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Build Your Career with best Architecture Entrance Exam Preparation. At Silica, we provide you comprehensive guidance and assistance for preparation of CAT / NATA / JEE Entrance Exams. Start your …

Build Your Career with best Architecture Entrance Exam Preparation. At Silica, we provide you comprehensive guidance and assistance for preparation of CAT / NATA / JEE Entrance Exams. Start your career from top architecture colleges. Visit www.silica.co.in to Buy NATA + CET Test Series + Study Material. Start your Architecture Entrance Exam Preparation Right Away!

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  • 1. ArchitectureDTE, Mumbai MAH-AR-CAT 2010Annexure – VDETAILS OF MAH-AR-CAT-2010Scheme, Syllabus, Instructions & Specimen Questions and Answers1. THE AGENCY TO ADMINISTER THE MAH-AR-CAT-2010Article II. The MAH-AR-CAT-2010 would be administered by the Competent Authority, onits own or in collaboration with or through a professional agency with proven record of itscompetence and experience in such process of personnel selection through competitiveexaminations.2. SCHEME OF EXAMINATION: MAH-AR-CAT-2010Scheme of Examination:The MAH-AR-CAT-2010 examination will consist of one common question paper of maximum 200marks in the subjects of Aesthetic Sensitivity and Drawing to test the aptitude of the candidate forarchitecture degree course with Weightage as follows:-Subjects for MAH-AR-CAT 2010 MarksAesthetic Sensitivity 100Drawing 100Total 2003. Date, Time and Duration Of MAH-AR-CAT-2010:The MAH-AR-CAT-2010 will be held on 30 May 2010. The examination will be of 3 hours duration.The candidate should report 30 minutes before commencement of Common Aptitude Test.4. Syllabus for Examination:-Subject: Aesthetic Sensitivity :-Questions will be based on visualization, imagination & creativity regarding two/three dimensionalobjects & its sides, combination & composition of two/three dimensional elements/ objects,understanding scale & proportions, imaginative comprehension and expression, Architecturalawareness etc.Subject: Drawing:-Aptitude of the candidate shall be judged for quality of sketching, sense of scale and proportion,observation power regarding proportionate reproduction of given drawing, colouring, memory drawing,theme sketching, perspective drawing etc.5. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:The question paper for MAH-AR-CAT 2010 will be set in English only. Translations in any otherlanguages will not be available.There is no negative marking for MAH-AR-CAT 2010.There will be no verification of marks or revaluation of answer sheets of the MAH-AR-CAT-2010.61
  • 2. ArchitectureDTE, Mumbai MAH-AR-CAT 2010The marks at the MAH-AR-CAT-2010 will be considered for admission during the currentacademic year i.e.2010-11 only and will not be allowed to be carried forward for the admissionin next academic year.The cities in which MAH-AR-CAT-2010 is conducted are designated as centers. Each center willhave several venues depending upon the number of candidates due to appear at that center.A candidate applying for the MAH-AR-CAT-2010 will have the freedom to choose his/her centerbut shall not have freedom to choose the venue.The candidates appearing for MAH-AR-CAT-2010 are instructed to bring their own drawingmaterials such as :- pencils, eraser , scale and other drawing instruments along with coloursfor the examination.Use of communication devices like cellular phone etc. is not permitted in the examination hall.SPECIMEN QUESTION & ANSWERMAH-AR-CAT-2010 for admission to First Year B.Arch. in Maharashtra State.The MAH-AR-CAT-2010 test paper will consist of 07 (seven) types of questions of AestheticSensitivity and 02 (Two) questions of Drawing. All questions are compulsory.Section 2.01 Aesthetic Sensitivity : 100 MarksFrom a given 2-D shape make a Sketch of 3-D object:QUESTION ANSWERFrom a given 3-D object make a drawing of one face:QUESTION ANSWERCount the surfaces of the object:11ANSWERQUESTIONDraw the shadow of object considering the direction of light:62
  • 3. ArchitectureDTE, Mumbai MAH-AR-CAT 2010QUESTION ANSWERColour the composition:QUESTIONComposition in a rectangle with shapes of your choice:ANSWERUse the forms and construct a structure:QUESTIONANSWER63
  • 4. ArchitectureDTE, Mumbai MAH-AR-CAT 2010Section 2.02 Drawing : 100 MarksDraw a memory sketch:(On the given theme)Enlarge and colour the drawing:64