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  • 1. Table of Contents Contents Page Introduction 3 About us 5 What Differentiates Us 7 Why You Shouldn’t Use Us 9 Why You Should Use Us 10 Summary of Benefits 32 What Our Clients Say 33 Under the Hood 36 ROI - Return on Investment 38 Winners Circle 40 Contact 41Hint: If you are short on time, read the pages highlighted in red. 2
  • 2. Are You in the Race? 3
  • 3. ..or Are You on the Sidelines?Internet-enabled technologies are driving new efficiencies and possibilities in everybusiness sector. Claims management is not excluded from this trend, and in fact these newtechnologies are an ideal fit for a 24/7 industry that largely operates with a workforce “onthe road”. Widespread adoption of online claims processing is inevitable.If long-term business viability is in your plans, you’ll need to consider the competitiveimpact of increased efficiency, accessibility and compatibility offered by Internet-enabledclaims management.In short, you better be there! While you sit on the sidelines, your competitors are racing toensure they can meet their clients ever-increasing demand for real time updates. 4
  • 4. 5
  • 5. KLJ Computer Solutions Inc. has been providing data management solutions to a broadrange of clients since 1995. Originally a custom development boutique, KLJ is now focusedon web-based product development and support, and is a leader in the provision of claimssolutions to the insurance vertical.When Venue as a product was first deployed, it was intended to support small to mediumsize claims handling firms. Each new customer received a unique version tailored to theirspecific business process. While customization remains a pillar of our value proposition,the release of Venue 2 provided a single code platform for customers. With this cameimproved deployment, maintenance and reliability of the system.The KLJ Team is confident that we are able to provide you with the best overall solution toyour claims management needs. We hope that you will grant us the opportunity to proveto you that we deliver what we promise as we have proven to our existing clients over thepast 15+ years. 6
  • 7. DIFFERENT FROM THE RESTWe realize that there are some competitors out there with claims management systems that havesimilar tools to what is offered within the Venue Claims Management system. Here is how wedifferentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack:CANI - We live by the principle of CANI which is Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement. Wecontinuously enhance the Venue Claims Management system and pass those enhancements on toour clients.Superior Flexibility - Our flexible administrative tools allow our Clients to customize many elementsof Venue to accommodate their unique needs without our support staff thanks to how intuitive thesetools are.Beyond User Friendly - Our comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials make learning Venue easy forall levels of tech-saviness. The videos can be accessed online 24 / 7.Industry Savvy - Our friendly-sales manager (Marcel Arsenault) has over a decade of experience inhandling multi-line claims which helps us to better understand your needs.Sales Approach - We sell for the relationship and not the commission. If we earn a long-termrelationship with you then we have done our job right.Our Approach to Sales : (1) to help people; (2) to establish long-term relationships; (3) to have fun. 8
  • 8. We have heard many reasons not to buy our system but The most common reasons peoplehave declined to use the Venue Claims Management System have been:Reason # 1: We have been in business for years and things are working great for us.Rebuttal: Enron, GM, Delta Airlines, BP, PacMan….Don’t get too comfy!!Reason # 2: We already have an electronic claims management system and we are happy With it.Rebuttal: Our system can make you more efficient, lower your IT Costs and increase profits.Reason # 3: We are really busy here right now so it is not the time to consider disrupting the office by introducing new technology.Rebuttal: Having worked as an adjuster for over a decade, I know you will always be too busy. Venue™ is easy to implement AND easy to learn. It’s efficiencies will free up some of the time you now lack.Reason # 4: It is too expensive.Rebuttal: You can process a claim with Venue for less then the price of things like a movie ticket, comic book, Big Mac combo, Head & Shoulders or a car wash. None of these things make you money but a claim does. 9
  • 9. Reasons to Use Us 10
  • 10. Not Enough Time In A Day? 11
  • 11. TimelinessIn an occupation where so many daily activities are tied to deadlines, timeliness iseverything.Electronic claims management systems respond to this need by allowing users to configurecustom diaries & e-mail alerts for deadlines associated with activities like reporting fileprogress to clients and regulatory bodies, generating internal progress reports and financialreports, interim billing, 1st contacts, pending expiration dates on policies, limitation periodsfor responding to legal documents and submitting time sensitive claim documents like aproof of loss.KLJ Computer Solutions has addressed this issue by incorporating automation & alerts intothe Venue Claims Management System which users can configure. These alerts can be sentby e-mail to multiple parties simultaneously or viewed in easy-to-follow electronic reportswhich can be printed and shared. 12
  • 12. Accuracy…It’s Important 13
  • 13. AccuracyWith accuracy being so crucial to claims handling organizations and their clients, electronicclaims management systems must be precise.Powerful time & expense tracking management, client account details, billing ratemanagement, and other meticulous data tracking systems must be in place and accuratelyprocess the data resulting in predictable services for clients.Venue Claims Management supplies all of the above capabilities and more. 14
  • 14. Delivering on Promises 15
  • 15. AccountabilityInsurers look for accountability from their claims handlers in everything they do. Likewise,users of claims management systems look for accountability from their vendors ineverything their claims management system does.It was with this in mind that KLJ Computer Solutions loaded Venue with the necessary toolsto ensure claims handlers are able to deliver agreed-upon services to their clients. Some ofthe features which allow claims handlers to uphold the highest standard of accountability totheir clients include time & expense tracking, document managers, diary managers,event/action managers, account instruction managers, appointment/calendar managers,task managers, and a client billing rate manager, among many more.As far for their own accountability, KLJ Computer Solutions has a very proactive approach tomonitoring the performance of their clients claims management application and theoverall satisfaction of their clients. This approach enables them to detect problems quicklywhen they arise and deal with them right away so that KLJs clients know that they areaccountable to them. 16
  • 16. 17
  • 17. AccessibilityWhen it comes to accessibility, claims operations are increasingly dealing with clientsseeking access to their files 7 days a week/24 hours a day. There is also an increasingdemand for the ability to accommodate a mobile workforce. With online electronic claimsmanagement systems, the world can become your office. Users can access their filesanywhere that they have access to the Internet and a browser. Online electronic claimsmanagement systems enable multiple users with different roles to have access to the datait stores. It is essential for any electronic claims management system to ensure that onlyusers intended to have access to claims data has it. Many provinces, states, and countriesrequire businesses keep their clients data secure in accordance with applicable privacylaws. The Venue Claims Management System allows you to set up users with different roleswhich gives them access to specific data that they are authorized to view. The settingsconfigured when you set a user up prevent them from seeing claim data they are notauthorized to. 18
  • 18. Flexibility to Meet Your Needs 19
  • 19. FlexibilityEach claims organization is unique in its own way. This requires flexibility in an electronicclaims management system.A claims organization requires the ability to customize workflow and communications tomeet their clients needs. With Venue Claims Management, these needs are met for eachand every one of your clients with configurable tools like the event/action manager, diarymanager, note manager, and document manager which can be customized to respond tothe needs of your client. 20
  • 20. Efficiency = More Done In Less Time 21
  • 21. EfficiencyEven though it is not at the top of this list, efficiency is paramount to any claimsorganization due to the constant bombardment of work coming at everyone.In an industry where you are rarely caught up with the work you need to get done, a claimsmanagement system with the proper tools can give you an extra edge with addedefficiencies.An effective claims management system will eliminate the need for double entry of data indifferent areas of a file or whenever a form or letter associated with a file that you areworking on must be generated. It should also centralize all aspects of the businessoperations such as job assignment, tracking, billing, payments, etc. All of this can be foundin the Venue Claims Management System. 22
  • 22. Need a Better Way to Monitor Staff? 23
  • 23. Performance MonitoringPart of running a successful business involves performance monitoring of your mostvaluable resource; your staff.Effective claims management systems will be able to keep tabs on the key performanceindicators pertaining to claims handling (executing diary activities, closing files, interimbilling, meeting billed hours expectations, etc.).Performance monitoring enables you to have better control of your workforce so that youcan foresee and prevent problems before your clients are affected.The result is higher quality of service which will translate into more assignments for you.The Venue Claims Management System provides you with the tracking and reporting toolsneeded to provide documentary evidence for performance monitoring. 24
  • 24. Document Management Issues? 25
  • 25. Document Preparation & ManagementOne thing that there is no shortage of in the claims management industry is forms, letters,reports, invoices, etc.. Paper work is a necessary evil.An electronic claims management system will automate document preparation andmanagement by being able to merge data from a file directly into a claim related form,letter, invoice, or report, saving you the time of having to duplicate that data in thedocument. Effective claims management systems will also be able to store your documentselectronically and conveniently in relation to their associated files. Various formats ofdocuments will be able to be stored (photographs, text, video, PDF, spreadsheet, etc.).With many offices aiming to become paperless in todays environmentally conscioussociety, being able to generate your forms and send them electronically is a step in the rightdirection and can be found in the right claims management system. In a perfect world, youcould even save e-mails with their attachments and Microsoft Word documents (withoutprinting them) directly to associated files with the click of a button.Venue is able to do all ofthis. 26
  • 26. Customized Business Intelligence 27
  • 27. Business IntelligenceWhile it is not necessary for a claims management operation to have a secret spy division,intelligence gathering is an important activity if long-term viability is in your plans.An effective claims management systems will have the ability to track things like aggregateclaims and overall operations performance information. It will be able to generatecomprehensive reports with this data so that users can get a better understanding of theirbusiness, identify opportunities, and detect deficiencies which need to be addressed.So while you do not need a spy on staff to gather this intelligence, having the Venue ClaimsManagement System will execute this task for you very effectively. 28
  • 28. The Road to Profits 29
  • 29. ProfitabilityNow that we are at the bottom of the list, lets talk about the bottom line.At the end of the day, in order for an electronic claims management system to add value toyour organization, it must provide you with cost savings through efficiencies inadministration, technology overhead, reduced capital expenditures, and higher revenuepotential.If you talk To Venue Claims Management System clients like Greg Merrithew of Arctic West,he will tell you that the Venue Claims Management System has increased his operationsefficiency by about 25%. KLJ Computer Solutions is certain that it can bring this type ofefficiency and therefore increased profitability to all of its clients. 30
  • 30. Leading You to New Heights 31
  • 31. Summary of BenefitsTo sum up, Venue™ claims management offers claims handling firms a competitiveadvantage by enhancing current business practices through streamlining tasks and usingautomation. Venue restructures processes in a way which effectively reduce man-hoursand also saves network resources by eliminating data redundancy. The efficiencies andautomation of workflow makes Venue very cost-effective. Users of Venue can interact andcheck the status of a claim, a diary, invoice, or task from any given part of the value chainand they can do it from anywhere there is a browser and internet connection. 32
  • 32. A Few Words From Our Clients 33
  • 33. A Few Words From Our ClientsI feel that the features in Venue which help streamline claims counting in our office are thetime and expense tracking and ease of billing. For the record, we had a paper system priorto Venue and would estimate that this system has cut our administration time in producingbillings by 50%.Our favourite Venue feature, from a management perspective, is the ability to trackemployees monthly billings.The most used and beneficial features of Venue to our claims organization is the time andexpense tracking.The Venue video tutorials are straightforward to learn how to use. Also if and when wehave a question following review of the tutorials, we found Mr. Arseneault to be quitehelpful and timely in responding to our inquiries.Following our view of the video tutorials, we were able to start using the system that day.Trevor Cortese, C.I.P.TC Insurance Adjusters Ltd. 34
  • 34. A Few Words From Our ClientsIt is easy to state that the benefits we are receiving from the use of Venue in terms offunctionality is worth the money that we are investing into it. The clerical hours can now bespent on claims administrations versus manual tracking of time and billing.Upon our initial review of the Venue system it did not exactly suit our needs however, oncewe had spent time tweaking the system it is currently customized to our firm’s needs.Generally if we have an inquiry, we receive a response from the Venue staff within 1business day, sometimes within hours.Mr. Arsenault, specifically was a large reason why TC Insurance uses Venue claims system todate. Initially, we were concerned about the operating costs of the system versus thebenefits that it would provide, however looking back after using the system afterapproximately 2 years, we would have done this sooner.Trevor Cortese, C.I.P.TC Insurance Adjusters Ltd. 35
  • 35. Under The Hood 36
  • 36. Under The HoodVenue is a wholly web-based claims management solution which handles end-to-endprocessing of claims from inception to close. It is written in .NETVenue is hosted by a third-party specialist datacenter.Venues Web servers are Microsoft servers.Operating systems are compatible with Windows Server 2003 & 2008.Venues database servers are SQL servers.Database server components are compatible with SQL 2005 & 2008.Venues Client workstations are optimized for Windows XP and above, Internet Explorerversion 6 upwards and above, Office 2003 and aboveVenues security uses the same level in encryption as the banks (128 bit) along with state-of-the-art firewalls & anti-intrusion methods.Venue has a client administered role-based security subsystem which is configurable byadmin users to permit/restrict what other users are able to access. 37
  • 37. Return on Investment ROI Based on 500 Claims Investment Adjuster Gains Admin Gains 38
  • 38. Return on InvestmentVenue Efficiency Calculator (Yellow fields are variable) Activity Description # Times per Claim # Min Saved per Activity Total Min Saved Per Claim Searching and typing captions in letters 5 3 15 Searching and typing captions in reports 3 3 9 Searching for the file for handling 20 0.5 10 Searching and typing captions in forms 3 4 12 Mounting & captioning a photorecord 1 4 4 14.5 50 The average Claims per Year in office: 500 The average Claims per Year in office: 500 Total Hours Saved Per year (Approx): 417 Total Hours Saved Per year (Approx): 417 % of above hours by ADMIN Staff 50 % % of above hours by ADJUST Staff 50 % Hourly Rate Paid to ADMIN staff $ 10.00 Hourly Rate Paid to ADJUST staff $ 45.00 Added efficiency per year on ADMIN staff $ 2,083.33 Added efficiency per year on ADJUST staff $ 9,375.00 ROI = Gains-Invest ₌ $ 8,958.33 ₌ 358% Invest $ 2,500.00 * Example ROI based on 500 claims at special rate of $5.00 per claim 39
  • 39. Welcome to the Winners Circle 40
  • 40. Contact UsYou are one step away from joining other claims handling operations who havedecided to join our winning team.To learn more about how we can help your claims operation, you can contact : Marcel Arsenault Sales & Marketing KLJ Computer Solutions Inc. PO Box 2040 Fall River, Nova Scotia B2T 1K6 (902) 482-2425 (888)455-5669 X-1 41