Art 31 -  Shoe Fish (Elementary)
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  • 1. Elementary SHOE FISH
  • 2. Materials •Shoe •Oil Pastels •11” x 17” White Drawing Paper •12” x 18” Black Construction Paper •Scissors •Color Markers (Dark and Light Green/Blue) •White Glue •Black Permanent Marker •Pencil, Eraser and Sharpener
  • 3. Step 1: Trace Shoe Use a shoe to trace in the middle of the paper with a drawing pencil. Be careful placing and removing shoe as to not damage paper.
  • 4. Step 2: Fish Features With the drawing pencil begin to sketch out features on shoe to turn into a fish.
  • 5. Step 3: Tracing Finish drawing by adding seaweed, waves and bubbles for the fish surroundings. Once image is complete use a black permanent marker to trace each of the pencil lines. Go back over image with an eraser to eliminate any extra pencil lines.
  • 6. Step 4: Marker With the dark and light blue markers begin to color in all of the water.
  • 7. Marker Continued Be careful not to color into fish or seaweed. Create any patterns or effects with markers to make it looks like water flowing around fish.
  • 8. Marker Continued Use the dark and light color green markers to fill in the seaweed below the fish. This time be careful not to color into the fish or the water.
  • 9. Step 5: Oil Pastels Use one color oil pastel in each section without mixing colors.
  • 10. Oil Pastels Continued Be careful when applying oil pastels for smudging into water surrounding fish.
  • 11. Step 6: Cut and Finish After fish is completely colored in cut out area above wave. Use white glue to attach to a piece of black construction paper to create a nighttime effect for background and a nice frame.