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Art 31 -  Hamburger and Fries (Elementary)
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Art 31 - Hamburger and Fries (Elementary)


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Elementary Art Project

Elementary Art Project

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  • 1. Elementary HAMBURGER AND FRIES
  • 2. Materials •Color-Aid Paper •Scissors •White Paper (9x12) •Black Construction Paper •Hole Punch •Containers and Lids (for tracing) •Pencil, Eraser and Sharpener
  • 3. Step 1: Cup and Plate With a container or lid trace a large circle about 7” to 8” and cut out with a pair of scissors.
  • 4. Cup and Plate Continued Cut out a smaller white circle about 3” to 4” and mount on a black piece of paper along with plate.
  • 5. Step 2: Hamburger Begin construction of hamburger with bottom of bun, about 4” across Glue to plate.
  • 6. Hamburger Continued Cut a slightly smaller circle out of color paper for hamburger patty. Cut wavy edges around circle and glue on top of bottom bun.
  • 7. Hamburger Continued Cut a piece of lettuce for hamburger out of green paper. Any shade of green is fine as is shape.
  • 8. Hamburger Continued Use a red piece of coloraid paper for outline of tomato slice.
  • 9. Hamburger Continued Cut smaller rounded triangles for center of tomato. Use a lighter red so they show up against background.
  • 10. Hamburger Continued White or off white paper can be used for onion. Cut a spiral out for shape and glue on top of tomato. Putting objects off center from each other can help to create a more realistic image.
  • 11. Hamburger Continued Create a splash of mustard or ketchup to top off the hamburger.
  • 12. Hamburger Continued Create a circle the same size as bottom bun for top of bun. Lay off to side overlapping a small portion of hamburger so we can still see all of the fixings below.
  • 13. Hamburger Continued A hole punch will be used for sesame seeds on top of the hamburger bun. Don’t overdo it! 8 to 16 should be enough.
  • 14. Step 2: Drink and Fries Using the same techniques on the hamburger begin adding extras to the plate like pickles, fries and ketchup. For the drink create a simple straw and decide what time of soda you would like with your meal.
  • 15. Step 3: Placemat and Finish Create a placemat for your black tray to sit on. The placemat also makes a nice frame for handing on a wall.