Saving Rrivate Ryan


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Saving Rrivate Ryan

  1. 1. Saving Private Ryan StarringTom Hanks as Cpt. John H. MillerMatt Damon as Private James Francis Ryan Directed/Produced BySteven Spielberg
  2. 2. Introduction An Academy Award Winner movie released in 1998. Historical movie related to Second World War. Describes the invasion of American soldiers on the shore of Normandy, France on June 6th, 1944. In this movie a group of eight soldiers including Cpt. Miller go behind enemy lines to search for Private Ryan on the orders of US Chief of Army Staff.
  3. 3. Summary American soldiers invade the Omaha Beach in Normandy, France captured by the Germans.
  4. 4. SummaryAfter getting informed that a soldier named Pvt. Ryan has lost allhis three brothers, the General of US army orders to rescue Pvt.Ryan and bring him back home. This was because all his threebrothers were dead and Ryan’s mother was going to receive thedeath telegrams of all her three died sons.
  5. 5. Summary Cpt. Miller andhis company(CharlieCompany, 2ndRanger Battalion)was ordered to goand find Pvt.Ryan. Thecompany facesheavy resistanceon their way,fighting with theGermans and alsolosing two oftheir men.
  6. 6. SummaryFinally, the companyarrives in the outskirts ofRamelle ( a certain town )and finds out Pvt. Ryanwho was assigned the dutyto defend a strategicallyimportant bridge. CaptainMiller dies in thebattlefield while returningcoming heavily underGerman fire while thecompany makes it homewith Ryan.
  7. 7. Inspirations Cpt. John H. Miller alongwith his team is the sourceof inspiration. Clearlyknowing the fact thatgoing behind the enemylines could cost them theirlife, but still Captainfollowed the orders issuedto him with greatcommitment, honesty andvalor.
  8. 8. Reasons for inspiration Patriotism, Heroism Ryan was a true a patriotic soldier filled with heroic essence forhis country. He refused to go back when Capt Miller informed him aboutchief’s orders. Sacrifice for others This is a touching story about men who gave their lives for a mission. We can learn so much about sacrificing our own lives for the sake of others from this movie. Feelings for somebody USA chief of staff had sympathetic feelings for Mrs Ryan, so hesent out a mission despite of the fact that the area was known to be verydangerous and risky.
  9. 9. Reasons for inspiration Commitment towards your target Once we are assigned a target, we must be committed to it nomatter how much hardships we have to bear. Captain Millar and histeam remained committed to his task with honesty and bravery evenafter losing two lives and Ryan was finally back to his home. On theother hand, Ryan was committed to his position in the battlefield andrefused to leave it when Cpt. Miller informed him about Chief’s orders.