - Ben Grossman
  • Pros & Cons to Social Media Technology
    • Instant Information
    • Constantly updates information to keep your residents in the loop and connected
    • Free Tools
    • Can be monitored for content
    • People have short attention spans
    • Instant Information
    • REQUIRES constant updating to keep current information relevant
    • Costs time
    • Potential to be abused/fair housing violations concerns
    • The Internet’s got a long memory
  • Some companies in our area who are already paving the road: But Why?
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Most Powerful form of Marketing in the Current Economy
    • It’s About Conversation
    • Honest & Genuine
    • Join the Conversation That’s Already Happening
    • Don’t Fear Yelp! & Apartment Ratings
    • Build Evangelizers
    Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz $24.95
  • Other On Site Staff Benefits to Utilizing Social Media
    • Quick access to new ideas and solutions to common problems
    • More direct involvement with your residents
    • Community building within our industry
    • New trends come to you right away
    • Tons of new resources your team might not otherwise find
    • Can actually result in more productivity with a more direct communication medium
  • Not One Size Fits All Marketing and Connecting Needs Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Plaxo, Ning, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google Wave, and More
  • Without Method, You’ll Have Madness
    • Prior to “Jumping In”
    • Have a strategy
      • Is this really going to fit our core demographic?
      • Who will maintain it? How much time do we allow for it?
      • How are we going to generate new and unique content?
    • Remember, you don’t have to use every tool out there
      • Starting with Twitter and Facebook is a good idea since the two can interlink pretty well with minimal extra work
    • Listen before you think about speaking
    • Plan an organized roll out of social media marketing
    • Learn the netiquette of the platform that you’re using
      • It’s not about plastering ads, it’s about providing content.
      • Respect the Terms of Service (TOS) of the tool
  • Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well…
  • Since our current hot sheet doesn’t, then what makes for Compelling Content?
    • Current local politics and cultural events around your community
    • Resident written reviews of local plays/new movies
    • Restaurant reviews/recommendations
    • Daily thoughts or quotes, IF appropriate
    • Stuff to do on the weekends in your area
    • Travel tips in seasons when travel is frequent
    • DIY projects for apartment decorating or money saving “make it at home” tips
    It’s about what your RESIDENTS want to read about, not just what you want to write about
  • And on the off chance you thought you could ignore it…
    • 6 of 10 Americans who use Social Media interact with companies through Social Media sites
    • 85% of social media users think that companies should interact with them through social media
    • Facebook grows by over 1 million users a WEEK in the US alone and more than 2/3 of FB users are out of college
    • Twitter has over 12 million users currently and is expected to grow to 18 million users by 2010
    Ostrich Syndrome won’t work when it comes to Social Media.
  • Resources and Links
    • Tools can be found at:
    • Websites and blogs that can help:
    • Suggested Books:
      • Groundswell by Bernoff
      • The New Rules of Marketing and PR by Scott
      • Word of Mouth Marketing by Sernovitz
      • Creating Customer Evangelists by McConnell and Huba
  • Any Questions? Presentation Content by Missy Casteneta, Carla Morin & Heather Blume Special Thanks to Darcey Forbes of Essex Property Trust for her help and insight!