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Our Community,your Gallery,etradeshop and Storefront for Creating, Buying and Selling Art and products. ...

Our Community,your Gallery,etradeshop and Storefront for Creating, Buying and Selling Art and products.
"To build Shops and Galleries for creating the opportunity for buying and selling Art and sharing creative common interests"



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Art2trade4   Ltd Art2trade4 Ltd Presentation Transcript

  • art2trade4 Ltd. Social Art Portal Website. our gallery our gallery colours Blue for discover Sky & Clouds Green for enjoy nature, & landscap, Yellow, for explore the harmony, discovery, & enjoyment, Our Mission to serve the entire visual arts community: both producers and consumers of art.
  • art2trade4 Logo
  • art2trade4 International Logo
  • art2trade4 Logo and Caption embrace me dium space
  • art2trade4 Business Card
  • Present Yourself
    • Welcome to your space .
    • It’s a brave new world of Art, Discover the artist’s around you.
    • Join a network that reflects your real life community, to learn more about you and the other artist’s who work, live or study around you.
    • Embrace the space.
    • Combing artist social networks, connecting the artist social audience to the on-line artist community to showcase their works and build a global audience.
    • Remix.
    • Be your creator for social marketing , portable content and brand experience that are spread virally to other users.
  • art2trade4 Brochures
  • art2trade4 Brochure
  • art2trade4 mini-homepage
    • Its your social profile to present and promote yourself to other members galleries.
    • It enables you to connect to family other artists and friends.
    • Helps you to find other images, explore, discover, remix and enjoy other galleries.
    • Its made up of all your shop listings.
    • Its made up of all you multi gallery listings.
    • Defines your trusttrader rankings.
    • Defines your accreditation and verification for authorization to trade with others.
    • Shows your personal interests, about me.
    • Displays your artwork listings.
    • Helps to enhance the community experience by expanding our user base and activity Listings.
  • Your gallery Our Community, Your Gallery, Shop & Storefront for Creating, Buying and Selling.
    • Its your Gallery Social Profile.
    • Its your Gallery & Shop
    • Its your listing of items in a gallery.
    • Its your multi gallery categories
    • Its your art site to buy and sell.
    • It’s your Shop
    • Its your affiliates
    • And program
  • Company Profile.
    • Art 2 Trade 4 Limited (art2trade4) was incorporated with Companies Office on the 23 January 2006, Registered Company number is 1753831.
    • Art 2 Bid 4 Limited (art2bid4) was incorporated with the Companies Office on the 23 January 2006. Registered Company number is 1753832.
    • Art 2 trade 4 limited and Art 2 Trade4 Limited has two share holders with equal shares, Mr.
    • Donald George Baker and Mr. William John Whittome.
    • art2trade4.co.nz and art2bid4.co.nz are both registered with Domain Name Registration, Christchurch.
  • Company Team
    • Company Team.
    • Art 2 Trade 4
    • Company Team
    • Mr. Ed Johnston. LLB Barrister and Solicitors.
    • Level 1 370 Great North Road Waitakere City.
    • Mrs. June Cade. Accountant.
    • 20 Fergusson Road Mt Albert. Auckland.
    • Mr. Charles Philip Hickling. (Philip)
    • Voluntary mentor Company Re-builders Charitable Trust, assisting small and new businesses to expand and improve in the market place.
    • Mr. Mike Paltridge.
    • CEO off a Communications Company Auckland. Mike has been a friend to Bill and me for a number of years and he assist in business matters.
  • Objectives
    • Art2trade4’s objectives for the first three years of its operation include:
    • 1.2.1    Affordable access to the resources of art2trade4 from online services provided by the internet.
    • 1.2.2     The formation of an atmosphere and environment that will bring people with diverse art and design interest and background and feedback together in a common forum from the community.
    • 1.2.3    Educating the artist community on what art2trade4 can offer to the community.
    • 1.2.4    The creation of a good well used art website which scales itself from its innovation that will differentiate from other local art web sites.
    • 1.2.5     Offering equal and fair trading opportunities at a reasonable, competitive price for others to enjoy.
  • Our Mission
    • Our Mission
    • The mission of art2trade4 is to serve the entire visual arts community: both producers and consumers of art.
    • to showcase the work of New Zealand’s artists along with artworks being sold through the network of dealer galleries around the country.
    • We are not a dealer gallery ourselves, so all sales will be between you, the buyer, and the gallery or artist who is selling the work.
    • Our sole purpose is to help you find the perfect piece of art, and then let you follow it up from there.
    • Cost effective and rewarding commerce art experience
    • Helping to build a strong innovative community.
    • Pictures which express and celebrate their distinct qualities.
    • To offer direct buying and selling of art thru an Auction offer or make an offer.
    • To support visual arts, artisans, photographers, sculptors, School art, Emerging artists, and professional creative practitioners and producers.
    • To create for artists, artist galleries, categories of their choice, for an artist site, or to support their multiple listings as a gallery
    • The art2trade4 member will have their own web pages, but also accessible through the Art2trade4 search functions.
  • Services Overview
    • 1    Services Overview
    • Concept using video slides.
    • Through an Auction , or Make-an-Offer, pricing critiquing between buyer and seller.
    • New revenue steams and cross sharing.
    • Enabling improved customer communication and community tools relationship management.
    • We will provide online markets with a greater share ownership.
    • Help speed up the purchasing processes.
    • Home buying for design on demand services to help services to become more desirable from existing retail services.
    • Sign up direct through our email seller’s account.
    • Customers accounts to be managed by DPS from the Westpac Bank.
    • Customers accounts and payments will be via payment Express.
    • Other methods of payments credit cards, master card etc.
  • Keys To Success
    • .4.1    The creation of a unique, innovative, atmosphere that will differentiate art2trade4 from other local and national art websites and auction sites.
    • 1.4.2    The establishment of creating an art and design buy and sell community art forum for all family and friends’ interests, by providing a multi-tiered auctioning system supporting image of choice.
    • 1.4.3     The creation of choice environment that won’t intimidate the art novice or art specialist users who wish to buy and sell online from other private individual or professional wholesale or retail outlets. 
    • 1.4.4     Art2trade4 will position itself as an open forum auction for local, regional and national interest for individuals wishing to enjoy other local or professional artworks from individual works of innovative expression and distinct qualities from other artists
    • 1.4.6     Expression of providing a favorable New Zealand buy and sell online auction site.
    • 1.4.7     It has been designed to reach across all family interests and it will appeal to art owners and individuals, who like to express themselves through their own feelings on the subject of art and design.
    • 1.4.8     The multi-tiered choice of auctioning, fixed price auction from stores and the free offering for children to share, gift, build, record the same likeness of design which they like to pass onto their closest friends and buddies.
  • Technology
    • 3 Technology
    • 2.3.1     Art2trade4 will obtain its network 24 hour support initially from RegisterDirect a webhosting farm located in Christchurch.
    • 2.3.2    Our   new technology supports a global resource .net platform using B2C and C2C using an e-commerce platform to focus on buyers and sellers. Our on-line B2C customer is extensible to B2B at a later date.
    • Our technology is totally web browser compatible with all other www. Browsers, Linus, Macs, Windows.
    • Shopping through java based back end processing and all the contents can be sent as an XML or ASP or CSS format from the main database. The databases are larger more miniaturized from multiple processing this makes them fast and efficient.
    • 2.3.3     Our new transactional network business model supports the total integration of having our pages wrapped and written in protocol which is suitable for all homes and shops with computers.
    • The stores will be able to set up their own price discounts, new retail and delivery price for all items. This means that the stores will show their own images of the products, together with pricing from the one source.
    • 2.3.4     The management of information, data, images, text, from separate storage places will not exist. This will enable art2trade4 to reach out to people of all age groups and locations. The retailer and the art enthusiast will not have to juggle their needs to the customers needs. This is the path and direction that art2trade4 has taken in its design and look and feel for all its pages of its website.
  • Market Summary
    • 3.0     Market Analysis Summary
    • 3.1    Online Shopping Market Analysis
    • 3.1.1     Art2trade4 is faced with an exciting opportunity of being a mover to update and improve the way in which the auctioning market can look at alternative methods of deployment for buying and selling. The popularity of offering an alternative method has arisen from the leading service providers.  From this consistent popularity, the high immediate growing interest has proven to be a winning concept in the other categories and markets.
        • Fixed price shopping, with its known prices and discounts and delivery for home shopping, is proving better for stores than direct auctioning. This type of marketing is seamless, uniform, and consistent for the home shopping database, when it comes to supplying and supporting the data, image, text, and price discounting per item listed.
    • 3.2     New Zealand Market Analysis
    • 3.2.1     According to the market research we conducted, throughout New Zealand, there are in total around 6000 artists covering all sorts of media and classification. A different and unique design is required to provide an innovative environment required for its customers with an atmosphere that will help to spawn internet socialization interest. To achieve this goal, art2trade4 supports all family and friends, small office home office (SOHO) and all adults of all age groups. Thus, our target market includes
    • Artists, Art Galleries, artists listed with galleries, art enthusiasts, amateur and professional.
    • The business stores that offer and support art and design, collectibles, antiquarian painting and furnishings for the home.
    • The in-wide diverse 18 – 50 age group adults and university students.
    • Seniors and School Teenagers who are learning and want to learn about the internet in use of hobbies, games, music, video, movies and wireless.
    • The Small Office Home Office (SOHO).
    • The school children who wish to design, play, and express art and design by sharing and gifting with their best friends.
  • Market Objectives
      •     Marketing Objectives
        • To provide affordable access to all the resources to art2trade4 from the online services of the internet. To grow the total volume of sales by 10% annually after the first year.
        • To diversify the services being offered and to insulate the business against fluctuations in any one component of the revenue streams.
        • Affordable access to all resources for the public, private, and professional interests.
        • Special membership packages and supporting sponsorship and affiliated programs.
        • Open social media platform that will bring people to a common forum.
        • Helping to educate the social artist community.
        • Build customer loyalty through Trust trader.
        • Offering fair trading opportunities and creditability rankings for use of service and feedback from others.
        • Fair trading at a reasonable competitive price for everyone to enjoy.
        • Build the art2trade4 brand to the point where it becomes a house hold name.
        • Creating art and design web site to buy and sell art for all family and friends by providing a auctioning system supporting images of choice.
        • Maintain a staff of enthusiastic employees loyal to the product and company.
  • Strategy Summary
    • Strategies and Implimentations.
    • 4.1    Strategies and Implementation
    • 4.1.1     Focus on the communication process which comes from the artists’ corner through email or a friendly, direct artist community forum.
    • 4.1.2     Focus on those who use the internet and its broadband facility and who are familiar with want the internet can offer for buying and selling online for goods.
    • 4.1.3     Build the social artist community environment for the art and design enthusiasts. This provides social art blogging, social critique, and written criticism and expression. This will serve as an attractive tool to draw others who wouldn’t otherwise be thinking about using the internet.
    • 4.1.4     O ffer stores and storefront to the store owners with their own website browser which enables the artist, collector, or the community to browse through the stores specific items, that the stores owners wish to sell in a virtual online environment.
    • 4.1.5     Attract buyer and sellers to support Trust Traders, which is a service that will help to promote and support the goodwill of all Buyers and sellers ranking provided by its feedback from others.
    • 4.1.6    Attract School Art from schools to buyers and sellers.
    • 4.1.7    a rt2trade4 will follow a differentiating strategy to gain the competitive edge for its entry into the auctioning and stores’ market.
    • 4.1.8     Pricing Strategy--art2trade4 has based its market prices on the auction and stores comparison competitive pricing across the major world best auctioneers, local and international, within our global economy. We have inserted into our marketing budgets and financial forecasts a formula which supports a solid pricing strategy.
    • 4.1.9     a rt2trade4 will implement a promotional strategy in order to build its awareness and demand, which covers local radio spot advertising, local newspapers with a promotion coupon for a free internet time in our Classified Ads section, sponsorship section or directory listing, the directory listing fee promotional listings for one year, or free ads promotions for one month or free featured pro pack for one month or free subscription list in support of trust trader for one month.
        • As an auctioning art and design specialist art web site art2trade4
    • Will implement a support strategy which enables staff handling any auctioning problems that may occur in the process of transaction.
  • Homepage
  • Registration
  • Acknowledgement of Registration
  • Congratulations.
  • Create Shop & Gallery
  • Choose Shop or Gallery
  • Category Listings
  • The Listing Details for the picture
  • Upload for Images
  • Confirmation page for all detail listings
  • My Profile Page
  • Setting up Multiple Galleries for your Shop
  • Your Shop Profile and galleries
  • Mini-homepage with My Profile, My Shop, & My Galleries
  • myart2trade4 Accounts Overview
  • Buyers Management Wanted Section
  • Buyers Artworks I Won
  • Buyer My Shopping Cart
  • Buyers Message from the Seller
  • Buyer Personal Message from the Seller
  • Buyers Watchlist
  • Customers Messages Between Buyer and Seller
  • Sellers Buyers Messages
  • Customers Support Ticket
  • My Accounts Authentication & Verification
  • Browse All Categories
  • Browse Artwork Details
  • Browse Paintings
  • Browse Paintings
  • Browse Personal Image
  • Browse Artists
  • Browse Shops
  • Advance Search functions
  • Events for Artists
  • Events for Content
  • The community
  • Contacts
  • Media RSS Gallery Images
  • Gallery 2D-3D artistwall