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Cloud Interoperatibility and Hybrid Clouds: promise or reality? - HP Discover 2013
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Cloud Interoperatibility and Hybrid Clouds: promise or reality? - HP Discover 2013


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Presentación “Interoperabilidad Cloud y Nubes Híbridas: Promesa o Realidad”, impartida por Juan Manuel Robles, Director de Cloud Solutions en arsys, y Javier Salcedo, Director de Producto, en el …

Presentación “Interoperabilidad Cloud y Nubes Híbridas: Promesa o Realidad”, impartida por Juan Manuel Robles, Director de Cloud Solutions en arsys, y Javier Salcedo, Director de Producto, en el encuentro HP Discover 2013.

En esta ponencia, Robles y Salcedo explican cómo evitar el bloqueo de proveedor o vendor lock-in al seleccionar una solución IaaS y conseguir integrar fácilmente los recursos Cloud Públicos y Privados en un entorno de máxima eficiencia.

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  • 1. Cloud interoperability and hybrid clouds: promise or reality? Juan Manuel Robles – Cloud Solutions Director Javier Salcedo – Product Director
  • 2. Agenda • Introduction • The cloud interoperability promise. Hybrid Clouds. • HP CloudSystem & Arsys CloudBuilder working together • Benefits for customers/market • Next steps
  • 3. About arsys arsys is a Internet Presence, Managed Hosting, Cloud Computing and IT Solutions service provider With more than 15 years in the market, arsys is the leader in the Spanish market and is pioneer in the development of the 1st european Cloud Hosting platform. Since August 2013, Arsys is part of United Internet, the largest European company in the sector.
  • 4. Background • Pressures are forcing all of us to think about IT services in a different way. Absolute movility Social Newtorks Internet of things Analytics • IT areas can not ignore Cloud Business models inside their ecosystems if they want to face the new world we live in Self Service Big data Instant Response
  • 5. Arsys cloud positioning • Arsys cloud value proposition is pivoting around Cloudbuilder, our public cloud offering. • Key strategy is to enable hybrid clouds to avoid vendor lock-in for customers: • • Participation in the EU-funded project Optimis for cloud interoperability. • • Partnership and integration with HP Cloud System (1st European cloud provider). Integration with 3rd party cloud brokers. Arsys goal is leading an open public cloud ecosystem enabling our customers to enjoy the benefits it brings to every business Capacity planning is dead!!
  • 6. Cloudbuilder: what is it about? The dream came true… Internet VPN Firewall Load Balancer I wish I would like to manage all my IT from a web portal! Servers Storage Backup
  • 7. Why is CloudBuilder different – Main differentiation features (flexibility, customization, technology independence) Full resource granularity, tailored infrastructure Integrated firewall and loadbalancer configuration policies Strong security platform Simple, clean, all-in-one portal Arsys-owned development Reseller-friendly (customized pricing, commission fee) Enterprise-class and state-of-the-art technology Autoscaling Integrated Monitoring Several cloud storage options (NFS, CIFS, API…) Integrated backup configuration, execution and restoration Flexible IP and networking configuration options Dedicated servers Hybridization Granular privatization options within the same product and platform (storage, servers, firewall, load balancers, VPN…) Wide range of VPN options (SSL, IPSec, MPLS) Private Networks
  • 8. The cloud interoperability promise. Hybrid Clouds. • There are very good and feature complete IaaS solutions around… • But we’ve forgot some of the cloud promises we made to the market 5 years ago… • Still vendor-lock-in, it’s difficult to change providers • No clear comparison between providers in terms of performance, cost, SLAs… • We would like to switch workloads (servers) from one provider to another one as we change the energy/power provider at home, with just a call or a mouse click and without service disruptions • No provider is fulfilling these promises yet • HP and Arsys are heading in that direction with the HP CloudSystem and arsys Cloudbuilder integration
  • 9. Hybrid clouds and interoperability Public cloud #1 On-premises private cloud Internet Public cloud #2 Public cloud #3 Dedicated servers
  • 10. HP and arsys – working together for a joint hybrid cloud offering • Any HP CloudSystem customer can configure arsys as their “public cloud provider”. • The customers would work with HP CloudSystem as usual but they can now choose to create some services in the arsys cloud. • Both the on-premises and the arsys-outsourced services are managed from a central tool, HP CloudSystem. • This enables seamless outsourcing of the services, avoiding the need to use different tools for different providers. • Arsys has become the 1st European Cloud provider compatible with HP cloud System. • Our current integration is only the first step of what will be a long partnership.
  • 11. The results – Managing the arsys Cloudbuilder cloud from HP CloudSystem Demo available in our stand
  • 12. Benefits for customers/market •Use a single tool for both on-premises and outsources services. •Avoid vendor lock-in. •Decide on-the-fly what’s the best cloud to place a workload (in terms of price, reliability, SLA, etc.).
  • 13. Next steps Arsys and HP will strengthen the integration with some of these ideas: o Migration from one provider to another one o Facilitate comparison between providers in terms of cost, performance, reliability, SLAs… o Adding more features in HP CloudSystem to manage the arsys Cloudbuilder servers. o Integrate common reporting / compliance analysis. o Better VPN integration for transparent IP management. o etc.
  • 14. Interested? Ask your HP Account Manager!
  • 15. Thank you Juan Manuel Robles Javier Salcedo Cloud Solutions Director Product Director