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WRL Presentation


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WRL Presentation

WRL Presentation

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  • 1. PresentationPresenter: Mohammad Arshad Jugon
  • 2. Content Introduction How I found the work placement? Structure and Role of CyberNet My position within CyberNet Learning Outcomes and how I have achieved them The work that I performed Problems Encountered Achievements Skills Acquired Future Career Ambitions Special Thanks
  • 3. Introduction Final Year Student of London Metropolitan University-2013 Studying BSc Computing Work Placement with WOWBiz – Alan Stuart (ProjectSupervisor)Figure 1. WOWBiz Company Logo (CyberNet)
  • 4. How I found the work placement? Friend’s advice Personal Advisor Module Information University Website
  • 5. Structure and Role of CyberNetContact to the externalCompaniesLeaderExternal CompanyMohammad ArshadJugonMax Paschal Ellen DenisPeople workingon the project
  • 6.  Project Supervisor – Alan Stuart1. Main Person behind the operation2. Connection to the external employer Project Manager – Shani Moncrieffe1. Connection between the leaders and Alan2. Monitor Performance of students Project Leader – Mohammad Arshad Jugon1. Leads the project2. Helps them with questions3. Decision Making4. People Management5. Communication
  • 7. Role of WOWBiz Part of London Metropolitan University Help students/graduates get into real client drivenprojects Low Cost Solution for Businesses Aimed front-end designers, graphic and gamingartists, database developers, IT consultants,programmers.
  • 8. My position within CyberNet Leader People Skills Assign work across the team Decision Making Communication Programmer Client Side Coding(C#, html, C++) Server Side Coding(ASP, .NET, PHP) Database Technology(Oracle, MySQL, Access) Designer Designing the project(Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Visual Studio) Research Research on the coding, designing, and competitions businesses.
  • 9. Learning Outcomes and how I haveachieved them LO1 – Research and Reporting LO2 – Presentation Skills LO3 – Communication Skills LO4 – Team Work LO5 – Programming Skills LO6 – Business Awareness
  • 10. LO1 – Research and Reporting Contributing to the business case Research on contents Report to manager on progress
  • 11. LO2 – Presentation Skills Presentation of Business Case in front of audience. Practice with team mates.
  • 12. LO3 – Communication Skills Communication via email or private text. Schedule meetings, discussions. Listening – accurately hearing what my team membersare saying Motivating and Supporting – Giving encouragement,praise to the team
  • 13. LO4 – Team Work Weekly Meetings with Team Members and ProjectManager Working together as a team. Give feedbacks to each other. Assigned several tasks to team members. Merge all work together for final product.
  • 14. LO5 – Programming Skills Analysing the problem Think of a solution Gather requirements Make an implementation plan Comment the code Use of consistent naming conventions for variables Organize the code Testing
  • 15. LO6 – Business Awareness Research on business Difference between Franchise and Company? Business cash flow? Customer attraction to the business? Relationship between customers and employees? Political impact on business.
  • 16. The work that I performed Schedule weekly meetings Split the work between team mates Analysing the effect of competitors on the current business Designing the system Coding the system Weekly report to my manager
  • 17. Problems Encountered Not enough members to start the project System malfunctioning due to coding error Hosting problem due to complexity of code Wrong configuration of system as normal users canmake modifications
  • 18. Achievements All encountered problems resolved Successful working website Worked effectively within the team Gained confidence in the skills Completed all the learning outcomes successfully
  • 19. Skills Acquired Effectively communicate and work in a team Ability to evaluate and analyse the system Ability to test Troubleshooting Improve Time Management Skills Ability on how to approach a real project and client
  • 20. Future Career Ambitions Master Degree in Web Designing and ApplicationDevelopment PhD in Computer Science Working for companies such as Google, Samsung,Microsoft, Intel. Gain more experience by accomplishing internships
  • 21. Summary How I found the work placement Learning outcomes from the placement Overview of the structure and role of CyberNet Position held within the company and the duties performed Problems encountered during the work placement Skills and achievements gained during the placement Future career ambitions and plans
  • 22. Special ThanksAlan Stuart (Project Supervisor)Seema Patel (Second Project Supervisor)Dr Yanguo Jing (Principal Lecturer in Computing, Lead forthe WOW Agency, Student Enterprise Coordinator,University Teaching Fellow)Dr. Yong Xue (Reader in Computation)Shani Moncrieffe Plentie (Project Manager)Work Portal Team