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  1. 1. AP Biology Student Portfolio School Year 2009 - 2010 Table of Contents 1)Personal Statement/Autobiographical Sketch (include why you decided to take this course, along with your autobiographical profile along with color photo) 2)Sample Cover Letter (for a potential employer) 3)Resume' 4)Letters of Recommendation (3) (these can be from a teac her, coach, church or community leader, etc.) 5)Goal Setting for AP Biology 6)Study Schedule Template (can be located on the Blackboard website under the “Documents” tab; print and include here in the portfolio). 7)Career Research Assignment 8)Career Interview 9)Samples of Student Work (5) (* This includes a minimum of three (3) writing samples) 10)Reflective Entry
  2. 2. Personal Statement/Autobiographical Sketch By Student Name The purpose of this autobiographical sketch is to allow the reader/reviewer of this portfolio to become more acquainted with you in a short time frame. Keep the focus of your sketch on what you want the reader/reviewer to know about you as a future high school graduate. You are answering the question of why I want to pursue a career in ___________________ (you complete the blank). Is there anything in your family background or in your life experiences that will help you answer that question? Write your autobiography in first person. Write it like a story, not like a resume. You may include such things as: Family background Activities Organizations and clubs Honors Interests and hobbies Church related activities Significant events in your life Mechanics: Double space 12-point font One page, two pages maximum Include a copy in your portfolio and be sure to save this to an external drive in addition to your network file. Photo: Include a color photograph of yourself no smaller than 4 x 6 in.
  3. 3. Sample Cover Letter Your Name Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone Number Your Email Address Date Employer Contact Information Name Title Company Address City, State, Zip Code Salutation Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: Body of Cover Letter The body of your cover letter lets the employer know what position you are applying for, why the employer should select you for an interview, and how you will follow-up. First Paragraph: The first paragraph of your letter should include information on why you are writing. Mention the position you are applying for. Include the name of a mutual contact, if you have one. Be clear and concise regarding your request. Middle Paragraphs: The next section of your cover letter should describe what you have to offer the employer. Convince the reader that they should grant the interview or appointment you requested in the first paragraph. Make strong connections between your abilities and their needs. Mention specifically how your skills and experience match the job you are applying for. Remember, you are interpreting your resume, not repeating it. Try to support each statement you make with a piece of evidence. Use several shorter paragraphs or bullets rather than one large block of text. Final Paragraph: Conclude your cover letter by thanking the employer for considering you for the position. Include information on how you will follow-up. State that you will do so and indicate when (one week's time is typical). You may want to reduce the time between sending out your resume and follow up if you fax or e-mail it. Complimentary Close: Respectfully yours, Signature: Handwritten Signature (for a mailed letter) Typed Signature
  4. 4. Sample Resume FirstName LastName 6 Pine Street, Arlington, VA 12333 home: 555.555.5555 cell: 566.486.2222 email: phjones@vacapp.com Education Arlington High School, Arlington, Virginia 2002 – 2006 Experience Sales Associate, The Retail Store June 2005 – Present • Maintain and restock inventory. • Provide customer service. • Operate computerized cash register system. Child Care 2002 - Present • Provide child care for several families after school, weekends and during school vacations. Achievements • National Honor Society: 2004, 2005, 2006 • Academic Honor Roll: 2002 - 2006 Volunteer Experience • Big Brother / Big Sisters • Arlington Literacy Program • Run for Life Interests / Activities • Member of Arlington High School Tennis Team • Girl Scout • Piano Computer Skills • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Internet
  5. 5. Goal Setting for AP Biology The things I hope to gain from this class are (think of all the reasons you wanted to take this course): Primary goals: 1. 2. 3. Secondary goals: 1. 2. 3. The grade I would like to make on the AP Exam is: __________ The exam is graded on a scale of 1-5. Scores of 3-5 earn you college credit in laboratory science, with a score of 5 giving you the most college credit. I will find the time to perform 1-2 hours of work daily for this course by doing the following: 1. 2. I will study each day at (time) ________________ in (place) ________________. I can help myself remember my goals and work toward them by: 1. 2. 3. My teacher can help me obtain my goals by: 1. 2. 3.
  6. 6. Study Schedule Template For this portion of the portfolio, you will create a study schedule using a template provided for you. This template may be found by accessing the class' Google® website via http://sites.google.com/a/pgcps.org/biobuzzwithberkeley/ . Once in the Google Site, locate the document under the Student Portfolio Folder. There you should find the files containing the study schedule templates. You may select any two (2) of the three files to create your schedule. A typewritten copy must be included in the portfolio.
  7. 7. Career Research Assignment Name: __________________________ ________ Date:________ (2 points) Instructions 1. Save this template on your flash or network drive: click SAVE AS and save it as "Career_Research_Assignment.rtf" 2. Complete this assignment on the computer and include one print-out in your Student Portfolio. Make sure you save the completed assignment on your external flash drive. NOTE: Before printing, make sure that you selected appropriate page breaks (…you don’t want to cut any tables!). 3. Completing this assignment will provide evidence and 10 points towards your Portfolio. See last page for grading criteria. To help you determine which career you would like to pursue after high school you will complete a Career Research Assignment. This will help you plan possible education and career paths. Part A. Choose two focus areas you would like to research potential careers from. Name the focus areas and two possible career choices for each focus area. Use one of the links above to help you decide on the Focus Area and potential careers. These choices are a best guess. (6 points) Focus Area (Example) Career Choice 1. Health care 1. Physical Therapist 2. Occupational Therapist 1. Musician/Entertainer 2. Performing Arts 2. Dance Instructor Part B. Now to make informed choices. To help you get started on your career research, use any resource (book or internet) to assist you in answering the questions. Once you have answered your questions, save the results to your Portfolio. You should have a list of suggestion careers. A great place to complete your research is the Bureau of Labor Statistics' web site: http://www.bls.gov/OCO/ and http://www.bls.gov/k12/index.htm. Pick one career to research – Make sure it is of interest to you! From the results listed, my career to research is:_________________________(1 mark) Complete the following questions in complete sentences. (Do Not Cut and Paste) 1. Job Description: brief description of job, any personality traits that are helpful, and special skills needed. ( 5 points) a. b. c. d. e.
  8. 8. 2. Working Conditions: the usual hours of work (shift, overtime, weekends etc), are there any age, gender, or physical requirements? Physical layout of the workplace (office, outside etc.) Hazards or risks of the job. ( 5 points) f. g. h. i. j. 2. Wages and Earnings: is it salary? Do you get paid overtime? What is the starting wage? Top wage? Average wage? Future wages? Any benefits such as extended medical, dental, insurance etc? ( 5 points) a. b. c. d. e. 3. Career Path: Where do you begin in this career? How do you move up? What is the outlook at present? What are the different levels? How are they different? ( 5 points) a. b. c. d. e. 4. Education and Training Requirements: describe the education/training or work experience required for this occupation. Include the type of education, length of training, and cost of training. Do you need special licenses or certificates? Does the work involve technology? ( 5 points) a. b. c. d. e. Part C Identify two post secondary institutions/training schools or on the job training opportunities where you could develop the skills and knowledge required to gain employment in your chosen career. Give a brief description of each one. Use complete sentences. (Do not cut and paste)
  9. 9. Sample Answer Post secondary i.e. University of Victoria Institution/training location Name of program Bachelor of Education-focus in Social Studies Brief Description This is a five year degree program where I will specialize in teaching at the secondary level, it will also include a practicum. Why I want to learn/train here I think I would like to stay close to home so that I can live at my parents, and save money by not paying rent. Also this school does not have tones of students, so hopefully the classes will not be too big. When I graduate I think that I would like to teach in Victoria, so it seems logical to complete my education here. Post secondary #1 (5 points) Post secondary Institution location Name of program Brief Description Why I want to learn/train here Post secondary #2 (5 points) Post secondary Institution location Name of program Brief Description Why I want to learn/train here
  10. 10. Part D Education Path: identify the courses Parkdale offers that best fit you focus area/career choice. List 5 possible electives that you have taken or will take. (5 points) Electives 1._______________________ Grade ____________ 2._______________________ Grade ____________ 3._______________________ Grade ____________ 4._______________________ Grade ____________ 5._______________________ Grade ____________ Part E Work Experience/Volunteer Experiences/External Courses Often you have performed valuable skills that assist you in pursuing your chosen career. Briefly describe two community programs or projects that you could be involved in to gain additional skills or experience related to your career choice. (4 points) 1. 2. Part F Networking (10 points) Briefly describe a network of 5 people who could help you achieve your chosen career goal. These could be teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbours, friends, and/or relatives. Name the person, describe the relationship and briefly describe how they could help you. Name Relationship How They Can Help 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  11. 11. Part G Evaluating Websites (9 points) During this activity, you have used a variety of book references and websites to gather information, now it is important for you to evaluate which ones you found useful and why. You must evaluate a minimum of three (3) sources that you used to complete this project. EXAMPLE: Source #1 Source #2 Source #3 http://www.bls.gov/OCO/ http://www.bls.gov/k12/index. htm Ease of navigation The usage of so many acronyms makes it difficult to know what link to utilize at times. General User Appeal Very user-friendly with bright buttons and links with ease of navigation Quality & Reliability As a governmental agency, the Department of Labor's website is a very reliable source. G. The Wrap Up (15 points) This is where you need to reflect on all the information you have gathered and write a paragraph(s) that tells me why you are or are not still interested in pursing the career you have researched. It should be typed and approximately 200-300 words. *You will be provided with a rubric for exact details on what should be included. H. Bibliography (5 points) Create a bibliography, using the proper format, to record where you collected you information from. You must include you source other than an internet website. Your bibliography should be typed and then attached to your project. *The Landmark Project website, (http://citationmachine.net/), goes over the proper format for writing a bibliography.
  12. 12. Career Research Assignment Rubric and Grading Sheet Be sure to take your time and complete this assignment in full. This project will be a culminating project that will be collected towards the end of the school year. HOWEVER, portfolios may be collected at ANY time for progress. The final due date will be provided for you at a later date. PORTFOLIO CHOICE: CAREER & EDUCATION PLANNING: RESEARCH EDUCATION, CAREER, & LIFE INFORMATION Career Research Activity Grading Rubric: Gather information on life, career, education, and work options. Meets 1. Documents that several life, career, education, and work options have been explored. 2. Documents that several labour market information sources, including Work Futures, have been explored. 3. Documents a thorough self assessment of skills, interests, and aptitudes. Analyze possible post graduation life, career, work, and education options. 4. Identifies education and training requirements, the influence of parents, teachers, and friends, and the role of school and community participation on possible options. Evaluate the options according to the actions that would need to be taken. 5. Links skills, interests, and aptitudes to the options and evaluates options according to the actions required for each. PORTFOLIO CHOICE: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: USE THE INTERNET TO RESEARCH INFORMATION Apply Internet research skills to a specific activity. Meets 1. Demonstrates use of the Internet to research information. (For a specific school project/report, personal interest project, and/or community initiative/ activity). 2. Documents specific search techniques used to access relevant information. 3. Applies technology skills to download and store relevant research 4. Demonstrate that the information incorporated into your activity or project is translated into your own words. 5. Demonstrates that the information is incorporated into the school, personal interest, or community activity or project without being plagiarized. Evaluate the use of technology as a research tool. 6. Evaluates the quality of relevant websites for ease of navigation, general user appeal, and quality and reliability of content.
  13. 13. Career Interview Questions In this activity, your job is locate a professional in your career field choice. You are to interview the individual and provide the responses to the following questions in the portfolio. It would be a good idea to send your interviewee a thank you card for their time and willingess to assist you in your project. 1. What do you do in your job? 2. What is a typical day like for the position? 3. What hours do you work? 4. What school subjects are important for this job? 5. How and when did you decide to enter this job? 6. What are the most rewarding aspects of the position? What are the most challenging components of the position? 7. Did you have a career plan that you followed? 8. What major changes have happened in your career area since you have been working? 9. Would you change anything about your job? 10. Did school prepare you adequately for your work? 11. How do you coordinate your family/home/job responsibilities? 12. What personal characteristics are important in your job? (Working with people, data, things, good speaking and writing skills, working under pressure, working inside or outside.) Again thank your interviewee for their time and willingess to assist you.
  14. 14. Reflective Entry Name of Student: _________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________________________________________ Subject: _________________________________________________________________ Instructor's Name: _________________________________________________________________ Instructor's Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Answer the following with a minimum of 5 complete sentences. Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling. 1. Describe the assignment including the tools and process. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Write about what you have learned from this assignment. Describe the skills and competencies demonstrated by this assignment. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Evaluate your performance on the assignment. Identify what you did well and what could be improved. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. 15. Career Research Assignment Rubric and Grading Sheet Points Page/Activity 18 1. Personal/Autobiographical Sketch (photo @ 8 pts.) 10 2. Sample Cover Letter 10 3. Resume 15 4. Letters of Recommendation (3 @ 5 points each) 10 5. Goal Setting for AP Biology 10 6. Study Schedule Template 100 7. Career Research Assignment 25 8. Career Interview 25 9. Samples of Student Work @ 5 points each 10 10. Reflective Entry 225 TOTAL