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Special message for Friends as I need to sell my Art work

Special message for Friends as I need to sell my Art work



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Artsale1 Artsale1 Document Transcript

  • Hi! I am a 56 years old and was in an accident in 1999 and because of a closed head injury, I began to lose my sight. Within 6 months, I was 20/400 in one eye and just finger vision in the other. I also ended up with seizures and other medical problems as PTSD, MS, nerve damage in shoulders and arms and neck injuries of C-5 and 6.
    Most of my drawings take many hours for me to do as they are done with magnifiers having to remember what things looked like. In addition, over the last few years, I have had to learnmany different ways to draw,as numbering my pencils with a dot code and then having a color sheet, so I know what I am using. In addition, some of my drawings are done in the colors that I see and others are done with me remembering the color. Almost allof the art work is framed and some of those in antique frames. However, for the most part, I draw in color pencil, mixing in some water colors with maybe some chalk and ink. Nevertheless, in the last few years I have found an enjoyment in Pen & Ink and doing sketches of people, buildings and animals. I find great enjoyment out of drawing birds and other animals and landscapes with lots of flowers.
    My wife and I have done some jewelry and hope to get into doing more very soon, as well as we can do whatever graphic design you might need from logos, business cards, to personal cards as birthday and so on. Lately, I have been doing some jewelry with my wife and some graphic design work from cards to logos.
  • A Special
    to all my friends
    I know that we are all in hard times at this moment and this is why I am putting together this little booklet. First, I want to apologize for the pictures, as I hope to take better ones later. However, because of financial needs, I have no choice but to put my ART work up for sale. Also, in doing this, I am just going to ask that if you would like something to e-mail me and tell me what you would pay, no reasonable offer will be turned away. Also, I have jewelry, and others items upon request and I can draw something for you, anything, in sketch, pen and ink, or pencil color. Thank you and keep us in your prayers
  • Cow in the Barn
    Pencil Color and in a chrome frame, 18 x 24
  • Otiss’s Eyes
    This is a very special drawing all in color pencil and was one of the first ones that I did after my accident and it is in the colors that my eyes were seeing at the time, this is a robin at her nest. This painting as been in numerous art schools. And is is a special floral frame – 18 x 22.
  • The Prophet
    color pencil on canvas – 18 x 30 and has never been in a frame.
  • Bird’s Nest
    Framed in a green wood frame 13 x 18 picture is matted
    x 16
    Deer in Woods
    A pencil color drawing in a special stone frame, imprinted with leaves
    Frame is 7 x 9
  • Joseph
    The bird just a Joseph's coat of many colors. This special bird came on the front porch for me to draw for several days. He would just sit and let me draw him for hours. It is all in color pencil and in a antique frame, that is perfect. The frame was discovered in the basement of an old INN in Vermont. Frame is 10 x 16.
  • Cardinal
    This a special one, it is different as it is a drawing in a box as the cardinal is a pencil color drawing, inserted into a box with flowers, it for the person that wants that different piece of ART. Box is 12 x 12.
  • Bluejay
    Another one of my first drawings, it is pencil color and ink and is in a red mat but can be changed. Picture is 12 x 18
    A small pencil drawing that I did after the accident as I looked out a window from my bed. It is 5 x 7 .
    Pencil Color
    in a blue and white wood frame
    16 x 20
    White Hawk
    Pencil Color
    in a blue and white wood frame
    16 x 20
  • Country Fence
    Pencil Color
    In a brown wood frame
    18 x 20
  • Roses & Butterflies
    One that took many hours, the picture is 7 x 10 and it is framed in a green wood frame that is 10 ½ by 12 ½.
  • Can be purchased as a set or any pair or individuals they are all framed alike in the dark green wood frame and all or 9 x 20 .
    Three Birds – Woodpecker – Sparrows
  • The perfect picture for someone that wants Art with a message, this was done in Vermont as Windmills were being debated in the Vermont Senate.
    It shows a Farmers Merry-go-round. It is 9 ½ by 17, not framed. It is color pencil, ink, and chalk.
  • Milk Cow
    Another small but special piece, it is pencil color with a 3D affect, it is in a black wood frame in a wood mat that is red. The picture is 4 ½ by 6 ½ and the frame is 7 ¾ by 9 ¾. It can sit on a deck, dresser or counter or be hung. On the wall
  • Same picture, different shots with the camera, “Horse in Winter”
    Unframed and it is 11 by 14
  • Horse in Barn
    Pencil Color plus Pen and Ink 19 x 22 in a old stain wood frame.
  • In the Hands of Jesus
    Has Psalms 128:5 on the painting “Let everything he has made give praise to Him. For he issued His command, and they came into being.”
    Pencil color
    in a antique gold type frame matted in brown 18 by 24. the picture alone is 11 by 14.
  • Old Town
    Pen & Ink, this one has been in “Insight” a Art Show at the San Francisco
    Arts Commission Gallery in City Hall in 2006 and 2007 and was also presented on the worldwide media show ARTSLAM in 2008, 2009 & 2010.
    It is framed in a Black wood frame with a red type wood mat , then a green mat, the 14 by 17 the picture is 9 ½ by 11 ½.
    It is on a white ink type paper and
    the picture is wrong
    as it looks the wrong color,
    it is white and black ink.
  • My first attempt at charcoal, it was a curtain I hung on the wall.
    It is not framed and is 12 by 16.
  • Pen and Ink of a Blue jay –
    the photo makes the paper look wrong it is on very white paper and is not framed, it is
    11 x 14
  • Working on, maybe you have some ideas on what to do with it.
    It is four different pictures of the same items, in charcoal, pen& ink,
    color pencil and then just graphic .
    I was hoping to frame them all in one frame.
    They have been on the worldwide media show ARTSLAM in 2010.
    Each picture would be 9 x 12 , so if they were in one frame
    it would have to be a least 24 X 30.
    See next page for individual pictures
  • Let me draw for you, send me a picture of anything …your house, pet,
    Children, grandkids, even yourself and I will do the personal ART work in
    whatever you want as Charcoal, pen, ink, water color, pencil, color pencil,
    it does not matter . Just send me a photo and directions as media and size.
    Did this of myself
    a pencil sketch
    from a photo
    I took of myself ,
    looking into
    a mirror
    Pencil drawing
    From a Photo taken
    Of the Bardwell House
    On Merchant Row
    In Rutland VT.
    9 by 11
    In a
    12 by 14 black mat
  • Be the first to have these special items:
    “A Burning Question” is based on the Song,” Dark Horse”, by John Fischer, after listening to this song, I wrote the story and it has been added to each time it is told. Later, I found out that Mr. Fisher has a book about this also.
    As I stated in the forward this story can be changed from a religious story to a story on predators or race, or even gangs.
    However the key to this all,
    is the true whiteness, comes from accepting and following the Lord Jesus Christ
    This booklet that is put together and printed by Otiss, in color with 22 of his own drawings in the 28 page book, this is for all ages.
    Let me send you information on what happen to me,
    How I got hurt, in a small booklet called “Prison on Wheels” or what others call Diesel Therapy. I will send you a packet that will blow you away and what is more important… it could happen to you or even a family member. Also if possible can you help me out with printing and postage any amount would help, but not required.
    Have you every heard the Little Monkey story,
    that I told in Churches and revivals . I have it written out,
    if you want a copy, let me know.
    Let me E-mail a copy of a report I did
    “The BIBLE as a Graphic Novel and a Comic Book.”
    It is very good reading and something to think about.
    I also have others as: “Disability Etiquette: A New Attitude”
  • Thank you
    for your prayers and help.
    Remember to read my blogs at:
    How Otiss See’s
    Blindink’s Blog