Class Of 2011 Regist. For 2009
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  • 1. Welcome!!! Liberty High School Class of 2011
    • FEBRUARY 4, class presentation on 2009/10 registration
    • FEBRUARY 11 thru 17 th at 1:00
    • Registration forms to be completed, with teachers making recommendations for classes and/or approval. These forms will be worked on during Advisory on the 11 th . Actual registration with course numbers can be done in the computer labs, or students can register at home on IC.
      • All registration forms will be completed and handed (with course numbers in IC) in during Advisory on the 18 th of February! (Please include parent/teacher signatures)
    • Student Curriculum Guide
      • Corrections
    • Registration Form
    • Demonstration of putting the course numbers into IC.
  • 4. Online Registration Demonstration
  • 5. Curriculum Guide (page 2)
    • Alphabetical by department
    • Course description of every class
    • Includes a flow chart by department
    • Classes designated with an ‘N’ for National College Athletic Association
    • Classes designated with an ‘H’ for Higher Education Admission Requirements
    • Show this to your parents!!
    • Civics and Law [157105] Grade 9, one credit N H
    • Prerequisite: None. Civics and Law provides a basic understanding of the
    • design and operation of federal, state, and local governments. Relationships
    • between the citizen and the government are explored and the student
    • develops an understanding of the significant role of the citizen in American
    • democracy. The students become familiar with the American legal system
    • and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
    • Comment: This course cannot be taken concurrently with World Regional Geography. Students may be required to pay approximately $10.00 for a subscription to a national news publication created especially for high school students.
    • World Regional Geography [154000A and 154000B] N H
    • Grade 9, one credit
    • World Regional Geography develops a view of the world through the study
    • of cultural and physical geography. Emphasis is placed on our natural
    • environment, cultural regions, and geographic aspects of man’s
    • contemporary economic, social, and political conditions. Interrelationships
    • of climate, vegetation, soils, landform, and environmental impacts are
    • studied. Map reading, map interpretation, and the skills necessary to
    • Accomplish these tasks are studied.
    • Comment: This course cannot be taken concurrently with Civics and Law.
  • 6. Curriculum Guide (page 4) Graduation Requirements 2011
    • English 8 Credits
    • Math
    • -must include Algebra I and Geometry 6 Credits
    • Natural Sciences 6 Credits
    • Social Sciences 6 Credits
      • 2 Credits must be US History
      • 1 Semester of Civics is required
    • Academic Electives / CORE 8 Credits
      • 2 Credits must be World Language
    • Physical Education 3 Credits
    • Health 1 Credit
    • Arts 1 Credit
    • Unrestricted Electives 11 Credits
    • Total 50 Credits
  • 7. Colorado’s Higher Education Admission Requirements (pages 4, 31 & 32) (for Colorado’s public 4 year colleges/universities)
    • English 4 years
    • Mathematics 4 years
        • (must include Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2)
    • Natural/Physical Science (2 lab based) 3 years
    • Social Studies (incl. 1 yr of US or World Hist.) 3 years
    • World Language (same language) 1 year
    • Academic Electives 2 years
    • The HEAR requirements are different than graduation requirements. For more information you can look on pages 31-32.
  • 8. Pathways to Excellence (pages 6-7)
    • Begin working toward your post secondary goals today!
    • Everyone will take a different path to success –tailor your classes towards your strengths and interests.
    • College entrance is becoming more competitive as each year passes.
    • High school graduation requirements do not necessarily reflect college or NCAA Clearinghouse requirements, so plan carefully!
    • Talk with your parents and teachers!!!
  • 9. Special Programs (curriculum guide pages 29-30)
    • Student Government
    • Academic Support
    • JROTC
    • AVID
    • Freshman Mentor
    • *STUCO will be added to your schedule at a later time. Do not sign up for it during registration*
  • 10. Academy Online High School
    • Offering courses online for graduation credit
    • For students needing a course for differing reasons
    • Start with your counselor
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Web:
  • 11. Typical 11 th Grade Schedule
    • American Literature & Composition All Year 2 credits
    • Mathematics All Year 2 credits
    • Science All Year 2 credits
    • Social Studies – US history All Year 2 credits
    • Wellness – If not completed
    • World Language* All Year 2 credits
    • Electives All Year 4 credits
    • (1 year long class or 2 Semester long classes)
  • 12. Things to consider when choosing classes:
    • Keep your grades up
    • Take challenging courses, but be realistic.
    • What are your ‘outside of school’ commitments?
    • What other activities are you involved in?
  • 13. Who should consider Honors or AP courses?  TAG (Talented and Gifted) students  Students whose ability level requires significant acceleration of the standard curriculum.  Highly Motivated Learners  Students who can work at a high level of competence and accept a highly rigorous challenge.
  • 14. How do I enroll in Honors or AP?
    • Carefully consider your level of preparation and commitment to the content area as well as your personal interests and passions. Pursue challenge in those areas where you posses the highest interest and ability.
    • Examine your current level of performance. Examine your standardized test scores. If these are both in the above average to advanced range, you are a good candidate for Honors or AP courses .
    • Discuss your desire for Honors and AP with your current teacher. Your current teacher is often the best judge of your preparedness. OBTAIN YOUR CURRENT TEACHER’S SIGNATURE ON THE REGISTRATION PLANNING SHEET.
  • 15. Last minute reminders!!
    • Show this information to your parents/guardians and let them help you make informed decisions.
    • Please write neatly and accurately on your forms.
    • You must know your Infinite Campus login before going to the computer labs, or completing at home.
  • 16. LHS MOTTO “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth.” -Archimedes