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Social Media Success
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Social Media Success

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With the right social media marketing strategy, the right tactics and the right management and measurement tools you can increase your social media ROI (profits and productivity) by as much as 92%!......

With the right social media marketing strategy, the right tactics and the right management and measurement tools you can increase your social media ROI (profits and productivity) by as much as 92%!

Discover the elements of a solid social media strategy and how to recognize the revenue streams that will help your business grow.

In this presentation you will see a 'Content Publishing Schedule' that's available for download.

FREE at http://slidesha.re/X7EiZd

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  • Let’s start with a show of hands, how many of us here have put some thought into getting a website on top ranking results ever. Leave your hands up if you found it tedious. For the next 30 mins, I will be talking about one of the critical factors in getting to the top spots for your chosen keywords. I will share with you simple, easy and effective methods of creating content for search. Over the past few years I have worked on 100s of websites from large information websites running into 30K pages to lead generation sites. Why is content important?
  • Companies should focus more on how to BE social, and less on how to DO social media.
  • What do you want to achieve?Whom do you want to attract?What is so exciting about you/your company that will create a buzz?
  • How would I define my organisation in a single phrase
  • Tagline“We love science, technology, innovation and hearing from you! So, say hello.” Content TypesTechnology- and innovation-focused infographics, quotes, quizzes, and interesting visuals.
  • Tagline“#Pinning things that inspire us to build, power, move and cure the world. Welcome to the official GE Pinterest page!” TaglineFollow as we explore the changing worlds of science and technology.
  • TaglineFollow as we explore the changing worlds of science and technology.
  • Social media is not rocket science but content strategy will give you direction and keep the momentum.
  • Thought provokingHumorousIntellectually stimulatingControversialOpinionated or objective?Social media is not rocket science but content strategy will give you direction and keep the momentum.
  • http://visual.ly/social-vs-search
  • Get Exponential Traffic Growth. SEO is great we got them some amazing results in SEO. Then hit a wall. Business Profile. Joined groups, Sent friend invites.
  • Twitter is all about discovering what’s going on right now. As Bain notes, many users return to Twitter’s homepage a few times per day just to see what’s trending. Promoted Trends leverage that phenomenon by giving advertisers a premium position on the page.
  • Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers.
  • Run competitions or specials on your facebook pageAdd interesting applications to stimulate interestYes, you can sell on facebook!Make your facebook friends/fans feel special by making them ‘facebook only offers’
  • Groups on Linkedin which are related to your industry, location, interests. Participate in or start a new discussion within these groups to make your presence felt
  • Blogs are your doorway to all other social marketing.
  • Social media is not a magic Wand – it is not going after a kills. It is like farming. When we share ideas, opinions and information they become part of that intimate group. Submit to RSS and blog directories. There are a number of search engines that specificallyindex blog content. It’s an important step to submit your blog or your blog’s RSS feed to. Expertise / Reputation/ Word of mouthmany of these directories to make it easier for people to find your content.


  • 1. Social Media Success Presented by: Jasmine Batra & Anup Batra www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 2. What we will cover• Blueprint for social media success• Defining a social media strategy• Make a social media plan• Social Media Engagement• Monetizing your efforts• Measure the effectiveness 2 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 3. Top Goal for Marketers 2013 3 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 4. Are you a Social Butterfly? 4 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 5. Lets understandSOCIAL + MEDIA + MARKETING 5 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 6. Strategy 6www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 7. Questions to Answer • TargetWho • Profiling • ObjectiveWhat • OutcomeWhy • WIFM 7 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 8. Positioning Statement• We are the smart fashion choice for young and modern women.• We search the globe to find the best products for you.• We want to connect with animal lovers 8 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 9. Cohesive Messages 9 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 10. 10www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 11. 11www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 12. Shoe BrandTargeting:• Women 18 – 45 years• Interested in celebrities• Fashion-savvy 12 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 13. Case Study 70,000 +Fans / Likes 13 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 14. Success in SMM Build Grow Nurture 14www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 15. Exercise 15www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 16. 16www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 17. Broader Strategy Map your connectionsCommunication Nodes Ambassadors Choices Channels Style Conversations Listen and Join Content Strategy 17 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 18. Competitions 18www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 19. Q&A 19www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 20. Social Media Selection 20 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 21. 21www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 22. Australia Leads 22www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 23. Demonstrating your expertise• Awards• Achievements• Testimonials• Team Photos/videos• Office Photos/videos 23 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 24. Facebook Groups• Create a Group http://www.facebook.com/grouphome.php• An investment property firm may form a group called ‘property investment secrets’ and attract investors to it.• Promote your group through other similar groups 24 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 25. Facebook Marketplace• http://apps.facebook.com/marketplace/• Buy & Sell everything from toys, cars to realestate.• No Transaction Costs• It also has a jobs section to hire people from your local area 25 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 26. Engaging People on FacebookEducate + Entertain + Entice 26 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 27. Educate 27www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 28. Entertain 28www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 29. Engaging Brands Asking questions to engage 29www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 30. Sharing & Humour 30 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 31. Tips• Direct Messaging is very powerful. Send updates to fans.• Ask fans to suggest to friends.• Incentivize to be friends.• Pizza company offer• Remember Rome was not built in a day. 31 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 32. Inviting people• Prospects, Clients, Subscri bers• Send Direct invites on Facebook• Send Invites using your mailing list• Use Facebook Connect to integrate your blog with Facebook 32 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 33. Inviting your contacts 33 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 34. Measuring Returns• Using coupons to track offer uptake• Using unique landing pages and forms• Goal Conversions in Google Analytics 34 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 35. Tools & Measurement• Traffic sources• Fans and Followers• Blog comments to date 35 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 36. Measuring Returns• Using coupons to track offer uptake• Using unique landing pages and forms• Goal Conversions in Google Analytics 36 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 37. Fine-Tuning Performance• Change only one element at a time• Offer uptake by Demographics• Uptake by Location• Uptake by interest 37 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 38. Webinars• A virtual seminar with on-screen powerpoint, whiteboard and Q&A during the call• Invite Facebook Fans for Webinars on your product/service• Have a special offer/call to action at the end of the webinar 38 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 39. Insights 39www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 40. Case Study I Love Noosa 40www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 41. Facebook Advertising• Identify your advertising Goals• Target the right Audience• Target the right keywords• Make your product stand out. 41 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 42. Facebook Advertising contd• Keep your ad simple• Emotional Appeal• Use a strong call to action• Use an Image• Design landing pages in line with your ad 42 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 43. Facebook Ad Manager 43 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 44. Targeted Messages• Imagine getting an ad on your Birthday• Happy Birthday George• Get a FREE slice of cake today at Cheese Cake Shop today.• Mention FBCAKE 44 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 45. Targeted MessagesTurning 21….need help organising a party 45 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 46. What’s working 46www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 47. Facebook Business page2254 fans in 3 months 47 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 48. Actionables• Designing a Facebook company page that reflects your brand• Devise Content strategy for Social media channels.• Integrate online advertising to build your fans/ followers 48 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 49. 49www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 50. Twitter• Twitter ID/ Username• Bio• Background• Twitter Search 50 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 51. Connecting on Twitter• You can have multiple twitter accounts• Start Connecting (Similar Interests/ Industry Leaders)• Twitter Search (Find people you would like to network with (prospects, customers, potential partners, prospective employees) 51 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 52. How to find people on Twitter 52 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 53. Promoted Tweets/ Accounts 53 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 54. Use tools 54www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 55. What should you Tweet about?• News• Specials• Blog Posts• Humour 55 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 56. Engaging on Twitter• Providing value-Blog Posts, Whitepapers etc• Groups e.g Tweetmellers• Interacting with the twitterati..asking and answering questions 56 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 57. 57www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 58. Linkedin• Profile• Connections• Endorsements• Groups 58 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 59. Linkedin• Go to www.linkedin.com and create a profile• Profile should describe your capabilities and achievements• Invite classmates, prospects, clients to connect with you.• When sending an invitation, personalise it 59 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 60. Endorsements• Request clients to recommend your work on Linkedin.• When asking for a recommendation, personalise the request• If unsure, take their permission on phone/in-person before making the request. 60 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 61. Building Blocks 61www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 62. Leverage• Use third party applications - Slideshare - Blog Posts - TripIt ( Find when members of your network will be in the same city) 62 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 63. Credibility 63www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 64. Groups• Join Groups• Participate in discussions• Linked in Answers 64 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 65. Ad CampaignsRun Targeted CampaignsPay per click / ImpressionCase Study: Telstra Careers 65 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 66. Cool Tools• https://en.mention.net/• http://hootsuite.com/• http://socialmention.com/ 66 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 67. Customer Stories 67www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 68. Your mantra for success• Combine offline with online and vice-versa.• Be Authentic and HONEST• Be seen as ‘Trusted advisor’ in your space.• Exercise your connections.• Think Long term and have fun. 68 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au
  • 69. Q&A @seosecrets seoaustralia/ArrowInternetMarketing Melbourne /SEO-Blog 69 www.SearchEngineRankings.com.au